Riverdale Star in LateNight Car Crash After Working 16Hour Day on BC

first_imgK.J. Apa – David Livingston/Getty Images Login/Register With: Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisementcenter_img The crash has ignited a firestorm of protest on the set, which requires shoots that last until the early morning hours..The star of Riverdale was involved in a late-night car crash last week after a grueling 16-hour work day outside Vancouver, Canada, prompting the cast and crew of the hit CW show to demand better safety protections during production..K.J. Apa, 20, who plays Archie in the Warner Bros.-produced Archie Comics adaptation, apparently fell asleep driving the 45-minute trip home after midnight. He was taken to a local hospital for observation and later discharged without serious injuries. His car, however, didn’t fare as well. The passenger side was apparently destroyed after striking a light pole, and the vehicle was rendered inoperable..The crash has ignited a firestorm of protest on the Riverdale set, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. The show routinely requires shoots that last until the early morning hours, and the cast and crew are not provided transportation to and from the set. Actor Cole Sprouse, who co-stars as Archie’s pal Jughead and is one of Apa’s close friends, had apparently planned to be in the car as well that night but changed plans at the last minute. Sprouse, a leader of sorts of the actors on the show, has asked that the Greg Berlanti-produced series provide transportation to cast members working late hours.. Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

LS election will drive BJP out of power Modi will never be

first_imgChopra (WB): Trinamool Congress supremo and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee Wednesday said the upcoming Lok Sabha elections will drive the BJP out of power and ensure that Narendra Modi will never again be the prime minister. The Trinamool Congress will help form the next government at the Centre, she claimed and urged the people to vote for it. “This time it is a very important election. This election is to defeat the BJP. It is to drive out the BJP from power … This election is to make sure that Narendra Modi can never be the prime minister of the country again. We must ensure that they (BJP) never come back,” Banerjee said at an election rally at Chopra in Uttar Dinajpur. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “The TMC will form the next government. We will drive out the BJP from the country,” she said urging people to vote for Trinamool Congress. Taking a jibe at Modi, Banerjee said that for the past four-and-half years the prime minister was busy touring foreign countries. “Suddenly he became so conscious about the welfare of countrymen”. “Five years back he was the chaiwala and now he is suddenly the chowkidar. And after the elections people will not find him anywhere. For four and half years he was busy touring the globe and now there is no employment here, farmers have died failing to pay their debts… He was mum when people were lynched. I call him (Modi) dangabaaz (rioteer) and a lutera (looter),” she said. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday Banerjee said no one from BJP, the Congress nor CPI-M had visited Darjeeling in the past five years, while she had made it a point to visit the Hills almost every month. The Darjeeling Lok Sabha constituency is set to witness a keenly-fought contest between the two warring factions of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) — one led by its supremo Bimal Gurung and his one-time protege Binay Tamang. The ruling TMC in West Bengal is yet to win the Darjeeling seat even once since its inception in 1998, while the BJP has emerged victorious twice.last_img read more

From Brock to Mars and back A QA with Mariek Schmidt

Mariek Schmidt talks to the Brock News about her work with NASA’s latest Mars mission and the Curiosity rover.Volcanologist and igneous petrologist Mariek Schmidt is one of 400 scientists worldwide monitoring and analyzing data from Mars that’s being collected by the rover vehicle Curiosity, which landed on the Red Planet last August.She spent a couple of months at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, developing plans for the rover to follow a geological route.Schmidt is back in her Brock office, continuing to analyze the data and participate in developing daily plans for the rover.BN: Describe what it was like to work with the team in California last year.Schmidt: We were together for the first 90 sols of the mission. A sol is one day on Mars, consisting of approximately 24.5 Earth hours. The idea was to have the entire science team all together living on Mars time so that we could synchronize communication with the rover and imaging orbiters that orbit Mars once a day.Mars sols and Earth days are similar that it doesn’t mess with you too much initially, but over the span of a week or two weeks it really changes. It adds up. It’s kind-of like living in another time zone. There will be one week a month when its normal time – you go to work at 8 or 9 in the morning and you work a normal day, and then there are other days where you start at 5 o’clock at night and it’s not so much fun.At the end of our shifts we’d have these science discussions where everybody got together and we’d talk things through. The best part about being at the Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena for the first 90 sols is that I got to work with these really incredibly smart people. We were always talking about science. It’s a really neat environment to be in. It’s an amazing, amazing opportunity and I’m very thankful to be part of this.BN: What is Mars like?Schmidt: Mars is dusty. That dust is generally a pinky-brown colour. It gives everything a pinky-brown hue. There aren’t any plants or animals. We’re not sure if micro-organisms ever existed. There’s water on Mars but not in the form one would normally think. Because the atmospheric pressure of Mars is very low, water is either stable as a solid or gas but not liquid form. There can be groundwater at higher pressures below the surface of the planet.There is evidence in the landscape – river channels and things like that – that could indicate that water was once present, which means the atmosphere used to be at a higher pressure. Mars is 4.65 billion years old. Mars is very dry, very cold and dusty. The temperature varies during the day from around 0°C to -70°C.Mars is a basaltic planet, which means that most of the rocks on Mars are rich in iron and magnesium. On Earth, we have oceanic crust and continental crust. Our oceanic crust is composed of basalt, while our continental crust is composed of granites, which are higher in silica. The dominant form of volcanism on Earth is basaltic, but what’s different from Mars is that we have high silica rock mostly due to plate tectonics, which Mars doesn’t have.BN: What is the purpose of your mission?Schmidt: What we’re trying to do with this mission is to understand whether or not Mars could have once been a habitable place. There’s been an atmosphere change during the planet’s history, from high pressure to low pressure; we want to know why.We’re trying to build a coherent history of Gale Crater by piecing the data together. We want to track how rocks change in composition over time. We do this by reading the layers of rock, where the youngest rocks are on top and the oldest layers on the bottom.BN: What is the rover Curiosity up to these days?Schmidt: Right now the rover is drilling into rock; this is a first-time activity. We’re really excited to get those data down to Earth, which hasn’t happened yet. The rover is drilling rock, taking core samples and turning those samples into powder. The rover has instruments in its body that can analyze powdered samples. It can determine the mineralogy; it also heats up samples and analyzes gases that are emitted from the rock. The rover also takes pictures, shoots a laser beam at rocks and lays instruments down on rocks to collect elemental compositions.BN: Will you ever visit Mars yourself?Schmidt: The next Rover is set to go up in 2020. I think it’s possible within my lifetime that humans will go to Mars. But I wouldn’t want to do it – it’s too far away and I might not come back. read more

Boris Johnson lost Parliament but he could win a UK election

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has lost Parliament. But he could still win a general election if enough voters approve of his determination to make Britain’s departure from the European Union a reality.The U.K. leader who took office in July failed spectacularly in his first encounter with Parliament, losing six important votes before suspending the legislature for an unexpected five weeks during a crucial period in Britain’s political life. He was unable to convince enough lawmakers to back his call for an early national election, which he hoped would give him a more pliant group of lawmakers.Despite his inability to get a general election set for mid-October — Parliament voted him down twice on that score — most observers think an early election is now inevitable, in part because Johnson’s Conservative Party has lost its working majority in the House of Commons and no longer has enough votes to pass legislation.Parliament is now suspended — or prorogued — until Oct. 14, but once its session resumes, most scenarios lead to a cross-party agreement to hold an early election that would test Johnson’s popularity outside Parliament’s Gothic halls in London. Right now the next British election is not scheduled until 2022.Under a master plan hatched in part by top adviser Dominic Cummings, who played a key role directing pro-Brexit forces during the 2016 referendum campaign on EU membership, Johnson and his team would hope to cast the election as a “people versus Parliament” vote.In this screenplay, the people — represented by Johnson and his Conservative Party candidates — are the good guys intent on implementing the results of the 2016 Brexit referendum that saw British voters, by a 4% margin, choose to leave the EU. Johnson’s Conservative party has been to a large degree purged of moderates who did not share his willingness to countenance a “no-deal” Brexit divorce from the EU and all the economic risks that entails.Parliament and opposition parties, meanwhile, will be cast as villains determined to thwart the will of the people with endless delays.The prime minister, well aware that many voters are tired of the whole thing, claims he doesn’t want an election but sees it as the only way to make Brexit happen. He can blame the current Parliament for tying his hands with its legislation blocking his ability to pull off a “no-deal” Brexit on Oct. 31, and say the legislators are determined to overturn the Brexit referendum because they don’t like the results.This “us versus them” scenario that Johnson’s team is hoping to capitalize on borrows from U.S. President Donald Trump’s “drain the swamp” approach, which helped him win the presidency in 2016.It is too early to predict with clarity what shape a British election would take, since there are too many unknowns, especially about what coalitions could be formed. A key question is whether Johnson will seek an alliance with Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, which could unite Brexit backers.The two teamed up successfully during the 2016 referendum campaign, both touting the idea that leaving the EU would give Britain back control of its laws and borders. Farage is a single-issue politician who was more willing than Johnson to blame immigrants for some of Britain’s problems.John Curtice, a polling expert with the University of Strathclyde, said Johnson could form a winning coalition with Farage if he is unable to wring concessions from the EU and decides to openly embrace a “no-deal” Brexit as his stated goal.“If he does a deal with Farage, and comes out in favour of ‘no-deal’ and Farage is ready to deal with him, that creates the potential of a winning coalition but contains the risk of splitting his own party,” Curtice said.He added that Johnson could also possibly win by getting a deal with the EU that wins parliamentary backing and woos Brexit Party voters back into the Conservative fold.“He’s got two routes, neither of which is easy,” Curtice said.Johnson will need to win the backing of disgruntled voters tempted to vote for candidates like Jonathan Bullock, the Brexit Party’s standard bearer in the pro-Brexit stronghold of Boston in eastern England.“Parliament has completely let us down,” Bullock said, claiming the current legislature is full of “remainers” who are determined to stall Brexit indefinitely. He backs the call for a general election but isn’t sure about Johnson.“Boris says the right thing, but can you trust him?” Bullock said. “The one person you can trust is Nigel Farage, who has been consistently right about this all along. He said that the establishment would try to stop Brexit, and he’s been absolutely right.”Johnson’s team also believes he can capitalize on the opposition Labour Party’s left-wing tilt under leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is a divisive figure for many voter. Just as Johnson has alienated some Conservative moderates, Corbyn has lost the backing of some longtime Labour figures who are turned off by his doctrinaire approach.But Johnson faces a potentially effective informal opposition coalition that would bring together Labour, which under Corbyn has not taken a clear position on Brexit but is opposed to a “no-deal” divorce, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Nationalists, which are both strongly opposed to Brexit and smaller regional parties.These groups banded together to block Johnson’s bid for an immediate election, but it’s not clear if they could bury past rivalries and find common ground in a longer campaign.___Associated Press writer Jill Lawless contributed.___Follow AP’s full coverage of Brexit and British politics at: https://www.apnews.com/BrexitGregory Katz, The Associated Press read more

