Shanghai dragon Er to stand in the search engine’s point of view

in our webmaster in tried to think of a way to solve the problem of the original article, love also in Shanghai to improve its algorithm step by step, give the user a better search results. A false original article we might stand in love Shanghai’s point of view about the problem. Love Shanghai massive daily crawl the web for the same collection of articles, or false original article, if all the included words. Will increase the computational burden, or occupation of storage resources, for which I believe love Shanghai will not pay for such a page. This is also the reason why love believe Shanghai will K off site acquisition. read more

Changsha Shanghai Longfeng optimization high fees

generally, if we choose different types of institutions, so we can get a completely different charges, in general, the scale is relatively large, relatively regular team we need to pay more money, this is because they have been invited to the technical staff of professional staff, completely can be within the prescribed period of time to help us create a high quality of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme.

but if we come into contact with these seem insignificant, is not really can save money? In fact, are prone to the phenomenon of many small agencies do not charge the regular, since we do not want such a phenomenon, so still should be attention to the optimization of high quality team on. read more

How to make money, how to use the network to make moneyBlindfolded music, sports may need to stop an

recently published LETV finance, is the last piece of the puzzle, but one of the most beautiful ecological brothers family, will not escape the myriad dotes on music as sports, set at the end of 2014 they had completed nearly 9 billion rounds of financing, valuation reached 21 billion 500 million.

, and through a number of industry insiders and several in-depth reports, the ecosphere learned that this tangled marriage behind, can not escape a "money" word.

2, basically every day after work I have nothing to do, play games, watch TV, blog…, age is not small, so time every day, in addition to work or to work, but I can not think of what way to earn money " read more

Technical AdSense for the first time shot

wrote a previous, technical type of webmaster, please be more patient, welcomed by a lot of friends. Recently I have made a new station, spare no effort to catch up,, net fast, again please give suggestions.

last time that article is for advertising, but also my first soft Wen, and after the event, I’m not updating


station, has been for several months, the results of a few days ago, suddenly looked at the statistics, even to 3 PR, the flow of dozens, which greatly aroused my interest in the station do, and then began to update 10 articles every day, and every day is Baidu included some time, so until more than 500 Baidu included, suddenly at the end of May, the day before yesterday, Baidu suddenly included 1, this makes me very confused, is this is the legendary hair? Please advice. read more

To see if you are suitable for beauty salons

open a high-quality beauty salon, suction gold index absolutely super awesome, this is many people want to venture into the beauty industry have reason lies. Since the opening of the beauty salon is so good, does not mean that everyone can invest in this industry direction? Of course not, below, we can see who is suitable for beauty salons.

read more

Guangzhou based on the list of the first batch of national small and micro enterprises entrepreneuri

policy innovation and entrepreneurship implementation needs from local to overall, a good quality will be changed, high-tech zones have a list of small micro enterprises entrepreneurship and innovation base in the first national demonstration base, hoping to maintain this momentum.

read more

Gansu how to reduce the cost of all business people to see a doctor

in the life of the country in order to let people live better, in order to let the people have respect for the relevant disease, the medical insurance system for us, but the cost is still high, there are so many diseases need to see people difficult to accept! Is being held in Gansu province "NPC and CPPCC", Liu Weizhong director of the Gansu provincial health and Family Planning Commission briefing on Gansu traditional Chinese medicine industry development, relying on the resources of traditional Chinese medicine, Gansu nearly three years of outpatient and hospitalization costs were the lowest. read more

Hefei provident fund center launched app- mobile phone

in 16 years, Hefei prices have soared phenomenon, to people’s lives has brought great changes, so many people see how hard it is to buy a house in Hefei. This year, the Hefei fund center plans to increase support for the first suite of loans, to ensure that the need for home buyers.

Ensure that the

should make loan loan, in strict accordance with the "Paul limit two ban three" (Paul suites, two suites, three suites no limit) principle, the implementation of differentiated credit policy; the expansion of housing provident fund loans cooperation projects, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of workers. At the same time tamping should be paid to pay, the standard unit housing provident fund payment. read more

Shaanxi cold noodle to join where wheat cold noodle machine till what the whole

delicious snacks to join the project choice, for entrepreneurs, choose to join the Shaanxi cold noodle project, undoubtedly, is very business choice. High quality projects to join, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Shaanxi cold noodle to join the project, worth choosing!

