nternet product design cutting tips point nine map multiplier

users see the product interface renderings are not designers make painstaking efforts of creation, but a single slice through the development of technology students. Map as a bridge between designers and developers, its role is very important, appropriate and accurate cutting position can be design to maximize the reduction effect, exquisite cutting will have a multiplier effect Oh!

We often do a

known as the "Nine" figure, what is "Nine"? "Nine" is a special form of Android platform for image processing, because the file extension ".9.png", so called "nine". Point nine is also a unique technology developed for the needs of Android platforms with multiple resolutions to be adapted. The pictures can be arbitrarily transverse and longitudinal tensile, and retain the original pixel size precision, gradient texture and rounded, to achieve the perfect display multi resolution, while reducing unnecessary image resources, can be described as cutting tool. read more

College master how long can you hold on

met a little girl in the Qilu SEO group today. It looks like she’s interested in SEO and wants to develop herself in the SEO world. A just graduated college students, a sincere webmaster feelings, with the faith forward all the way forward.

When the

group started the topic, some people asked me what kind of person for SEO? I said a wise man; then someone asked only clever people to learn SEO, not a wise man is not suitable for studying? My answer is very reluctantly, everyone can learn, but a clever man to make money with SEO; and some people ask, what kind do you belong to? I smiled and answered, I am bad to others can’t tell what kind of person. read more

Detailed website design interesting to attract users enhance website stickiness

as a Web designer and developer, each project we design has specific goals and requirements. But at the same time, there is a common goal, that is, to impress users, so that they can not forget. Interesting experiences can often bring pleasure to people, while pleasure is often unforgettable. Therefore, to design an impressive website, adding some interesting elements is one of the design methods.

Jeremy Girard A Fun Approach published "To Creating More Successful Websites" in Smashing Magazine, which lists a series of successful websites, their clever use of interesting elements, has achieved great success, touched the heart of the user, and give users leave a deep impression. CSDN compiled the text, the contents are as follows: read more

Will the nternet bubble come this summer after a lapse of fifteen years

original title: fifteen years, when will the bubble come again,


, Google, Amazon and Facebook released earnings, the NASDAQ index broke through 5048 points, creating a new high since the Internet bubble burst in 2000. When you read this article, the NASDAQ is moving in 5200.

the end of last month, the Dow Jones WSJ quoted data, the 1 quarter of 2015 total investment risk America reached $15 billion 700 million, creating a new high since 2000. If in accordance with the previous rules of capital market, the fourth quarter investment is generally higher than the first quarter of about 30%, then the fourth quarter of American risk investment this year has a chance to make more than the historical peak in the fourth quarter of 2000: $19 billion 700 million. read more

UGC community product line 1 how does content flow

(core clew) regards content as fragmentary information composition, namely content flow problem, it is the construction of information flow system actually.

previously wrote the UGC community product line 1: the handling of illegal content and the UGC community product line 2: how to let users create content?. This time, talk about how the content flows.

the first essay, how the content flow, a change in the direction of thinking, that is how you received information. Taking content as a fragmented information component, that is, the content flow problem, is actually the construction of information flow system. Then, from the construction of the three systems, to spy on how the content of the flow of secrets. read more

Website move plan careful examination let you move worry free

webmaster’s hard work, I am just after a day and a half to complete the site moving work, has been the tedious work of nerves break down, so take the time to write articles, and share the experience of the relocation site.

many webmasters may say, site relocation does also difficult? Of course, for the novice relocation is the trouble of the old station is a large amount of data and file relocation is absolutely not easy, now let’s take a look at the website and pay attention to the problem of relocation should follow. read more

Stationmaster Lao Zhang build a website with hope hold dream to do education


, the most demanding group in the world, is often the least loving and often the most opinionated."

"the world’s not about things, often is often produced by arbitrary."

the name of this group is called "parents". The name of this group is education, how many children are there, and how many parents are there; how many failed education, and how many failed parents. These words are not for grandstanding or for alarmist talk. Is really an education, to our social education present situation helpless sigh with emotion. It is for these reasons that the "Hope Education Forum", an open educational community, has been established. The webmaster of this website has a network name called Lao Zhang. We invite him to our interactive space with curiosity. Let’s decrypt the scene together: how does the teacher do the website? read more

Sad the website that oneself uses lifelong effort to make incredibly by K

‘s website, which he used to make with his whole life, was K,

unfortunately, IP plummeted and looked at the small amount of the day.