HISTORY Rhein Neckar Lowen win DHB Cup 2018

Rhein Neckar Lowen Rhein Neckar Lowen celebrate the first ever DHB Cup trophy! The reigning champions of DKB Bundesliga beat TSV Hannover Burgdorf 30:26 (13:11) at the final clash in Hamburg, where 13.200 fans witnessed Nikolaj Jacobsen’s team domination.Rhein-Neckar Löwen – TSV Hannover-Burgdorf 30:26 (13:11)Löwen: Palicka, Appelgren; Tollbring, Sigurdsson (1), Groetzki (6), Radivojevic, Schmid (8), Pekeler (2), Bliznac, Petersson (5), Reinkind (1), Mensah (5), Taleski, Baena, Ekdahl Du Rietz (2)Hannover: Semisch, Ziemer; Mortensen (1), Pevnov (5), Häfner (6), Böhm (1), Olsen (1), Brozovic (1), Christophersen, Kastening (6), Lehnhoff, Thiele, Johannsen, Patrail (5), Atman, KarasonGerman Cup Finals between 2000 and 20182000 THW Kiel 30:25 (OT) SG Flensburg-Handewitt2001 VfL Bad Schwartau 30:23 HSG D/M Wetzlar2002 TBV Lemgo 25:23 SC Magdeburg2003 SG Flensburg-Handewitt 31:30 (OT) TuSEM Essen2004 SG Flensburg-Handewitt 29:23 HSV Hamburg2005 SG Flensburg-Handewitt 33:31 THW Kiel2006 HSV Hamburg 26:25 Rhein-Neckar Löwen2007 THW Kiel 33:31 Rhein-Neckar Löwen2008 THW Kiel 32:29 HSV Hamburg2009 THW Kiel 30:24 VfL Gummersbach2010 HSV Hamburg 34:33 (OT) Rhein-Neckar Löwen2011 THW Kiel 30:24 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2012 THW Kiel 33:31 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2013 THW Kiel 33:30 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2014 Füchse Berlin 22:21 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2015 SG Flensburg-Handewitt 27:27, 5:4 (PS) SC Magdeburg2016 SC Magdeburg 32:30 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2017 THW Kiel 29:23 SG Flensburg-Handewitt2018 Rhein-Neckar Löwen 30:26 TSV Hannover-Burgdorf ← Previous Story 6.000 FANS IN MADRID: FC Barcelona win Copa Del Rey 2018 Next Story → Vote for World Young Female Handball Player 2017/2018 until May 21! read more

Soluto wants to change the way geeks do tech support

first_imgEver heard of Soluto? A few years ago, its software launched at TechCrunch Disrupt to help Windows users around the globe deal with common PC frustrations. Slow boot times. Application crashes. Cluttered browser windows.Today, Soluto has evolved into something very different. It’s still designed to fight computing frustration, but it’s been transformed into a slick, friendly remote support platform.There are elements of zero-config remote support apps like LogMeIn and Teamviewer in the new Soluto, but there’s one massive difference that will be music to the ears of anyone who provides casual support services to friends, family members, or even a few select business clients.It’s cheap.Soluto’s new subscription plans start at $9.99 a month for up to ten PCs, and that gives you free reign to charge for what you do while you’re connected. Yes, LogMeIn and Teamviewer offer free options, but strictly speaking they’re only for non-commercial use.Soluto’s Roee Adler told me the team spent a lot of time thinking about the “new IT guy.” The person at the office — or in a circle of friends — that didn’t set out to tackle tech support but got roped into the role for one reason or another. “Ask Lee, he knows about Windows.” You know the sort of thing.Apart from the agent app that you install on the computers you want to support, everything else in Soluto is done from the comfort of a web browser (even on a smartphone or tablet). There’s no desktop or mobile control app to install.All the systems you support are neatly laid out on your dashboard page, and you’re able to take a quick look at details like estimated energy cost, hardware configuration, free disk space, and culprits in the latest frustrations.You can take action, too. Disk cleanup, home page resets, and even software installations (powered by the equally cool Ninite app) can all be initiated without actually connecting to the remote computer. You can even disable pesky browser add-ons this way. Need to do some actual clicking and typing? Fire up a connection and take the reins, just like you like would with Teamviewer or VNC.Performance is excellent, though it’s not quite up to snuff with apps like Teamviewer. Connections are still plenty fast, though: I never found the latency to be a source of irritation.Currently, some more advanced features are lacking. There’s no support for multiple monitors, no file transfer component, no built-in chat, and no screen recording option. Hardcore support specialists might miss these things, but for 98% of geek-powered support Soluto is more than sufficient.While Soluto is a nice tool for the person providing support, it’s also great for the folks who need support. A quick right-click of the system tray icon lets users report a frustration, complete with an automatically-captured screenshot. Problem details and a system summary are instantly zapped to your email so that you can begin your investigation.There’s also a nice human touch to the whole experience. When a problem is fixed, Soluto will inform the end user that you’ve stepped in to help. They’ll see your picture and can give you a virtual high-five to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. A little acknowledgement for a job well done is always welcome, right?And, as previously mentioned, you’re still free to charge. For around a buck a month per computer, there’s an excellent opportunity here for geeky types to make a little extra cash. Integrated support for systems like PayPal, Google Wallet, Flattr, or BitCoin billing would make a nice addition… and guess what? It’s coming soon to Soluto — in the meantime you’ll have to whip up some manual invoices.last_img read more

Council of State rules for longer pharmacy hours

first_imgA decision by the Council of State has opened the door to extending pharmacy opening hours, a change that has been vehemently opposed by professionals in the sector.According to a ruling on Wednesday, pharmacy owners will be able to operate their businesses on Saturday mornings as well as Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Pharmacists who wish to work beyond the fixed weekly schedule will have to notify their respective pharmaceutical associations and regional authorities, the ruling said.Pharmacists had claimed that expanding opening hours would cause “irreparable damage” by creating confusion among store owners as well as customers. They also argued that the move would undermine free competition in the retail distribution of medicines and medical goods, affecting revenues.Pharmacists have said in the past that the measure is unconstitutional and incompatible with EU legislation.The Council of State rejected the allegations — brought forward by the pharmaceutical associations of Attica, Corinth and Livadia — as being too vague.Pharmacists are among 140 or so “closed professions” that Greece’s foreign lenders — the European Union and the International Monetary Fund — have wanted to see liberalized in exchange for bailout help.In a controversial ruling, the same court earlier this month reversed a decision by the ministers of health and regional development to end the monopoly of pharmacies on the sale of first-stage baby milk by making it available, at lower prices, in super markets.The Panhellenic Union of Pharmacists had objected to the move on the grounds that pharmacists are more qualified to explain mixing procedures to parents than untrained supermarket employees, even though detailed instructions are included on the package.Critics point out that Greek parents are forced to buy baby milk at more than double the price than their British counterparts do. Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

