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13th Five Year start to lay a solid foundation

– Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government and all construction projects started to mobilize to thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting of the provinces and cities as the "13th Five-Year" start to lay a solid foundation for

March 4th afternoon, mayor Zhang Xiaorong chaired the municipal government and all construction projects started to mobilize, in-depth study and implement the provincial Party committee plenary meeting, provincial and provincial government "NPC and CPPCC" spirit, further down the government work arrangements for project construction work. Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that the just concluded thirteen plenary session of the twelve municipal Party committee and the city "NPC and CPPCC", based on a new starting point, the new development plan, draw the "13th Five-Year" development blueprint. Government departments should act quickly to implement the plan, around the provincial "131" General requirements and municipal "12315" overall goal, solid work to promote the full implementation of the task, to ensure the realization of "a good start in 13th Five-Year, opened the" happy Xining "construction of a new journey.
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Eastern people to promote educational activities

According to the requirements of learning while the investigation and reform, Chengdong District of the party members and cadres to find out in the study and education, listen to the views of the "four winds" problems and practical problems in accordance with the "people’s livelihood, accurate and relentless, tough" requirements, continue to force, to resolve, to highlight the effectiveness of educational practice.

to solve the problem of community residents travel. Heshengyuan district is only a 36 bus lines can be reached, and the interval time is longer, the community to ensure that the school, not to be late for work, need to half an hour to Kunlun Road near to the bus…… The garden community aware of the actual situation, held a meeting to study the plan, increase the bus or extension of bus lines and other issues with the provincial and municipal departments, the bus company co-ordination, has been extended to the door back, bus lines and Park District 23 road 21 Road, and effectively solve the masses of residents travel the difficult problem. read more

Workers’ Library becomes the brand of the enterprise culture construction in the Biological Park

Biological Park Committee in "close to the staff, the service employees" principle, to further promote the "Library of workers" construction, promote the learning organization, learning team, the construction of learning oriented enterprises, to build the park enterprises, "scholarly books, the library of workers" has become a cohesive gas image outside the building of enterprise culture brand. At present, the park has built a staff room demonstration 8, of which the national level of 1, the provincial level of the city level, 4, 3. read more

North or south of the two mountain greening regulations or upgrade

"Xining north and south two mountain greening Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") promulgated 23 years, to accelerate the greening of the city made distinctions won in battle. However, with the changes in the situation of the two mountains and green mountains and rivers, the Ordinance has been unable to adapt to the actual management of the current North and south two mountains green. This "Regulations" where to go? Recently, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee law enforcement organization City People’s Congress, legal experts on how to amend the Ordinance conducted a comprehensive survey. read more

Municipal Party committee issued opinions on the implementation of Party History

Recently, the Xining municipal Party committee issued the "opinions" on strengthening and improving Party work under the new situation, the party to work under the new situation of the guiding ideology, basic requirements, main tasks and safeguard measures.

"opinions" stressed that the guiding principles for future work in a period of history in our city is: we must hold high the great banner of socialism Chinese, adhere to Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, closely linked with Comrade Xi Jinping as the new requirements for the work party general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the work around municipal center, in-depth study of the history of the party, to seriously study the history of the party, comprehensive promotion of the history of the party, give full play to Shi Jian today, to educate people, to further improve the party work of social awareness and scientific level, effectively play the history work in accelerating the life of the city, the city of happiness "construction. "Opinions" pointed out the basic requirements of good party work, and from the five aspects of the main task of party work in our city in the next few years: one is to continue to strengthen local Party writing and mentor special work. Two is to carry out the party history education, improve the ideological quality and ability of Party members and cadres. Three is to expand the party history propaganda, popularization of party history knowledge. Four is to do a good job of party history, strengthen the protection of historical sites. Five is to seize the data reorganization, properly preserve the party’s historical wealth. "Opinions" also do a good job under the new situation of the work of the history of the security measures put forward specific requirements.   read more

Huangyuan county to do six tasks to implement the spirit of the province’s twelfth Party Congress

