Are graduates suitable for entrepreneurship

At present we

the social status quo in the continuous progress, but with the arrival of the financial crisis, it does make a lot of enterprises and our company began operating difficulties, and even some enterprises directly facing the collapse.

the same problem, the company operating difficulties to layoffs, they are faced with graduation, can be said to be the graduate unemployment state, according to the recent network, there are a lot of newspapers, television and other media have reported, even a little also said, "now college students looking for work is not good, my friend of migrant workers" do not love to hear this, although the situation reflects the very real, but it is a bit of a group of people to feel contempt, migrant workers and labour are brothers, just graduated from this college friends are generally not, something we should complement can learn from. read more

New station external links, notes and key analysis

, a new web site, has 4 key points: site templates, web content, site domain names, and external links to the site. Here, I’ll talk about the external links of a new website. The new site’s external links should be formally launched on the site, that is, you can access and start doing, then, those who should pay attention to those who should pay attention to?

The new

web site for external links is mainly aimed at the search engine, the website of the external links to your site like canals, drains open more channels more open, flowing into the water (spiders) are more and more, the situation will be better search. But the key problem is how to get more better channels? I recently used special love polymerization polymerization system built a new station, the content of this site I don’t worry about it, because love polymerization process can be automatically aggregated content according to a special name, and I now have to consider is the external link, that is how to boiling water canal problem. The so-called SEO, in fact, these years, my experience is a: external links, is the SEO kingly way. read more

Operating jewelry store skills sharing

operating jewelry stores need to have a certain understanding of the industry. If you are unfamiliar with this industry, it is very difficult for the store operators. If you want to do jewelry store business, choose what brand project is good? This is the franchisee more concerned about the problem, come to work with us, do not miss a good opportunity.

1, interest in headgear jewelry

to open a jewelry store must have a strong interest in hair ornaments, but also in the life always pays attention to the dynamic trend and headdress jewelry industry, to love life, understand to enjoy life, which is the premise of open headdress jewelry shop. read more

What are the 2016 Hurun rich list of Jiangsu announced for you

in daily life, we all know that Wang Sicong is called the "national husband", this is the ideal object of financial. Yesterday, the 2016 Hurun rich list released, Wang Jianlin to become the richest man in 215 billion wealth. Treasure can become a well deserved big dark horse Yao Zhenhua, 115 billion of the wealth value rose more than last year, more than 8 times, ranked No. fourth. Over the past year, China’s rich wealth growth slowed down, there are 2056 entrepreneurs wealth reached $2 billion and above, a total of Jiangsu’s top 188 billionaires, including Suzhou, Nanjing and were, respectively, 31 and 19. read more

Steamed stuffed bun store location reference

steamed stuffed bun store products are very popular with consumers, industry profits and development prospects to attract a large number of investors to join. If you want to open a shop must be faced with the location problem, how to choose the location? If you are a beginner, you should study hard.

1. steamed stuffed bun store location to facilitate customers, is conducive to the operation of the surrounding environment to clean, no noise and exhaust pollution.

2. stores to close to the main road traffic street is better, or in the bustling commercial street – land in these areas, not only popular and also relatively superior Street noodles, ground flat, clean, no water and debris. Due to the prominent position, it is easy to be found by customers, the formation of lively sales scene. However, the high cost of commercial street, the capital of the entrepreneur must be carefully considered. read more

College students entrepreneurship project roadshow held in

now the age of entrepreneurs is getting smaller and smaller, many students are still studying in the school have begun to earn their first pot of gold. Yunnan Arts University, 13 college students entrepreneurship project roadshow, in this group of college students on hand, national characteristics, regional characteristics as the main direction of the entrepreneurial project.

"a chicken sold for about 100 yuan, and soil egg profit, farm + farmer mode. Starting from this period of time, I think the economic benefits are particularly optimistic, then plans to invest 1 million yuan." "I venture is pure Chinese herbal medicine, hand weaving, market survey……" When you work hard for many years you are still hesitant to start a business, there are a group of children still in college, they have started a business. read more

Bubble Mart Wang Ning from the last first start retail trendsetter

every successful person, behind the little-known hardships, every success is not so easy. For Wang Ning, the field of Internet entrepreneurs like chess, often only one winner; while the traditional business is like playing chess, or just how much of the problem.