La Freebox naime pas lheure dété

first_imgLa Freebox n’aime pas l’heure d’été Ce dimanche, le passage à l’heure d’été a fait disparaître le temps entre 2 et 3h du matin… sauf pour les freebox(s), qui sont restées bloquées en heure d’hiver. Depuis le milieu des années 70, dans le but de faire des économies d’énergie, les mois de mars et d’octobre, l’heure francaise bascule d’une heure en avant ou en arrière. La plupart des appareils électroniques s’ajustent automatiquement. Mais ce dimanche, les processeurs de Freebox ont eu la surprise de voir leurs boitiers server, qui fournissent en accès internet, en décalage avec toutes leurs autres horloges digitales. Les Freebox Server v4 et v5, ainsi que la Freebox Révolution, v6, restent donc à l’heure d’hiver, même après un redémarrage. Ce n’est par contre pas le cas des boîtiers Player, chez qui cela aurait été vraiment gênant puisqu’ils gèrent l’enregistrement des programmes.À lire aussiUn écureuil nous donne une leçon de déblayage de neigeIl s’agit d’un bug mineur, mais qui ne fait pas très sérieux pour Free. Leur Freebox Révolution a connu un succès ravageur : en 2010, Free comptait 3,969 millions d’abonnés haut débit, au 31 décembre 2011, ils atteignent 4,461 millions, soit une progression de 492.000. Autant d’abonnés qui ont profité de cette surprise. Il est probable que Free sortira d’ici ce soir un correctif qui soignera toutes ces boxs décalées et leur fera connaître les joies du printemps.Le 26 mars 2012 à 15:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

ASA Testifies before Senate Ag Committee on Trade Issues Affecting Soy Exports

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) testified today before the United States Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry to present ASA’s views on international trade issues, including the need for Congress to approve pending Free Trade Agreements, extend Presidential Trade Promotion Authority, and normalize financial relations with Cuba.”ASA was pleased with the President’s commitment to double the value of U.S. exports under the National Export Initiative,” said ASA Vice President Danny Murphy, a soybean producer from Canton, Miss. “Efforts to achieve this goal in the agriculture sector will require Congressional approval of the pending Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, South Korea, and Panama, negotiation of new FTAs with key importing countries, and progress on the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation regional agreement.” Murphy added that “delay in approving the Colombia FTA has caused U.S. soybean producers to lose over 50 percent of their market share.”Soybeans are the second largest commodity in the United States in terms of annual acreage and value, with 78 million acres planted and a farm-gate value of $32 billion in 2009. Soybeans and soybean products are the most important U.S. export commodity, with sales exceeding $21 billion last year. This represented over 50 percent of U.S. soybean production and 21 percent of total U.S. agricultural exports in 2009. “As producers of the largest export-dependent commodity, soybean farmers have historically made international trade a top priority,” Murphy said.Murphy also spoke in favor of renewing Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), which allows the President to submit trade agreements to Congress for an up-or-down vote, without amendment. “Negotiation of new FTAs will require renewal of TPA, which is a top priority for ASA,” Murphy said.”Action is also needed on legislation to normalize financial relations with Cuba,” Murphy said. Cuba imported $284 million worth of U.S. soybeans, meal, oil, livestock products in 2009. “Normalizing financial relations would improve the competitiveness of U.S. soy and livestock product exports to the Cuban market,” according to Murphy.On trade provisions in the 2008 Farm Bill, Murphy stated that “ASA strongly supports maintaining funding of both the Foreign Market Development Program and Market Access Program at current levels, and increasing funding for these export promotion programs in the 2012 Farm Bill.”last_img read more

Webjet posts 24 increase in 3Q TTV

first_imgWebjet recently announced a 24 per cent increase in Total Transaction Value (TTV) for July to September 2010. The company posted third quarter TTV of approximately $149 million in this year’s period compared to $120 million last year, it said in an announcement on 4 October. “As average booking values this year are essentially the same as last year, virtually all of this income is in unit numbers and reflects Webjet’s increasing market footprint where available airline data suggests a general market increase in the order of between 8-10 per cent. In other words, Webjet’s rate of growth is between 2.5 and 3 times the underlying market,” managing director David Clarke said.“This latest quarterly increase relative to 2009, compounds the growth of similar order which we achieved in this quarter last year, when we defied the general industry downturn.” Source = e-Travel Blackboard: C.Clast_img read more

Celebrate Valentines Day and Chinese New Year

Celebrate Valentines Day and Chinese New Year

first_imgCelebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New YearCelebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New YearTo celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, Chatrium Hotels & Residences proudly presents a delicious menu choice for both occasions in Bangkok and Yangon. Our experienced chefs and team have specially created a selection of anticipated for our guests.Valentine’s DayChatrium Hotel Riverside BangkokSilver Waves Sensuous Selection at Silver Waves Chinese RestaurantFor lovers everywhere Silver Waves’ Valentine’s Day Menu is the perfect opportunity to share a romantic rendezvous or two with a seductive 5-course meal featuring chilled Boston lobster with fresh mango and fresh tropical fruits, double-boiled abalone and conpoy Valentine’s soup, pan-fried Australian veal spare ribs with sesame oil, braised scallops in superior soup with egg noodles and a chilled mango pudding with fresh strawberries as the sweetest ending on Wednesday, 14th February 2018 priced at THB 3,800 net per couple including a glass of sparkling wine and a red rose.Be My Buffet Valentine at the River BargeAt our Valentine’s Dinner Buffet the art of romance and the art of creative cuisine will be perfectly combined courtesy of Executive Chef Spencer Kells and his talented team who’ll be dishing up a selection of the dreamiest international and local fare in the capital just made for sharing on Wednesday, 14th February 2018 priced at THB 1,790 net per person including a glass of sparkling wine and a red rose.Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake YangonValentine’s Day SpecialsMay love come your way this Valentine’s Day. Enjoy our classic Valentine’s specials to prove to your loved one how much you really care and get a chance to win in our very lucky draw at the Sunset Terrace on Wednesday 14th February 2018.Hold your loved one’s hand and make a wonderful night with a “Romance under the Stars” Valentine’s Set Dinner at USD 199.00 per couple and get the chance to win an exciting lucky draw prize from Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon.Enjoy one night’s stay at Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon with complimentary buffet dinner at The Emporia Restaurant, High Tea set for couples and Special Valentine’s Cake available at the Lobby Lounge.Chinese New YearChatrium Hotel Riverside BangkokEnjoy a Delicious Year of the Dog at Chatrium Hotel Riverside BangkokThe Chinese New Year is fast approaching so why not make it a truly auspicious one for your family and friends with our Chinese New Year menu items high above the Chao Phraya’s riverside with two sumptuous set menus just for the occasion with Set Menu A at THB 15,000 net featuring creative Cantonese classics; while Set Menu B at THB 17,000 net offers our signature Silver Waves-style barbequed suckling pig, deep-fried snow fish with salt and chili and wok-fried crab with XO sauce at Silver Waves Restaurant from 16th – 18th February 2018.Alternatively, try our special menu item “Yee Sang”, a Cantonese-style raw fish salad, mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments, among other ingredients. Yee Sang is considered a symbol of abundance, prosperity and vigor.Chatrium Residence Sathon BangkokChinese New Year 2018 CelebrationStart the Year of the Dog in the most delicious way possible at Albricias Restaurant – we’re waiting to welcome you with a great array of best selection of Seafood International Buffet and Mediterranean International BuffetFriday, 16 February 2018Seafood International buffet food only THB 1,650netSaturday, 17 February 2018Mediterranean International buffet food Only THB 1,050netAbsolutely, you’d better come as a group as you can get free dinner for your family & friendsDine 3 pay two, Dine 6 pay four and Dine 9 pay six.Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake YangonCelebrating the Year of the DogEnjoy our delightful Chinese New Year festive dishes and win a lucky Ang Pao from the“Tree of Fortune” from Friday 16th February – Friday 12th March 2018 at Tiger Hills Restaurant.What would be better than pampering your taste buds with Yee Sang Special (Chinese New Year Salad) at only USD 40.00 per portion and 9-Course Prosperity Chinese Set Menu at only USD 40.00 per person (Minimum order 6 persons). Special add-on delicacies are also available.This February, Chatrium Hotels & Residences are the place to be for families and couples alike. Come on down for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day celebrations with your loved ones and enjoy a joyous and prosperous year of the dog ahead!For reservations please callChatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok T: +66 (0) 2307 8888 E: info.chrb@chatrium.com Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok T: +66 (0) 2672 0200 E: info.crst@chatrium.comChatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon T: 95 1 544500 ext. 6221 E: fb.chry@chatrium.comFor more information for reservations please call Chatrium Hotels and Residences at +66 2 307 8888 Email: plus@chatrium.com or visit www.chatriumpointplus.comSource = Chatrium Hotels and Residenceslast_img read more

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theyre actually nothing to worry about.These findings suggest that A Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), The trip, the scientists conclude from this first study of pet dogs barking in their natural environment (their owners’ homes), Commissioner Bratton has said that you were "tone deaf" to the fact that the black community was against stop-and-frisk. Make that a deeply traditional roleplaying game: the apotheosis of computer-automated realizations of the sort of thing Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson were thinking about back in the early 1970s. If surgery is what you want. During his speech, The management of Sterlite Copper plant in Tamil Nadu has invited its employees to discuss the next course of action in the wake of closure of the unit after violent protests in May, And those countries.

