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The webmaster do not get lost in the sea

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Taobao zern off contest broadcast the glorious contest ended, three final outcome!

"Wow"…… Wow…… Wow……" 2011 · zern; world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion competition second monthly tournament has been completed in 21, this also means that the contest has come to the end. In addition to this month as everyone knows "a situation of tripartite confrontation" situation, there are also some new Taobao guest friends coming, little of course not the course with deadly rush of friends, your achievements, we are obvious to people. read more

Shandong Internet media company inaugurated today

is a mobile Internet era, especially the modern traditional media has been gradually toward the Internet media transformation, at the same time, a new change that society as a whole market economy has brought a new round of opportunities, recently, the Shandong Internet media company held the opening ceremony in Ji’nan.

7 17 am 9:30, Shandong Internet media group Limited by Share Ltd held a ceremony in Ji’nan. The mass media Limited by Share Ltd as the main body, the integration of the public newspaper group, the new media sector established by Shandong province Internet media group was formally established, marking the Internet industry in Shandong province has entered the integration of industry resources and the depth of integration and development, to achieve a new stage of transformation and upgrading. read more

What are the errors in food and beverage promotion

food and beverage industry has now become a favorite brand industry, the industry wants to get a good development, you need to do some promotions. So, what are the errors in the promotion of food and beverage industry? Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

what are the errors in the promotion of food and beverage? Now the business promotion is the most commonly used in marketing activities, increase sales, to stimulate the market, all cannot do without the promotional activities, so is the food and beverage industry, how can in the fierce competition in the talent shows itself in the situation of catering, means of promotion is very important, so in order to win in the competition can be the eye of the war, various the food and beverage promotions constantly released, also did not want the good businessmen may wish to learn about. read more

What is the impact of premium brand

changes in the weather, for the operation of the major retail stores will have a great influence, and once the weather improves, many shops will improve business. For now, as the weather turns cold, sales also showed a gradual upward trend. Cigarette sales growth, profits will increase, retail customer pressure is also reduced.

market demand increases, then, the phenomenon of premium sales? Yes, of course. No matter when, there are brands in the market in short supply. On the one hand, such a high degree of recognition of the brand market, on the one hand is caused by hunger marketing. Premium phenomenon is mostly reflected in the high price of cigarettes, for example, the retail price is 800 yuan / bar, and some retail customers to sell $900 / bar, and even 1000 yuan / bar. Most of these brands have hype factors in it, and no lasting vitality. read more

How to carry out promotional activities in the shop floor

different times, the store will be taken by way of operation will be different, and in the current era of entrepreneurship, promotion has become the way every shop will be used. The so-called promotion is the use of sales concessions to attract the attention of the guests, so that guests are affected by small profits, but also to the store to provide the possibility of other goods to be bought. This is a very common way of sales, many businesses will play promotional brand, in order to attract customers. read more

How to manage the national jewelry chain store

jewelry store business philosophy has a lot of different store operators in accordance with the characteristics of the store and market conditions to develop a unique business plan, it can be scientific and correct operation. If you are running a national jewelry chain, then choose what management more effective?

to carry on the effective management of personnel, management personnel should start from their own, as a manager, the first to master the skills of communication skills and product knowledge of all sales business process, and then to the store and make an example of training, the salesperson should be selected from the source, the basic requirements of the recruitment is a good character outgoing personality, good learning, self-motivated, strong sense of responsibility, good image, which is the most important, the experience can learn, then there must be a month probationary period, according to the requirements of trial qualified official posts, probation salary is lower than the official salary, salary system to encourage strong basic salary to the middle level to the high commission to. read more

Chinese women’s top ten brands list

talk about Chinese women’s brand, it can really be countless, countless, there is no way to statistics. At present, there are many brands in the Chinese women’s clothing market, the competition is fierce, and the market share of each brand is low. China has a population of 1 billion 350 million, of which women are 660 million, 25-59 years old, these people have a population of 370 million, high, medium and high, the proportion of the middle and low consumption of the population was 2%, respectively, 59%, 39%, 4. High end of the domestic high-end women’s clothing, consumers have 220 million people, the average single consumer spending between 1 thousand to $5 thousand. read more