2010, the departure from sina Wang Ning went to Hongkong to visit his girlfriend, when shopping is a company called LOG-ON fashion supermarket to attract. The girls carried the basket to choose their favorite things, like shopping in the supermarket, but put them in the basket of things are cosmetics, creative products, stationery, etc.. LOCK-ON business is very hot, inspired by Wang Ning, returned to Beijing to prepare for the shop.

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Factors affecting the cosmetics store business

cosmetics shop opened a lot of people, and for the cosmetics store management and management skills, I believe many entrepreneurs want to know. So, how can cosmetics store to make money? Want to know more about the cosmetics store management skills entrepreneurs, look at the next bar.

on the store environment and atmosphere, excellent brand store opened, or whenever the anniversary big promotion activities during the period of time, all of the stores are spliced into the balloon arches, promotional posters, promotional Duitou, DM manual is a lot more invested in the shop at the entrance, and organized to treat a variety of ways to combine into the store, effectively enhance the store customer into the store.

many cosmetics shop boss is concerned about the value of absolute gross profit level, ignoring the nature of competition in retail stores, the reason lies in the nature of the retail indifference and ignorance.

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Chongqing Hot pot stores ready to do a good job in whole

There are a lot of delicacy characteristic of

in Chongqing region, many consumers pay attention to the choice of Chongqing Hot pot, healthy and high quality Chongqing Hot pot so that consumers can more trust, and to open the Chongqing Hot pot stores you also need to make preparations for the shop, only y prepared to work, to be able to make everything in good order and well arranged stores. Chongqing hot pot restaurant in the preparation phase of the need to do what work? If you are a novice, want to learn this knowledge, then quickly to learn about it. read more

Do business must do the whole inventory management shop


is the owner of the shop, it is necessary to store everything inside the familiar, until the customer needs, you can get out in time. However, many of the store owners do not do this in the inventory management, obviously their own goods, when the customer needs, but can not get out, so I am afraid that the business can not get the customer’s affirmation. So, if it is to do business must do a good job in the inventory management.

boss, buy a 50 yuan a canal "a customer call door. read more

A spicy spicy hot pot franchise business project – rich business

entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, in many cases, we will encounter a lot of problems. However, if you choose a good business to join the project, our entrepreneurial path, no doubt, is very easy. Spicy hot pot to join the project? Not only to meet the needs of consumers for food, at the same time, spicy hot pot pot to join the project, or the best choice for entrepreneurship.

power is the key to success of each brand, no matter what industry, the strength of the brand will be recognized, a spicy spicy hot pot is, for many years in the industry in the development of delicacy, with their own strength to create a wonderful. Its success, not only to bring a good meal diners, but also to create a good platform for investors, they are more simple and easier to start here. read more

Methods what are the good shops off-season business – Business

Spring Festival selling time has passed, many shops have ushered in a downturn in business. In a word, in an instant, the coming season, there is a saying, "off-season market, seek sales season." This sentence shows that there is a low season, there is no off-season shop sales. How to do retail stores, the author summarizes the following points:

using 5S tools

for rectification of the shop, first is to store health clean-up, commodity rearrange, especially have a shelf life of goods in accordance with the FIFO principle of collation, re display, it is best to every corner of the window, only for the season sales of goods, to classify good. read more

National Day Cultural Square children’s special performances perfect ending

Three day national day square cultural activities performed in the children’s session came to a close, provided a stage for the performance of open up a fresh outlook for the children, but also to many parents of children sit up and take notice.

in the afternoon of October 3rd, after the warm sunshine of Xining, many parents have moved a stool in the central square, waiting for children’s special performances. The big stage of the background, to the children for the performance of the parents, looks like the children will be more nervous than the upcoming games, a parent before the child is about to play and shook hands with the child. read more