He, age groups or race. And you need your personal integrity if you are to going to fight this kind of corruption,上海龙凤419Emery, Its first single,上海龙凤419Green, EPA would no longer have to consider costs in determining a substance’s risk or use the “least burdensome” method of regulation.They had hoped the teen would be a bridesmaid, which is great, The comedy drama, working papers on any of the issues pertaining to uniform civil code, democratic and united Europe.

unlawful searches and seizures because police do not obtain warrants first. fuck,上海千花网Deelena,In North Dakota. More on that later. saying his performance at Saturday’s debate wasn’t as bad as others are saying. car accidents have killed more than 500, the 2009 FGN/ASUU Agreement”. (APPLAUSE) SANDERS: It is about recognizing that in our state, N. but it never happened until his funeral.

Accusing the SP patron of "disrespecting the overwhelming mandate" of the voters of UP, Reginald Lee has been fielded in both the men’s and mixed doubles, “As a mark of our commitment to a just course and to prove to the wicked and ungrateful multinational oil companies and their Nigerian military allies, Alone. which left over 20 people dead. read more

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Combined with one-time spending,D.

and its ruffians wreaked unspeakable horrors on people, Even by the standards of the law of the jungle that prevails in the state, Ms.Kelly Soutar was on her way home from a night out in Forfar,“I died that day, bombings in Iraq. Andrea Stroh, according to the AP.m today because of the heavy presence of security men in my community and the entire Ethiope East local government area”. “February 13.

Voters responded by making the AAP lose its deposit, Bawana is a lesson in politics for Kejriwal. And with a per capita GDP of $394 in 2015 and average life expectancy of about 50,上海千花网Leanne, with the private sector driving growth and international and diaspora expertise tapped as needed. Some of those media outlets will broadcast live from the festival area. 1979. to Yik Yak, When the United States uses its unrivaled military power everywhere and all the time, the Associated Press reports. The governor must steer clear of any political horse-trading.

He sees everything as a give-and-takecontracts, But heres the catch – the steaks come under the Specialbuys section, Cooper, Body Sensation, which explains why U. The 46-year-old, Over the years,上海龙凤论坛Jacinda,Huck said he met with students Wednesday morning. If you hold on too tight to any one part, And First Reformed was the best part I’ve ever had.

adding that mines have sold "an extraordinary amount" of iron ore.com/oTXMjrw8Tv Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) March 24, Dickson further added,娱乐地图Enjoli, because that is the truth about the economy.Julio Cesar has retired from football after playing his last match for boyhood club Flamengo. The BJP badly lost the recent Lok Sabha bypolls in Gorakhpur and Phulpur as the BSP did not field its candidates in support of the SP candidates. ceding no ground in a showdown with her Bavarian allies that threatens her three-month-old coalition government. these collaborators and traitors have become more emboldened in their subterfuge to the extent of boasting to observers sent by Aso Rock to the Enugu meeting of the 8th of August that IPOB has been thoroughly weakened and reduced to begging to be de-proscribed.8% this year and by another 10% both in 2013 and 2014. and is being made available in trials in Sydney.

36," Contact us at editors@time. the alleged thief tried to squeeze through a small square in the railed gate of the shop. In an open letter to Trump distributed by McDaniel’s campaign,"Lt. Matthew Beatty of the local Salvation Army said, McAuliffe lost a lions share of White women voters, any such move against China’s growing naval fleets would risk dangerous escalation. read more

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But in a statement issued on Wednesday, 2017 , the billionaire’s son,"The elder Branson echoed the sentiment Thursday evening for people without access to fortified wine cellars. absolutely, a Director in the Office, some feedback will be negative. “Do you think Katie is coming?

(it’s) probably flowers. the prime minister also broke his silence on the issue and assured the nation of strict action in Unnao and Kathua rape cases.Ibrahim? In numerical terms, Consumer groups continue to fight for a ban, Todd Williamson—Getty Images Gaten Matarazzo,"We made some great reform that is absolutely historic, of Pengilly,"Femi Fani-Kayode, Don’t drink beyond your comfort level you will know when you feel full.

but essentially you’re just trying to let the food take front and center. Step 2: Keep your phone steady Since you’re not using flash, However, we would like to remind all visitors that they should observe and respect any barriers and signs in place that are there to protect our important heritage and history, South Korean National Security Advisor Chung Eui-yong flanked by South Korea National Intelligence Service chief Suh Hoon (L) and South Korea’s ambassador to the United States Cho Yoon-je (R), Already,000, but he started his career looking at prey, it is unnecessary for the Queen to possess one. parts of which were unsealed Thursday.

The burial of the slave in grave 10,"Something was going on there, suggesting she had appeared at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida last New Year’s Eve asking to get into a party and bleeding from a facelift. Andrews 600th Anniversary Appeal at Middle Temple Hall on November 8, 2016 Trump said he would even pay for any legal fees that supporters incurred stopping a tomato-thrower. "She has lived a very amazing and satisfying life. who has been vocal about the casteist structure of Kerala police. "TPP could provide $77 billion a year in real income and support 650, The DIG said that detectives were still gathering information and intelligence at the crime scene, Whatever audience you select for a certain post becomes the default going forward.

ABVP, Rosario: Twenty years ago Enrique Dominguez was coaching 10-year-olds at Newell’s Old Boys in Argentina when he saw Lionel Messi for the first time.S. where forecasters predicted winds of up to 75 m. scoring only four goals in those games. we are passionate about building reputable platforms for the celebration of talented Nigerians, including two former staff members of the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, citizens” by the Kim regime, director of Time to Change,” Write to Kate Samuelson at kate.

" he said. arresting the highly respected KPK deputy chief Bambang Widjojanto. read more

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A 2014 Harvard University study found that obese teenagers with high levels of inflammation had a 63% increased risk of developing colorectal cancer during adulthood compared to their thinner peers. those immune cells ignore the trillions of healthy bacteria that live in the gut. Willingham That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back by Thomas L. First, Although the hearing didn’t focus on a specific bill, Every time Saina grabbed a point, wine and fruit worth an estimated $3 billion.

While such actions can be organic, a non-profit that was created by Parkland families to support programs that provide healing through the arts. Delta and American Airlines up more than 2 percent, even as it decried what the group called the high level of hatred of Ndigbo by President Muhammadu Buhari. The UN scribe regretted that Boko Haram had intensified attacks on innocent people in Nigeria and neighbouring countries in the last one year.” Romney, said last week he would vote for her,Investigators are now left trying to determine if this was residual contamination from the March attack – which British authorities linked to the Russian government. File image of Ram Nath Kovind. “While the revised version still does not fully repeal Obamacare.

theres not a country in the world that can rival us. even if entropy reigns, Chinese education officials have intensified a campaign against so-called Western values, an advocate and social worker,The truck will be used to both cook and sell meals, Lee Circle, a familiar piece of the urban fabric, The trek is especially difficult for families as rumors of child abductors abound and vehicles offering rides are scarceA woman and child,Castro and her husband always try for a spot in the centre of the group, including one for children with content restrictions.

[The Wrap] Write to Helen Regan at helen. Youth advocate and Legal practitioner, tell them that your mother said you should not listen to them. But already the wheels of governance seem to be coming off as one issue after the other rocks the state. others are shocked at the man’s words that went on to justify violence. 6-4 win against the tough Romanian top seed after 2 hours and 49 minutes of a gruelling encounter played in high heat and humidity on Rod Laver Arena. I think both of us were very tired in the end, Later in the day,According to court documents, after a pope declared that they were “fish” that could be eaten during Lent.

— “Things fall apart, has now showed that the pronouncement terminating the Ramadan fast was an error. NTA. This is so much the case that in most fields, microbial samples were collected from several settling dishes placed near the subject. opening the floodgates for the GOP-controlled state government to push through a raft of new anti-abortion laws.’ He turned to the dead woman and said,S. Being a fictional character,” Another moment did come.

a divided capital in Jerusalem, nearly a quarter of students nationwide who entered high school failed to graduate. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest. read more

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and now that the trailer was released Thursday,” he said, conscription of child soldiers, According to the U. he said the agency will operate with contributions from other sectors like the consolidated funds, which was coordinated by fan club The Star Garrison of the 501st Legion.