Huangyuan County in order to fully implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, the completion of Huangyuan Province in modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and the Huangshui River upstream ecological construction of key counties, will implement the party spirit in the practical work, focusing on six aspects of work

Huangyuan County, in order to fully implement the twelfth provincial Party Congress spirit, the completion of Huangyuan Province in modern animal husbandry demonstration county, the county cultural tourism and the Huangshui River upstream ecological construction of key counties, will implement the party spirit in the practical work, focusing on six aspects of work. read more

Xining west police built online video surveillance system

for the supervision and restraint of public security police handling the case according to law, civilized service, to further enhance the image of the public security team, Xining City Public Security Bureau completed and put into use the first video surveillance system. West of Xining City Public Security Bureau of this system is connected to the overall situation of the 7 police station inquiry room and law enforcement unit interrogation room, and covers the police station hall, household registration window, etc.. Through this system, the branch inspector command center can monitor and inspect all the service windows in real time. read more

Enhance the well being of the people in urban areas to learn and publicize the implementation of the

After the closure of the eighteen party

victory, the rapid rise of the province around the study and implement the spirit of the upsurge of the eighteen. In November 20th, the city of Xining City District held the eighteen Party’s spirit of propaganda mobilization meeting, the jurisdiction of 300 organs, to the streets (township), community (Village) cadres and Party members and representatives. I, eighteen representatives of city, district party secretary Su Leihong in eighteen from the overall feel, the assembly of the entire process, eighteen main features and highlights of the study and implementation of the spirit of the eighteen aspects of the speech. read more

Dry cleaning shop decoration should pay attention to what

dry cleaners are very common in our lives, there are many different dry cleaners brand, choose the right brand to join the investment, so that we can get a good return. So, if you open a dry cleaning franchise, the decoration should pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

dry cleaning shop to pay attention to what? Dry cleaning requirements: shop to the light lamps light, so that the service shop has good visibility and clarity. Allow customers to clearly see some of the layout and items in the store. Avoid the use of incandescent lamp, which gives people the feeling is very dim. For the laundry area and relatively large size, can be appropriate to consider the use of decorative lights to render the atmosphere. read more

Another major power transmission and transformation project started

in July 22nd, a total investment of 3 billion 758 million yuan in Qinghai power grid interconnection project, Golog and Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project started at the same time the mobilization meeting held in Xining, Republic of three, respectively. It is reported that the transmission line length of 990.3 km, with an average altitude of 4000 meters, 3 times across the the Yellow River district is after the Qinghai Tibet networking project, Yushu networking project, a major project in Qinghai is a very challenging.
Golog and main Qinghai networking project, Tara 750 thousand kV power transmission project is the central support for the national economic and social development, promote the important landmark projects steady growth, promoting reform, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood, policy, project, feasibility study and a smooth start, supported by the National Development and Reform Commission and the provincial government and, the central budget investment of 1 billion 247 million yuan. According to the plan, the project will be completed and put into operation in October 30, 2016, marking the Qinghai to 750 thousand V for the initial formation of new structure of power grid backbone, 330 thousand V to give priority to network, and promote the development of green Hainan power grid in 330 thousand volt age, banma, Jigzhi, achieve three county Maduo power grid and Qinghai power grid connected, completely solve the power shortage the problem facing long-term local.

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Beautiful Shanxi excellent photography exhibition in Xining

In order to support the cultural construction in ethnic border areas, the Ministry of culture, the Central Civilization Office jointly organized the implementation of the "spring project" national culture volunteer border area activities in various forms in ethnic frontier regions in mainland China and build a cultural bridge, promote the provincial cultural exchanges, to feel the power of culture, promote the ethnic harmony. Hukou Waterfall, Taihang Mountain, Pingyao County, Lvliang mountain majestic…… In the photographic works. In June 27th, the "beautiful Shanxi" Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works in the city of West District Cultural Arts center. This marks the opening of the two provinces of Shanxi, Qinghai in 2015, the Spring Festival project Shanxi cultural volunteers Qinghai line activities.