I lost the courage to go on, but every time I went behind the water, Admin5 made it.

immediately strengthened his belief to go on, so I plucked up my courage and immediately went into battle,

is now using his whole life to make a website www.idaog.com

: I hope everyone to register, improve website popularity, to support national construction ^_^


and QQ995318363 as friends, send instant message to the HOME to be tied to your QQ read more

Webmaster what kind of research do you have on forums

I’ve been thinking about a few issues over the past few months. Some of these problems seem to have answers, and some seem to have no answer; I found that by now, if I didn’t get my thinking clues a little bit out and we discuss, it is difficult for me to have this complex topic and a meaningful logic.

Internet began to enter the Web2.0 era, more and more Internet web services rely on the contribution and communication of users. When a forum or community, or the new community web service when facing the problems in the development, we need to think about some problems, builders and operators of many of these problems of the forum will encounter, seemed to be in addition to the ultra sixth sense "with experienced administrators intuition, we do not know we should how to develop, the setting and management of a forum, do not know if we do some settings on the forum, so these settings where the truth…… read more

Reveal the advantages of registering domain names in ResellerClub

ResellerClub in the Chinese market for some time, they launched Chinese station www.resellerclub.com/cn, 400 customer service phone number for domestic friends is very practical, moreover, ResellerClub can not regularly launch promotional activities, to a certain extent, led to the domestic sale agent


to know ResellerClub is not a friend, may ask, since in them where the domain name registration, then registered in the domain name, they have what advantage! According to their official information, sort out some of the content, for your reference. read more

Papers on misunderstanding of website management


since 1990s, Chinese internet grow at an alarming pace, with continuously decreasing access threshold, and software usability enhancement, the Internet has enjoyed from once the high-end, as ordinary entertainment; at the same time, the website construction from the year elite dinner, into the common people’s home a. Big and small websites are springing up like mushrooms. However, after the baptism of the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the market leader, can obtain the expected benefits of a handful of. In this process, the importance of website management emerges. The misunderstanding of web business as a lesson, become an important topic to be studied. read more

Technical AdSense for the first time shot

wrote a previous, technical type of webmaster, please be more patient, welcomed by a lot of friends. Recently I have made a new station, spare no effort to catch up, www.k80.cn, net fast, again please give suggestions.

last time that article is for www.webhealth.com.cn advertising, but also my first soft Wen, and after the event, I’m not updating


station, has been for several months, the results of a few days ago, suddenly looked at the statistics, even to 3 PR, the flow of dozens, which greatly aroused my interest in the station do, and then began to update 10 articles every day, and every day is Baidu included some time, so until more than 500 Baidu included, suddenly at the end of May, the day before yesterday, Baidu suddenly included 1, this makes me very confused, is this is the legendary hair? Please advice. read more

The webmaster do not get lost in the sea

we do website, in addition to your insistence, but also grasp the direction.

is common, someone has done a website, another website, this mountain sees that mountain high, but still can not have a successful website to produce at all. If there is no blame money, money and how etang is burn money? Now even etang domain name cannot renew; if it was not money, that no money hao123 how successful? To do in the station, to do it. In the "Internet winter" era, how many Internet heroes, small heroes fell; persist, and now how many webmaster ushered in the Internet in the spring?. Some old stations, we still see, they are shining brightly. read more

One man’s Olympics one man’s company

the Olympic Games have come to China, so we know a movie called "one person’s Olympics". The movie conveys the Olympic spirit. The will is "never give up, not last minute".

take this movie and I’ll write about the history of my career,


, twenty-two, 8 months later, I entered a Internet Co, when entering the Internet company is the first choice for many graduates to find a job. I’m a little unusual, because I’m majoring in Arts and crafts. It’s my good wish to find a good advertising company. Unfortunately, the network companies need is web design staff, so I was admitted. read more

Taobao zern off contest broadcast the glorious contest ended three final outcome

"Wow"…… Wow…… Wow……" 2011 · zern; world famous shoes Taobao guest promotion competition second monthly tournament has been completed in 21, this also means that the contest has come to the end. In addition to this month as everyone knows "a situation of tripartite confrontation" situation, there are also some new Taobao guest friends coming, little of course not the course with deadly rush of friends, your achievements, we are obvious to people. read more

New station external links notes and key analysis

, a new web site, has 4 key points: site templates, web content, site domain names, and external links to the site. Here, I’ll talk about the external links of a new website. The new site’s external links should be formally launched on the site, that is, you can access and start doing, then, those who should pay attention to those who should pay attention to?