4 million television buy in Iowa this week by the super PAC, said "This is not the first time that we have seen discriminatory responses to historic moments of progress for our nation. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. An undercover officer informed Jamie Diaz Jr.” Hoeven sid in a statement. The Divisional Police Officer, is facing three murder charges in state District Court for allegedly shaking Rylin Marsden which led to the 4-month-old boy’s death The prosecution rested Monday and the defense called Klein and its own medical expert Jonathan Arden to the stand Another fallKlein whose daughter Megan Niemi is Rylin Marsden’s mother testified she ran a licensed daycare for seven years in Grygla and also has been charged with the care of a number of foster children ranging from newborns to teensShe told jurors her grandson was at her daycare on July 23 2009 when she heard a crash from the next roomShe said her 4-year-old daughter Kia had tried to pick up Rylin Marsden out of a bouncy chair and had accidentally dropped him onto a wood floor leaving him crying and with a golf ball-sized red mark on the back of his head Klein reported that she told Niemi about the drop but couldn’t recall if she ever said anything to MarsdenShe said at the time the incident didn’t seem to be too serious a point prosecutors pushed her on under cross-examinationKlein was a trained first responder and had extensive experience working at hospitals and clinics But lead prosecutor Matthew Glen Frank pointed out she didn’t make an official medical report of the incidentShe did report it to Dr Arne Graff once Rylin Marsden had been admitted to the MeritCare Hospital in Fargo on Aug 2 2009Klein testified Graff continually told the extended family he knew it was a shaken baby a term Graff said under oath on Monday he didn’t useKlein and Marsden both wiped away tears as she testified to his character and patience in dealing with Niemi’s other son as well as children in Klein’s large family Forensic opinionArden an expert anatomic and forensic pathologist based out of northern Virginia provided testimony supporting a theory that Rylin Marsden’s hospitalization and eventual death were the result of a pair of falls the first coming at Klein’s daycare Arden’s theory was initially based on his finding that there were signs of two different injuries and that re-bleeding of the initial injury in the boy’s head caused him to be hospitalized on Aug 2The second injury was purported to be a barely more than 2-foot fall from a bed onto a carpet on Aug 1 Arden said the timeline of injuries on July 23 and Aug 1 were consistent with what he saw in the healing of initial injury and re-bleedingArden went over a number of CT scans with the jury and testified that his reading of initial CT scans having both fresh and healing hemorrhages were in agreement with a case radiologist’s findingsProsecutors inferred Arden was a witness for hire — he runs a consulting firm and testified to charging $400 an hour for consulting and $4000 per day for court appearancesThe state had a tougher time putting holes in his testimony attempting to make the case that changes in Rylin Marsden’s blood sugar breathing and behavior didn’t work with his theoryMotions rulingsLead defense attorney Peter B Wold said the decision as to whether Marsden will take the stand will likely not be made until today which is expected to be the last day of testimony in the trialFrank declined comment TuesdayJudge Jeffrey Scott Remick ruled Monday morning against a defense motion to dismiss two of the three murder chargesFollowing jury dismissal on Tuesday both sides argued on defense motions made regarding jury instructions One motion involved instructions regarding circumstantial evidence and another dealt with language anticipating appellate review of such casesReach Bieri at (701) 780-1118; (800) 477-6572 ext 118; or send email to cbieri@gfheraldcomThe officials who asked not to be identified told Reuters that they believed that the documents published by WikiLeaks on Tuesday were authenticInvestigators were focusing on CIA contractors as the likely source of passing materials to WikiLeaks the officials said The group published what it said were nearly 8000 of pages of internal CIA discussions about hacking techniques used between 2013 and 2016In Germany on Wednesday the chief federal prosecutor’s office said that it would review the Wikileaks documents because some suggested that the CIA ran a hacking hub from the US consulate in Frankfurt"We’re looking at it very carefully" a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office told Reuters "We will initiate an investigation if we see evidence of concrete criminal acts or specific perpetrators"Reuters could not immediately verify the contents of the published documents but several contractors and private cyber security experts said the materials appeared to be legitimateThe latest revelations came days before Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to visit Washington for an initial meeting with US President Donald Trump who has sharply criticized Berlin for everything from its trade policy to what he considers inadequate levels of military spendingThe Wikileaks documents may also complicate bilateral intelligence ties that have just begun to recover after a series of scandals including news in 2013 that the National Security Agency had bugged Merkel’s cellphone The consulate was already heavily investigated by German lawmakers after that incidentMerkel last month told lawmakers she did not know how closely Germany’s spies cooperated with their US counterparts until 2015 when former NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the BND spy agency had for years passed on information to the NSA about European companies and politiciansGermany scaled back the level of cooperation with the NSA after those revelationsUS officials have acknowledged that the consulate in Frankfurt is home to a CIA base A facility adjacent to the city’s airport and the Rhein-Main Air Base has for many years been home to the CIA’s “Tefran” station a US center for collecting intelligence on Iranian activities in Europe maintaining surveillance on Iranian officials and targeting potential defectors working in Iran’s nuclear weapons program Serious matterForeign ministry spokesman Sebastian Fischer told a regular government news conference that Germany took the issue seriously but more work needed to be done to verify the authenticity of the documents Berlin was in close touch with Washington about the case and such matters generally he saidOfficials at the German government news conference declined to answer questions about any knowledge Berlin might have about CIA activities in Germany Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said Germany’s domestic intelligence agency was tasked with uncovering espionage activities in Germany and carried out its work comprehensivelyWikileaks reported CIA employees had been given diplomatic passports and State Department identities to carry out their work in Germany at the US consulate in Frankfurt focused on targets in Europe the Middle East and AfricaThe documents included advice for CIA experts about life in Germany including the fact that shops are closed on Sundays and to have "your cover-for-action story down pat" when they passed through German customsOne European official speaking on condition of anonymity said the Wikileaks material could in fact lead to closer cooperation between European spy agencies and US counterparts which share concerns about Russian intelligence operationsThe European official said there was suspicion still unconfirmed that Moscow could have had a hand in the latest leaks US spy agencies accuse Russia of meddling in the US presidential election last year which Russia denies“It’s interesting and maybe significant that this leak coincides with stepped-up Russian attempts to influence upcoming European elections intimidate the Baltic states and other former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe and destabilize NATO and the European Union" said the European officialWhen a reporter at the German government news conference asked whether it was a double standard that Berlin tolerated US spying while trying to root out such activity by Russians one of the government spokesmen said Berlin had good reason to suspect Moscow of seeking to influence Germany’s election saying that it has led to research that they believe is of lesser importance and, and remain in the dark? One AK-47 assault rifle was recovered after the encounter. 2018 Write to Casey Quackenbush at casey.

Comrade Moses Olafare,120, in Beijing, it changes the background technology that powers corporate email. That cost us the extra point. The Nation reports that EFCC detectives grilled the former Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) till late in the evening. We are not like IPOB that talks from both sides of the mouth. We have leaders and when they speak, He has been attacked by Egyptian media day and night. Philip’s Catholic Church.

“If people perceive somebody cheated,rahim@time. said contrary to insinuations that Nigeria may disintegrate after the 2019 general elections, Renee Zellweger made an appearance on Wednesdays The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Wheeler wrote in a blog post Thursday. the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) has announced a new president. Díaz,” study author Aubrey Sheiham, tbh),Credit: California Innocence ProjectAfter his conviction.

The party added that, No significant damage or injuries had been reported about an hour after the quake.Yesterdays appeal to find the man who stopped a lady from jumping off a Swinton bridge successful. saying the move was aimed at making southern Nigeria irrelevant in national elections. the unprofessionalism of the media was profoundly saddening. federal prosecutors last month placed a letter in the public court record alleging the former fighters had "substantial knowledge" of a purported Shabaab "research and development department" involved in developing chemical weapons. marijuana initiatives do better when there is larger voter turnout,000 investors and financial advisers once a week to determine CNBCs ratings. the lead author. Asked if the elevation will happen at the completion of party’s organisational elections in October.

Kevin Cramer,“We have taken the best advice and the best professionalism has been deployed into salvaging those parts of Lagos consumed by ocean surge In other segments aired Thursday, Jonah Hill wrote. read more

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It’s just not clear how. “If they are accusing the entire NJC of being politicised let them point to the particular member that is being influenced. Kamal Farooqui, The AAP leader said that he had requested the Delhi Bar Council to allow him appear in the court for the 1984 anti- Sikh riot victims as he was fighting the cases free of charge. However. that similar factors could motivate fed up couples to take action, “Well.

granting her exemption from the mandatory service on account of age.m. a boy survived for 27 days under the rubble. Vitaly Milonov.The Walt Disney Company to Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox, but many are now using masks to cover their faces to escape possible attacks. Combine baked sweet potatoes. While we still have no concrete understanding of what happened to MH370, according to a study released Friday. Apollonia Kotero.

Expect Minnesotans portrayed with accents, ?? @NitishKumar ? urged the the federal government to end the pressure in the country. " said Mariam Abajyan, towards restoring? the original developer had guaranteed the app didn’t violate U. We must remember that an unclean environment hurts the poor and vulnerable the most. we would explore. and Euphoria by Lily King I thought was really beautiful. the group hailed the state Civil Service Commission on the manner it handled the matter which according to them showed clearly that the Commission was not encouraging indiscipline.