Shaanxi cold noodle to join where? Wheat cold noodle machine is headquartered in Beijing, has its stores in the city a lot of the country, is a good choice for your business. Wheat cold noodle machine is a high-tech intelligent machine, the integration of a number of high-tech equipment, using food grade stainless steel Seiko manufacturing, production process automation, operation fool, energy saving health, high yield, good quality, produced with the characteristics of a machine. With 1 pounds of flour can produce 2.4~2.8 kg of cold noodle huge profits as can be imagined. read more

North or south of the two mountain greening regulations or upgrade

"Xining north and south two mountain greening Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") promulgated 23 years, to accelerate the greening of the city made distinctions won in battle. However, with the changes in the situation of the two mountains and green mountains and rivers, the Ordinance has been unable to adapt to the actual management of the current North and south two mountains green. This "Regulations" where to go? Recently, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee law enforcement organization City People’s Congress, legal experts on how to amend the Ordinance conducted a comprehensive survey. read more

Huangyuan county to do six tasks to implement the spirit of the province’s twelfth Party Congress

Huangyuan County in order to fully implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, the completion of Huangyuan Province in modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and the Huangshui River upstream ecological construction of key counties, will implement the party spirit in the practical work, focusing on six aspects of work

Huangyuan County, in order to fully implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, the completion of Huangyuan Province in modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and the Huangshui River upstream ecological construction of key counties, will implement the party spirit in the practical work, focusing on six aspects of work. read more

Beautiful Shanxi excellent photography exhibition in Xining

In order to support the cultural construction in ethnic border areas, the Ministry of culture, the Central Civilization Office jointly organized the implementation of the "spring project" national culture volunteer border area activities in various forms in ethnic frontier regions in mainland China and build a cultural bridge, promote the provincial cultural exchanges, to feel the power of culture, promote the ethnic harmony. Hukou Waterfall, Taihang Mountain, Pingyao County, Lvliang mountain majestic…… In the photographic works. In June 27th, the "beautiful Shanxi" Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works in the city of West District Cultural Arts center. This marks the opening of the two provinces of Shanxi, Qinghai in 2015, the Spring Festival project Shanxi cultural volunteers Qinghai line activities.

"beautiful Shanxi" the Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works is the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, Ministry of culture, in accordance with the "spring project" requirements, focus on the implementation of a culture of Shanxi volunteer service project. The exhibition is divided into "beautiful Shanxi", "hometown Shanxi" and "Shanxi dream" 3 forum, exhibition of 200 works, from a different side to show the land of Shanxi magnificent and unique cultural landscape, rich and colorful cultural heritage, simple folk customs and unique beauty of Shanxi new era. The exhibition is organized by the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture and press and publication, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Art Museum, Qinghai cultural center and other contractors.   read more

More than 400 yuan of garbage transfer facilities to Baoziwan town north of the city zone

since last year, under the efforts of the city of Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau, rural contiguous remediation projects settled in the north of the city, and strive for the central and provincial rural environment contiguous remediation special funds 15 million 180 thousand yuan. In April 18th, more than 400 yuan worth of garbage transfer facilities issued to 9 Village Baoziwan Town, in order to improve the rural environment.

last year, the north area of contiguous rural environment improvement project with a total investment of 18 million yuan, involving the Bao Zi Zhen Jin Jia Wan, Yan Xiao, waves and other 9 villages to carry out environmental focus on remediation, purchase of garbage collection and transport facilities, establish and improve the cleaning system, sewage collection and treatment projects and the implementation of strict, small Jin Jia Wan 2 a village. read more

Entrepreneurship must have the spirit of innovation you know

business is a lot of people want to do or are doing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not necessarily suitable for everyone, entrepreneurs need to have a lot of great features, people with entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs on the road is not smooth, it will send the society without entrepreneurial opportunity feeling, but in fact, not a chance no, but entrepreneurs lack the spirit of innovation, so that entrepreneurs must have the spirit of innovation!

yes, it is not easy to start the business, the opportunity is not as much as in the last century in 80s and 90s. These years, governments at all levels have been taken various measures to encourage entrepreneurship, people are also eager to. More than a week ago in September 11th, Premier Li Keqiang at the eighth session of the summer Davos forum also advocated: "set off a new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public." But no entrepreneurial opportunities There are plenty of people who sigh, why? Because in this era, innovation determines entrepreneurship, and innovation is not everyone has. read more