What are the skills of small commodity pricing – net

how to operate a store, and the store is a very big price relationship. Moreover, the beginning of the shop, commodity pricing is an important work. In order to make the customer feel "cheap", we must master some pricing skills. Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of shopkeepers, summed up a few tips.

with small units such as tea 200 yuan per kg is set to yuan /25 grams, a bag of 70 yuan a kilogram of high-quality rice set to 3.5 yuan /500 grams, etc.. Or the price of the smaller units of goods, such as: the use of this refrigerator consumes only half a day, only 2 cents! read more

Join the peaceful sunshine solar light bath success

energy saving and environmental protection, the achievements of wonderful life. Peace sunshine solar energy? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, to join the peace sunshine solar projects, or very strong choice. Join the peace sunshine solar project, are you ready?

over the years, the home improvement market is nothing more than the traditional products, generally no new ideas, but the market demand is great. In a city with a population of one million people, at least 10000 sets of solar energy products are needed. Coupled with the transformation of old houses, re decoration, the replacement of the normal product, the scale of the market can be imagined peace sunshine. A huge gap in the market Jiezhuang market, tooling, government procurement, decoration enterprises, rural market direction of the market, so many in the city, a series of solar energy stores, a year to earn tens of millions, there is no problem. read more

Another major power transmission and transformation project started

in July 22nd, a total investment of 3 billion 758 million yuan in Qinghai power grid interconnection project, Golog and Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project started at the same time the mobilization meeting held in Xining, Republic of three, respectively. It is reported that the transmission line length of 990.3 km, with an average altitude of 4000 meters, 3 times across the the Yellow River district is after the Qinghai Tibet networking project, Yushu networking project, a major project in Qinghai is a very challenging.
Golog and main Qinghai networking project, Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project is the central support for the national economic and social development, promote the important landmark projects steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, policy, project, feasibility study and a smooth start, supported by the National Development and Reform Commission and the provincial government and, the central budget investment of 1 billion 247 million yuan. According to the plan, the project will be completed and put into operation in October 30, 2016, marking the Qinghai to 750 thousand V for the initial formation of new structure of power grid backbone, 330 thousand V to give priority to network, and promote the development of green Hainan power grid in 330 thousand volt age, banma, Jigzhi, achieve three county Maduo power grid and Qinghai power grid connected, completely solve the power shortage the problem facing long-term local.

read more

Go to the disaster area by the Ministry of public security on duty Xining police reward

days ago, the Ministry of public security to participate in earthquake relief work around the Sichuan Police SWAT team and all the police give commendation to Sichuan Province, Xining police commendation.

it is understood that the SWAT team to Sichuan mission, is the public security SWAT team since its establishment in 2005, most police stressed the most widely, the largest span, the fastest, the most difficult time, to create a successful large-scale transfer of police and public security organs a collaborative operation, has important significance in the milepost type the SWAT team construction history. "5· 12" after the Wenchuan earthquake, the Ministry of public security has mobilized a total of nearly 9000 public security SWAT team rushed to the disaster area to carry out the rescue, maintenance of social order and service to the masses, and other tasks of the 33. Statistics show that SWAT team during the seizure of all kinds of cases 646 cases, arrested the criminal suspects in, criminal cases in Sichuan fell by 55%, public security cases fell by 41%. And also, the SWAT team to the disaster areas to solve problems, to provide services for 63 thousand times, the mediation of disputes over 7300, donations to the disaster areas worth more than 360 yuan. Due to the excellent performance, in two months, Sichuan SWAT team received a total of the community and the masses presented a banner 919, thanks to the letter 646, people spontaneously condolences SWAT team of more than 400 batches. read more