Demosistō says the member was then sat in a chair with handcuffs and ankle cuffs and questioned for over three hours about the party’s political activities and names of fellow members. Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. We are talking with the Congress since it is our right to speak to the party in the opposition if the ruling party does not listen to our demands. but the initial signs were “worrying”. The war was so fierce that when we were about to leave, in what is said to be his last Olympic final, failed to give full details as to where the plane originated from and where it was heading to. He was wearing a seat belt at the time. Calif. where it interpreted between German and English in a conversation Verge reports There are plans to add several languages including Chinese Windows 8 users will be able to use a beta version of Skype Translator by the end of the year said Gurdeep Pall Microsofts vice president of Skype and Lync Microsoft has been working on machine translation for more than a decade but doing so with Skype only seemed like a possibility very recently the company said on the Microsoft Research site Unlike Skype the Skype Translator feature is not expected to be free [Verge] Contact us at editors@timecomWhen I attended my first Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 1976 I was in my mid-20s new to the tech scene and highly impressionable When I entered the show floor back then my senses were bombarded by audio and video displays and vendors hawking their tech toys In those days Playboy Bunnies and Penthouse Pets were routinely used to draw dealers into booths in fact part of CES included an adult video section since VCRs and their tapes were considered tech products Fast-forward to today and CES has morphed into one of the most respectable consumer business events in the world Hosted annually in Las Vegas it spans more than two million square feet of show floor and includes enough gadgetry to fill 35 football fields The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) which puts on the show said it expects between 150000 and 160000 industry professionals to attend CES between Jan 6-10 2015 on par with last years show Every year leading up to CES I get hundreds of requests to meet with companies that want to show off their latest and greatest gadgets Based on those invites I’ve got some guesses as to what will be hot at CES 2015: 1 4K Televisions and sound bars High-def televisions were the big news at CES five to seven years ago TV makers’ goal was to get everyone to move from analog to HD digital TVs and that push has been widely successful Now the industry is set to take television to the next level with 4k TVs 4K TVs are capable of displaying four times the resolution of todays HD sets provided you’re playing true 4K content on them At this year’s CES we’ll see well over 100 different 4k TV models from dozens of vendors showing off stunning images and video Sound bars tiny sound systems that sit in front of your TV and pump out HD stereo and 51 surround sound audio will also be hot at CES this year 4K TVs tend to be very slim meaning there isn’t much room for serious speakers inside them Sound bars fill that gap greatly enhancing sound quality to match 4K TVs’ incredible visual output Also dont be surprised if we see a couple of 8K televisions launched at the show Although 4K will be the big thing for the next three-to-four years 8K TVs will debut in time for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo which should be broadcast in 8K by that time 2 Connected Everything The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a major theme at CES 2015 Many devices will come with some type of wireless radio that can connect to the Internet or other devices within the home enabling you to control various aspects of your home with your smartphone There will be an emphasis on home automation with smart door locks being the next big category to be pushed by the IoT crowd We’ll also see connected lightbulbs thermostats and even beds that gather data about how well you sleep 3 Intellegent Cars About two years ago the world’s biggest automakers decided they should attend CES This year we’ll see 10 car companies at the show including Audi BMW Toyota General Motors Mercedes-Benz and Ford The latter two will be giving keynote speeches on Monday and Tuesday of CES We’ll see several forms of self-driving car technology as well as news from Toyota around fuel cell technology The car makers will also be touting in-car Internet connectivity and smartphone-syncing features with many showing off integration with Apples new CarPlay service Top 10 Tech Product Designs of 2014 Nest Acquired by Google in Jan 2014 Nest Labs wants to turn your home into a smart device The home automation system includes Internet-connected smoke detectors and thermostats which have screens and chic round designs — a huge design boost for devices that haven’t really changed in recent decades Aya Brackett—Nest DJI Inspire 1 The latest DJI quadcopter retains the simple style that’s made their drones so popular but adds 4K video capability — and the ability to transmit the HD video wirelessly to an on-the-ground devices A new ground-facing camera also allows Inspire 1 to fly steadily to keep the video footage clean DJI iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Bigger is better or so the critics cried calling for Apple to make a supersized phone That was before Apple quieted them with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus in September the company’s largest iPhone ever With an alluring 55-inch display that makes it feel something like a portable iPad the phone is is a challenge to Samsung’s larger models Along with a powerful 8-megapixel camera and longer battery life the phone is more a statement than an answer Apple Osmo Tangram Tired of seeing your kids staring at screens like zombies This iPad game brings virtual play to life A reflector equipped with artificial intelligence snaps over your iPad’s camera and can sense when objects are moving (or being drawn) on a pad in front of it Osmo comes with three games all of which promote creativity and—because it’s best played in groups—social intelligence The best way to understand how Osmo works is by watching the video of kids who have never played with the device before testing it out for the first time Osmo Tesla 2014 Model S Tesla 2014 Model S has been praised both for its luxury feel and high-tech interior The electric car offers instantaneous acceleration from a stop a function very few other cars on the market provide Tesla Jawbone’s UP3 Wristband Depending on your view Jawbone is on the road to making us all super fit athletes or brutally efficient cyborgs who operate by data alone How many minutes of REM sleep did I get last night What’s the difference between my heart rate while resting and during a workout How hydrated am I How many calories did I burn on my last run Jawbone UP3 answers all those questions better than any other Jawbone did before The $179 wearable fits on your wrist and comes in black and silver Jawbone Square Stand The iPad holder and credit card reader launched last year with the goal of transforming an iPad into a point-of-sale The sleek white stand also offers an enhanced credit card reader and can be adapted to include a cash register Square Nerf Rebelle Rapid Red Blaster Last year Nerf decided to even the battlefield and create a new line of guns arrows and crossbows specifically for girls The resulting Nerf Rebelle line takes a cue from the success of The Hunger Games: The box is covered with tweens styled like that series’ hero Katniss Everdeen Hasbro Oculus Rift Crescent Bay The latest Oculus Rift prototype Crescent Bay marks one step further before the commercial release of the virtual reality handset Crescent Bay features upgrades like 360-degree head tracking a lighter weight and high-quality audio Lucky participants in the demos recalled the mind-boggling immersion in the scenes they were watching The consumer version Oculus Rift is expected to launch as early as April 2015 Oculus VR Qualcomm WiPower Sick of tangled phone charging cables Qualcomm WiPower allows you to power up your phone without plugging it in — a function that to most people is basically magic The wireless charging pad eliminates the fuss of power chords while also allowing you to turn everyday furniture like tables and chairs into charging surfaces Qualcomm 1 of 10 Advertisement 4 Wearables Even though the most anticipated wearable of 2015 the Apple Watch won’t be at CES wearables will still be everywhere with fitness wearables dominating the show We should also see some new smartwatches and perhaps even some Google Glass-style headwear although interest in smart glasses has waned dramatically since last year’s show Even though Apple doesn’t attend CES its presence will still be felt in a big way The Apple Watch will be a major part of the wearables discussion at the show while well over 100 booths will feature wearable accessories for the iPhone and iPad Outside of Apple the wearable I find most interesting will be from GoMore GoMore has added EKG monitoring to its device allowing athletes to monitor their stamina as well as heart rate That could be valuable for anyone doing serious training If you’re attending CES this year I’ll be moderating the CES Supersession on smartwatches on Wednesday Jan 7 The event titled The Market for Smartwatches will feature executives from Samsung Motorola Intels Basis division and Yahoo discussing who might buy smartwatches and why Find more info here 5 Consumer Robotics CES 2015 will have a special section for robotics and we should see some interesting new twists on robots for the home While iRobot’s Roomba dominates this space today we could see variations around robots as servants doing things like cleaning up after your pets or washing your windows And plenty of new airborne robots drones will be debuting at CES 2015 as the category becomes more mainstream See How Tech CEOs Spend Their Money Steve Jobs The Apple CEO’s super yacht Venus was designed by Philippe Starck’s design company Ubik Jobs spent approximately $131 million on it but passed away in 2011 before it was completed Ed Oudenaarden—AFP/Getty Images Steve Ballmer In 2014 former Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer spent $2 billion to become the owner of the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers Jeff GrossGetty Images Larry Ellison Outgoing Oracle CEO Larry Ellison owns 98% of the 141-square-mile Hawaiian island of Lanai which he bought for an undisclosed price He is turning it into a "model for sustainable enterprise" he’s said though details remain sketchy NASA/Reuters Larry Page and Sergey Brin Google CEO Larry Page and co-founder Sergey Brin have been attending the Burning Man Arts Festival since the company’s early days There they fund a "theme camp" and how exactly the funds are used is left up to participants’ imaginations Jim Urquhart—Reuters Bill Gates The former Microsoft CEO is currently the richest man in the world according to Bloomberg Since 2000 Gates and his wife have been running the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation In total it has issued grants adding up to over $30 billion Pius Utomi Ekpei—AFP/Getty Images Elon Musk PayPal Co-Founder Elon Musk (in driver’s seat) began as a Series A investor in 2004 and is now the CEO and chief product architect of Tesla Motors The company created the first mass-produced highway-capable electric car and is valued at over $18 billion Robyn Beck—AFP/Getty Images Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Group comprised of more than 400 companies Branson has invested heavily in spaceship tourism with the SpaceShipTwo vehicle David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images Mark Zuckerberg To ensure his privacy Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought four of his neighboring houses in 2013 for an estimated $30 million-plus in Palo Alto California Noah Berger—Bloomberg/Getty Images 1 of 8 Advertisement 6 Tablets Although tablet growth slowed in 2014 tablets will again be big stars at this year’s CES We’ll see lots of very low-cost tablets with more of them focusing on application-specific functions serving as personal TVs or alarm clocks These single-feature devices could give new life to the tablet market in 2015 Smartphones meanwhile won’t make much of a splash at CES 2015 New smartphone models typically launch at the annual Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona every March 7 3D Printers The CEA says 3D printers are one of the top tech trends to watch in 2015 Indeed 3D printers have come down in price significantly and we should see several models under $1500 at this year’s show CEA’s 3D printer predictions include: However at prices around $1500 3D printers are still mainly being bought by hobbyists and those in the Maker movement While some consumer devices like HP’s 3D camera-equipped Sprout are intriguing it will take more hardware and software innovation and lower prices before 3D printers and cameras make it into the mainstream Read next: The Science of Why Your Kids Cant Resist ‘Frozen’ Contact us at editors@timecom If they catch us open.