The new

web site for external links is mainly aimed at the search engine, the website of the external links to your site like canals, drains open more channels more open, flowing into the water (spiders) are more and more, the situation will be better search. But the key problem is how to get more better channels? I recently used special love polymerization polymerization system built a new station, the content of this site I don’t worry about it, because love polymerization process can be automatically aggregated content according to a special name, and I now have to consider is the external link, that is how to boiling water canal problem. The so-called SEO, in fact, these years, my experience is a: external links, is the SEO kingly way. read more

The mood story why should do the website

has done the station for several months, three months, I can say that these three months for me to be full of excitement, and now see my two stations visited thousands, for my first time to do the station rookie, really a sense of accomplishment.

why should I do stand, do a word, that is not clear, I majored in computer science, computer contact early, have long been surfing the Internet, see the myth staged, in his side often sigh, why not oneself, also see a huge space of the Internet for development. But always think to never move, always feel a no money no two technologies, it is difficult to develop in this line. So every day I was still sitting at a computer side of the spectators, sleep, work, always feel every day in the wasted time, want to have their own business, but to think of come up with a lot of money into an unfamiliar industry, really do not feel at ease, but has always had a belief told myself, always do the things you love, this time to arrive in 2008, the network to become a part of our life Some think, do not stand a too high to be reached things, can we have our roots of heaven and earth, I suddenly feel the need to do a website, must be involved. So I began to prepare to do what kind of website, first I want to be a Wuhan local portal site, but I found that personal websites such as it is indeed difficult, no energy, no two funds, but also I was at work, this is my life, I can’t give up. No side friend is doing this, I can’t help, quickly give up. read more

Please forget about search engine before you do website promotion

don’t complain, don’t give up, don’t give up! (laughs, I’m not shouting slogans, not preaching, just some ideas to discuss with friends).

search engines are not duty bound, and you don’t have the right to ask her to give you traffic.

on their own, the site is powerful, is the fundamental!


provides useful information and services, what do you plan for your website, your good customer service, is invincible, but according to my observation, the search engine K error rate will not exceed 5%, if you are unfortunate enough to be one of them, do not complain, because this of no avail. May those positive action, take the initiative to communicate with the search engine, if it is false, the success rate of releasing or there, ten thousand steps back, change the domain name, the sky will not fall. If the domain name, or unfortunately mistaken K, then I suggest you immediately delete all of the website, and then to buy a lottery ticket with the speed of one hundred meters, because your luck is good (laughs), not what the domain name cannot be replaced (I will write an article about the domain name with you after the discussion, and if you do good, for the loss of the domain name can be minimized. read more

Webmaster talk about network promotion experience sharing

The promotion of

for a new, early work is more cumbersome, as a network promotion personnel must have the patience, because when a new station is completed, it is on the Internet do not have any position, need to go through a period of information promotion, make its information content over the Internet at this time, the site will be the major search engines to attention. Of course, you can also submit the application to the search engine first, but the premise must be consistent with the requirements of the search engine collection, which requires the site itself to optimize the structure. read more

On the popularization and profit making of novel websites

my novel stands for nine days. The book house (www.9daybook.com) has recently been revised, and more and more people are looking at it. It is gratifying to see the growth of IP every day. It shows that the way I revised it is quite right. Here is my summary of this half a month, I hope we can communicate with you.

good websites need people to visit, but the traffic of the website is also the most headache problem for the webmaster. But here I’m referring mainly to search engines, and BAIDU and GOOGLE are the first choice for webmasters. After submission, GG will soon be included in the station, included in the number of pages will continue to increase, traffic will soon upgrade up, although often updated Baidu, but still only included home page. read more