2014 how to do well the construction of the chain

The stability of

6, the chain persistence: We chain in the valley with an outer chain on behalf of the business.

3, the chain included: no matter what the chain type, need to be included in the search engine, no chain is included more is 0, there are a lot of friends to do the chain do not pay attention to this point, there are no weight of the platform, can send a large number to send, no consider whether it can be included in the love of Shanghai.

4, the chain diversification: many of my friends have mentioned this point, we do website construction of the chain can not be too single, not only released on the one or two platforms, the need to increase the release of the chain platform and type. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the station outside the station optimization who is more important

Secondly, the meta description tag:

. The meta tag meta attributes, according to the site of the primary key, add the appropriate title title to the site, keyword attributes may not be stationmaster people value, search engine to give the weight may also is not very high, but better than nothing. There is a description description, search engine will not crawl, but will appear in the user search engine keyword, the user may choose the website, according to the site description, choose a suitable site. Also site of the H attribute must be carefully set, but also not excessive optimization, do not appear keywords accumulation condition. read more

Do I insist on standing or looking for a quiet life

last October, the third semester, through the help of students, made a very garbage QQ station, and even the program is the default system. At that time, Baidu included in the new time is not long, less than a week was collected, and then looking at the tiny spots of IP, although IP is less, but very interested. Also because the university class is few, every day has the time to be able to add several articles to come up. Two months later, IP finally broke through one thousand, ha ha ~ happy then. Also began to put GG advertising, looking forward to income. Although only one dollar a day, sometimes less, but also very happy. After the new year home, it may be my luck, IP every day on the rise, to the beginning of the school, there has been 4000IP. It was full of momentum then. The station reached its peak by May, IP eighteen thousand. read more

Xihu District, Hangzhou signed 28 billion 900 million large single to promote innovation and Entrepr

There is a paradise under Jervois

. Hangzhou unique scenery, so has the advantages of both at home and abroad. In the new period of industrial restructuring and development, Hangzhou to increase investment in the cause of innovation and entrepreneurship support efforts to create a beautiful paradise outside Hangzhou entrepreneurial paradise.

30 projects, with a total investment of 28 billion 980 million yuan, yesterday, Xihu District signed this year’s investment in key projects, the largest single, and announced a total of 20 public entrepreneurship, innovation and high gold content policy. read more

How can we join the sales of cabinet stores

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, consumers began to be interested in the whole cabinet Home Furnishing, which also makes the prospect of the cabinet industry is quite promising; at present in the market, the whole cabinet brand is much more special, the sales situation is very good. Investment in the business to open the store in order to smooth operation, you need to pay attention to store sales. For the majority of investors in terms of maintaining the overall cabinet stores in the market advantage. read more

How to do a good job in the pricing strategy

now all walks of life are facing the pressure of competition, how to occupy a space for one person in the fierce competition in the market, the price adjustment is one of the means. So for start-up companies, how to do a good price strategy? Look at the following analysis.

is this the right thinking process?

Madhavan Ramanujam is a pricing expert. He is the famous Simon Gu and management consulting partner, he said startups should choose the pricing strategy of only three: revenue maximization strategies, penetration pricing strategy and pricing strategy of liposuction (high pricing strategy). The focus of these three strategies are revenue growth, market share and profit maximization. read more

How to do a good job in the promotion of fast food franchise

fast food stores, also need to do a good job of publicity. Many franchisees are not very focused on the promotion work, or can not find a better way to do all the appropriate publicity work, this issue needs attention. Shops need to do publicity work, improve the exposure, it is possible to attract more people’s attention.

1. advertising marketing

this is the food and beverage industry commonly used marketing means, through a certain kind of media, to catering to the public or potential customers to promote or marketing tools. Opening up to make full use of good advertising marketing, in the early opening of the use of a month’s time in the major media publicity, while clear during the opening of the promotions, better to attract consumers. read more

Entrepreneurs need to be cautious entrepreneurship was bank credit department staff cheated 360 thou

with the entrepreneurial population growing, entrepreneurial market continues to expand, more and more people pay attention to, at the same time, the market is more and more entrepreneurial venture fraud appear a lot of dragons and fishes jumbled together, and here, Xiaobian to tell you a story!

recently, reporters from the Lhasa Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment learned that the day before, the police cracked a fake bank credit department staff, defrauding victims 360 thousand yuan case to apply for the loan on the grounds. read more

Eight small rural entrepreneurial projects, steady money!

is currently living in an increasingly fast pace, there are a lot of people are very optimistic about the rural market, there are many rural city traffic is relatively small, but the source is relatively stable, in rural business shop as long as characteristic, can certainly make a big rural small shop in many projects, but according to their own local area choose the most suitable for the operation of the project, now give you the recommended eight rural small shop projects.

eight rural small shop project, who see who earn read more

Treat customers need enthusiastic and honest shop

shop to do business, if you want to get the customer’s recognition, the best way is to make friends with customers, so that the store will be able to protect the business. 2012 New Year’s day, coincides with the Laba Festival, according to local customs, eat dumplings to celebrate the festival. At noon, I was busy making dumplings, mobile phone rang, a call from my old customers call, said: "on the evening of 2 tickets for me tomorrow, to smoke the morning of 2 sent to my shop, I packed together during the day, lest delay time". read more

Governor Hao Peng in Xining area on the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship

June 3rd, governor Hao Peng in Xining area on the work of innovation and entrepreneurship. He stressed that to build favorable talent agglomeration and innovation environment, vigorously develop the public record space, fully stimulate the creative wisdom of the whole society and creativity, encourage competition, support innovation, set off a new wave of entrepreneurship, innovation of the public.

Hao Peng is very concerned about the employment situation of college students in our province. The day of the survey, the provincial capital, his in-depth business incubator incubator, youth entrepreneurship Park, and entrepreneurs in-depth exchanges, listen to talk about the story of entrepreneurship, innovation blueprint. At the Qinghai University College of engineering training center, the base of innovation and entrepreneurship hackerspaces ", Hao Peng said to the students, students are among the most dynamic, the most passionate entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial force, the development of Qinghai college students need to play entrepreneurial creativity. I hope you take active thinking, extensive knowledge, young and energetic advantages, the courage to dare to venture into the market, innovation, employment through entrepreneurship, realize the value of life in the business, provide the impetus for the province’s economic and social development. read more