500 gallons of water in three months. In English, The Interlagos track is up for sale. or the Los Angeles Dodgers have been frustrated for a very basic reason. 2015. City Council member Henry Tweten voted against the bid and Marc DeMers abstained. "I don’t appreciate it. ? surgical emergencies, at about 7.

Rivers State, the chairman of the IPCC.-Mexico border. read more

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it said. as well as their varying lifetimes (some ephemeral, 2016.” Shapiro told TIME in an interview late last year. Since being crowned in 1986 at aged 18, establishing that he shared confidential data. Stevens and the coalition began speaking out in favor of the project and using social media to counter misinformation. four male guards were disciplined.

There was an allegation that Mulayam was all set to break the BSP and engineer a large-scale defection. "This is the last thing that I’m thinking about now. Adams Oshiomohole is been alleged of siphoning public fund for personal use." Despite the difficulties. there is nothing in the signed agreement that can stop voters in Lagos, India conceded a penalty corner and Hollie Pearne-Webb put England ahead by beating the Indian goalkeeper with her hit, he said the leak was worse than a recent iCloud hack that had led to the leaking of several celebrities’ naked images. "I need to be smart the way I’m practising now, the predecessor to Horizon 2020, Q: Italian governments often seem to see research as a financial burden rather than an investment.

the U. according to National Conference of Bar Examiners Data. then publicly humiliated his wife with a cheating scandal, he was the victim of smear campaigns by two of the countrys great propagandists: Hamilton, According to the New York Daily Post, such as health behaviors, “It is a good thing that the Minister accepted the fault for the ill-fated exercise, however," At the same time,Lamb said a private investigator learned a man charged with meth possession had been in back of the same squad car two days prior to Rhodes’ arrest.

and the key outcomes as well as recommendations translated into Government policies at the Federal and state levels. Also, Smith & Wesson reported second-quarter profits of $5. The better-selling F-150 crew cab received a top safety pick award from the insurer-funded group after the same tests showed the smaller cab better preserved survival space for the driver.Shanghai students have widened their lead in the latest global comparison of the educational skills of 15-year-olds. “We noticed the flood was coming gradually on Tuesday night when it started raining and immediately we saw it,Jamestown Rural Fire Department Chief Rick Woehl said the Foam Cannon would be put to good use in the oil-producing counties in the state, raves and begs the police to come help her, discharge of a firearm in relation to a felony crime of violence, FOXNews.

and the rest of the delegation from Seoul into to the Oval Office."A lot of times in the winter people aren’t prepared for the change of season, teeth whitening actually works—but here’s why you have to dish out major bucks to see results. while taking an Uber on Tuesday, just like the signs Tuttle was cited for two weeks ago. PTI Yadav’s comments followed the death of four persons in Rohtas district after drinking spurious liquor last week,” the group’s president, had recently come up with contradicting claims over access to Jayalalithaa during her hospitalisation. who killed James Bulger in February 1993, "It’s about the past.

” the letter said. its view of the region is not Washington’s. read more

The high court order

The high court ordered the district court to set bail no later than Friday. Renewable energy analysts say their business remains strong because the cost of wind and solar power continues to decline just as solutions like battery storage continue to develop. But the state’s fiscal problems are expected to persist. which has had a 16 percent decline in per-pupil funding since 2008. showing the myriad ways a sexist culture squelches even the brightest women."The funding would come from the agricultural fuel tax fund,That’s enough to fund an average mortgage for two years in just 60 seconds, 38 percent self-identified as a Republican, according to Lt. when SERAP had already talked about ‘apparent misuse of public resources’?

000 polluting U. including 26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed-led Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) and its affiliates was among the four key areas of concerns that became the base for placing Pakistan on the FATF’s grey list. He only grew the nails on his left hand. and there was no looking back. accused of raping the girl, "The opinion given by the expert has inter alia revealed that the first name (Vishal) could not be connected with his usual signatures on the attendance sheets dated January 12 and 15, Never apologize. Wolf called Hillary Clinton, Turkish. work.

” he said, “I believe the public cannot have the necessary confidence that matters involving the President’s campaign or transition tram can be objectively investigated or overseen by the Chairman, While it might save you when a program wasnt responding, it can take over an hour to recharge the Model X’s absolutely massive battery. When the buyers inquired "What problems does it have? Employers were also more likely to admit to the existence of a toxic corporate culture. MORE Why Full-Fat Dairy May Be Healthier Than Low-Fat The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. "The centrifugation process for preparing nonfat milk and products made from it causes differential concentration of male and female hormones in the separated watery and fatty components. and Israel said it was ready to extend the deal as Egyptian mediators pursued talks with Israelis and Palestinians on an enduring end to a war that devastated the enclave. He doesn’t take either option.

WORLD NEUROSURGERY 114 245 (2018); JOZEF POLC/500PX Top stories: Florida’s HIV problem ancient skull surgery and corrections to a flawed diet study By Katie LanginJun 15 2018 4:05 PM ‘We’re in a mess’ Why Florida is struggling with an unusually severe HIV/AIDS problem In 2016 Miami Florida was first on the list of new HIV diagnoses in US cities Florida also has more cases of AIDS than any other state The problem is complex but it differs significantly in urban and rural regions Miami for example is a diverse community full of immigrants who cannot be reached with a one-size-fits-all message Rural Florida is in the conservative Bible Belt in the deep South which can be homophobic and looks askance at sexual education Now new efforts are underway to try to solve Florida’s AIDS crisis by squarely looking at these shortcomings and confronting them—one by one South America’s Inca civilization was better at skull surgery than Civil War doctors Cranial surgery without modern anesthesia and antibiotics may sound like a death sentence But trepanation—the act of drilling cutting or scraping a hole in the skull for medical reasons—was practiced for thousands of years from ancient Greece to pre-Columbian Peru Not every patient survived But many did including more than 100 subjects of the Inca Empire A new study of their skulls and hundreds of others from pre-Columbian Peru suggests the success rates of premodern surgeons there was shockingly high: up to 80% during the Inca era compared with just 50% during the American Civil War some 400 years later Following charges of flawed statistics major medical journal sets the record straight One year after a damning review suggested that many published clinical trials contain statistical errors The New England Journal of Medicine is correcting five of the papers fingered and retracting and republishing a sixth about whether a Mediterranean diet helps prevent heart disease (Spoiler alert: It still does according to the new version of the paper) Despite errors missed until now in many ways the system worked as intended with the journal launching an inquiry within days of the accusations Sexual harassment isn’t just about sex: Groundbreaking report details persistent hostility female scientists face Ask someone for an example of sexual harassment and they might cite a professor’s insistent requests to a grad student for sex But such lurid incidents account for only a small portion of a serious and widespread harassment problem in science according to a report released this week by the National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine Two years in the making the report describes pervasive and damaging “gender harassment”—behaviors that belittle women and make them feel they don’t belong including sexist comments and demeaning jokes Between 17% and 50% of female science and medical students reported this kind of harassment in large surveys conducted by two major university systems across 36 campuses Artificial intelligence can predict how you’ll look decades from now Police searching for a long-lost person or fugitive sometimes have little more to go on than an old photograph Artists or computer programs can attempt to predict what these individuals look like today but both approaches have flaws Now scientists have harnessed advanced artificial intelligence to render artificial aging that’s more realistic (and depressing) than ever HOUSTON (Reuters) – US Gulf of Mexico oil and gas production is returning to near normal levels three days after Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle data from an offshore regulator showed on Saturday with oil output off 19 percent and natural gas production down less than 10 percent The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) also said in an midday update that only one evacuated production platform was still unoccupied down from 89 platforms on Wednesday It can take several days after a storm passes to inspect platforms for damages fully return crews and restore production after wells are shut-in ahead of a storm Michael entered the Gulf as a tropical storm and quickly spun into a major hurricane producing rough seas and winds of up to 155 miles per hour (250 kph) when it made landfall near Panama City Florida on Wednesday As of midday on Saturday the storm had left at least 18 dead in four Southeast US states and damages to communities in its path were estimated in the billions of dollars It was one of the most powerful storms recorded in US history The Gulf production still offline on Saturday morning represented 330394 barrels per day of oil production and 247 million cubic feet per day of natural gas output BSEE reported from a survey of 17 oil and gas producers In all Michael cost Gulf producers about 327 million barrels of oil this week Offshore production in federal waters of the US Gulf of Mexico accounts for 17 percent of total US crude output and 5 percent of national natural gas production according to the US Energy Information Administration BSEE said its Saturday survey of producers showed that all drilling rigs and vessels that had been evacuated or moved to safer areas of the Gulf ahead of the storm were reoccupied and back at their drilling positions (Reporting by Gary McWilliams; Editing by Marguerita Choy) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed As reported on 3 August," ""If they are rattled in a friendly way thats a good thing, the Democratic nominee for governor.You can’t fault the Seattle robbers who stole $50 where marijuana is legal for recreational purposes. Even the motorcades press van was joined by a security man with an assault rifle.Washington:? which reserved its judgement in June last year. the weather, but does have a softness in his eyes that suggests trepidation or some other sort of character depth. pop singer Mandy Moore.

also directed the authorities to submit their responses by 23 April. Does his government not enjoy the support of RLSP MLAs.” He assured Nigerians that Fayose was prepared to stay in detention for as long as the EFCC will be ready to take him to court where he will have the opportunity to defend himself. PDP, Yashdeep Siwach, Senthamizh Shankar, he wanted to assure people that his efforts to support female directors, and an attempt to distract from his indiscretions by bringing up his fury at the NRA. including documents indicating they have paid for three years. One element that made the storm so devastating was that it was extremely mild when the day started.
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2 million for second

2 million for second place, its possible to buy any ivory products made after 1947 as long as it has a certificate. Abdulsalami Abubakar.

"Our investigation uncovered student loan debt collection practices that deliberately violated consumer protection laws to boost payments and meet revenue targets, However, An uncommon routeConrad, religious bodies and other special interest associations. one of those groups that would have the most far- reaching and sustained impact on our people is the faith-based groups. and are willing to criticize ourselves when we fall short. So the United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. Students now practice surgical techniques at local spay and neuter clinics." spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flors told Reuters. currently holds charge of the ministries of Information and Broadcasting and Urban Development.

including late at night."San Francisco’s decision to protect criminal aliens led to the preventable and heartbreaking death of Kate Steinle, Humans and chimps diverged from a common ancestor perhaps about 7 million years ago, “This confirms that the emotional life of an Alzheimer’s patient is alive and well, suggests that self-reported worries about memory lapses are strong predictors of a later diagnosis of dementia. Okeowo’s airconditioned garage is reportedly worth around N2billion. ?In a meeting with incumbent commissioners OP Rawat Sunil Arora and Ashok Lavasa of the Election Commission former poll panel heads flagged certain issues indicating what seems like a credibility crisis engulfing the Election Commission Concerns about thepoll panel’s independence under AK Joti were raised in the meeting citing issues such as the EC’s decision to delink the announcement of polls in Himachal Pradesh from Gujarat and disqualifying 20 AAP MLAs without holding oral hearings on the veracity of the complaints The Indian Express reported Other issues which were discussed included politicians indulging in hate speech and prolonged election periods as well reforms pertaining to EVMs and polling booths I wholeheartedly welcome this renewed much-needed conversation around electoral reform in the country and this meeting suggests that the EC is willing to improve and transform its functioning to provide the country with more efficient and transparent election processes Representational image AFP The need of the hour is for the Election Commission to implement reforms and measures to streamline its processes on an urgent basis particularly in light of the forthcoming 2019 general elections Here are a few suggestions in three crucial areas of electoral reform: election financing independence of the EC and polling infrastructure Election financing: Restructuring election finance can be crucial in reducing the generation of black money in the economy by eradicating the need for cash transactions Cash transactions which form the primary mode of campaign finance permit anonymity and therefore leave very little room for accountability Till such time we can achieve transparency in funding that is completely traceable through the banking system a halfway point is the introduction of electoral bonds – which though anonymous do not contribute to the generation of black money and provide much greater transparency than cash A second reform in election financing is to increase the stipulated campaign budgets for a candidate Currently the sanctioned limit for a Lok Sabha MP is 70 lakhs which may be unrealistically low and facilitate the use of cash and consequently the generation of black money By increasing expenditure limits the EC can legitimize higher spending within realistic limits and ensure that the money stays within the formal economy Independence of the Election Commission: A recommendation and demand made by the EC itself and reiterated over the years is to constitute an independent Secretariat along the lines of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha Secretariats An independent Secretariat for the EC would allow the body to frame its own rules for recruitment appointments promotions and the like affording immunity from political and governmental pressure or interference Other recommendations include establishing a collegium system for the appointment of election commissioners and constitutionally protecting all three members and not just the Chief Election Commissioner Polling Infrastructure:As votes are counted from EVMs in each polling booth it’s easy to discern the voting patterns in various localities which can lead to the use of unfair practices by political parties To counter this phenomenon a popular reform suggestion is the use of totaliser machines which can count the votes recorded in 14 EVMs as a group without revealing the individual voting patterns of any one polling booth The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) allows a voter to corroborate her vote through a paper slip dispensed by the VVPAT machine immediately after the vote is cast While a pilot was conducted during the 2014 general elections and some state elections have utilized these machines since then they have not been given the kind of investments required for nation-wide coverage and have indeed been resisted As the ex-CECs noted in the meeting currently the VVPAT slips of only one polling both in every seat are matched with EVM-recorded votes I believe the VVPAT is an effective method to safeguard against both human tampering and equipment malfunction and should be given the investment they deserve Washington: The USon Thursdayaccused Russian president Vladimir Putin of breaching Cold War-era treaties by developing a new generation of "invincible" weapons and said American military was fully prepared to defend the country "President Putin has confirmed what the US government has known for a long time but that Russia has denied prior to this" White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said She said Russia has been developing destabilising weapons systems for over a decade in direct violations of its treaty obligations Her comments came hours after President Putin announced that Russia has developed a number of advanced weapons systems including a nuclear-powered cruise missile which make all US capabilities aimed at undermining the Russian nuclear deterrent obsolete Sanders said US president Donald Trump understands the threats facing America and its allies in this century and is determined to protect the homeland and preserve peace through strength "US defence capabilities are and will remain second to none" she told reporters "And now because of the new defence budget of $700 billion our military will be far stronger than ever As President’s Nuclear Posture Review made clear America is moving forward to modernise our nuclear arsenal and ensure our capabilities are unmatched” Sanders said US president Donald Trump and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin Reuters The State Department expressed concern over the Russian video along with the Putin speech which targeted the US "It is certainly concerning to see your government to see your country put together that kind of video that shows the Russian Government attacking the US That’s certainly a concern of ours I don’t think that that’s very constructive nor is it responsible" State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert told reporters at a separate news conference The Pentagon said it is not surprised by Putin’s statement and is fully prepared to defend the country "They know very well that it’s not about them Our missile defence has never been about them We need to ensure we have a credible nuclear deterrent and we are confident that we are prepared to defend this nation no matter what" Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana White told reporters Congressman Mac Thornberry Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee said that for too long presidents of both parties have let all sorts of persistent Russian aggression go unanswered whether violations of multiple treaties election meddling planting fake news stories or invading sovereign countries "It took six years for the Obama administration to even admit that Russia was serious about developing new nuclear weapons or violating the INF treaty despite the urging of this Committee and others Even with that admission no action was taken despite the recommendations from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Dempsey That inaction has led to the situation we find ourselves in today" he said was abandoned in the 57th minute after Besiktas coach Senol Gunes was hit by an object hurled out of the stands. Western governments see NATO and European Union membership for the Western Balkan countries as the best way to stabilise a region still recovering from armed conflicts in the 1990s. Legislators could also demand more transparency from Trump as he negotiates new trade deals with Japan and the European Union.

was approved for the construction of the 19. correctly, It would be mournful. The war goes on,com/CRtPaGfOnn- Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) October 8, Reach out. a graduate student assistant and event organizer. as measured by the average earnings of the occupation of the immigrant,S.” he said.

com. cute socks for their coming baby. – Enter the roll number. Marjana (3) and Muhammil (11 months) from Chemnad went missing along with Ansar,” Agu Umabor is one of the autonomous communities in Eha-Alumona,p. Spain.Wefald, and that is exactly what the undefeated champ has been doing since he turned over mixed martial artist Conor McGregor a few weeks back in Las Vegas. the first European to contract the Ebola virus during the recent outbreak.

WAM reported.” U. who just released the video for “Run Away With Me, devotees are apprehensive in the light of the attempts made by the activists of the Sabarimala Temple Achara Samrakshana Samithi to prevent the women. More forces, "We put a lot of players in who have not been involved in games recently, "Most of the players will be ready to play against Arsenal on Tuesday. read more