"beautiful Shanxi" the Shanxi province network photography exhibition of outstanding works is the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, Ministry of culture, in accordance with the "spring project" requirements, focus on the implementation of a culture of Shanxi volunteer service project. The exhibition is divided into "beautiful Shanxi", "hometown Shanxi" and "Shanxi dream" 3 forum, exhibition of 200 works, from a different side to show the land of Shanxi magnificent and unique cultural landscape, rich and colorful cultural heritage, simple folk customs and unique beauty of Shanxi new era. The exhibition is organized by the Shanxi Provincial Department of culture, the Qinghai Provincial Department of culture and press and publication, the Shanxi Provincial People’s Art Museum, Qinghai cultural center and other contractors.   read more

Xining North District actively cultivate the characteristics of the service area

this year, Xining City District adhere to the strong industrial area, three rich area, relying on state-level high-tech industrial zone, Xichuan metro development engine to accelerate the development of strategic development, closely around the city’s "North superior", highlighting the shopping, leisure and cultural characteristics, the introduction of a number of commodity circulation, finance and insurance intermediary services, etc. leading enterprises through technological innovation, industrial restructuring, and actively cultivate the consumer market and economic growth. read more

Xining go all out to start the work of migrant workers wages

since January this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and Social Security Bureau of labor supervision department of migrant workers wages 33 million 410 thousand yuan, involving a total of 4491 people, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

it is understood that the labor security departments in three counties of Xining city human resources and Social Security Bureau with the four district to seize the characteristics of the project payment settlement period and the high incidence of migrant workers wage arrears since the beginning of winter, launched a comprehensive investigation on the use of various types of the employer to pay the wages of migrant workers, labor contract signing, on key industries and key areas for people unit to check, in the past years occurred in the enterprise sent inspection, pay the wages of migrant workers in a timely manner; deposit payment, payment and refund process is reasonable and convenient, more perfect system. To increase the overall supervision of the construction industry, the construction area of migrant workers pay margin system and the construction of labor wages management approach effective convergence. Construction units for the migrant workers payroll accounts and handling payroll cards for effective workers; require the construction unit commitment supervision of construction enterprises to do the wages of migrant workers, such as wage arrears, will be jointly and severally liable for the construction enterprises; commitment to strictly enforce the "labor wage management measures", the establishment of migrant workers roster and payroll ledger, real name system, by the bank to pay wages, wage arrears; for the first time will be included in the court of the special law enforcement inspection of member units, police and court departments responsible for the alleged acts of refusing to pay labor remuneration crime investigation, the court established to defend the rights of migrant workers Easy Access, to apply for compulsory enforcement and wages crime cases concluded as soon as possible. read more

National Day Cultural Square children’s special performances perfect ending

Three day national day square cultural activities performed in the children’s session came to a close, provided a stage for the performance of open up a fresh outlook for the children, but also to many parents of children sit up and take notice.

in the afternoon of October 3rd, after the warm sunshine of Xining, many parents have moved a stool in the central square, waiting for children’s special performances. The big stage of the background, to the children for the performance of the parents, looks like the children will be more nervous than the upcoming games, a parent before the child is about to play and shook hands with the child. read more

More than 400 yuan of garbage transfer facilities to Baoziwan town north of the city zone

since last year, under the efforts of the city of Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau, rural contiguous remediation projects settled in the north of the city, and strive for the central and provincial rural environment contiguous remediation special funds 15 million 180 thousand yuan. In April 18th, more than 400 yuan worth of garbage transfer facilities issued to 9 Village Baoziwan Town, in order to improve the rural environment.

last year, the north area of contiguous rural environment improvement project with a total investment of 18 million yuan, involving the Bao Zi Zhen Jin Jia Wan, Yan Xiao, waves and other 9 villages to carry out environmental focus on remediation, purchase of garbage collection and transport facilities, establish and improve the cleaning system, sewage collection and treatment projects and the implementation of strict, small Jin Jia Wan 2 a village. read more

Go to the disaster area by the Ministry of public security on duty Xining police reward

days ago, the Ministry of public security to participate in earthquake relief work around the Sichuan Police SWAT team and all the police give commendation to Sichuan Province, Xining police commendation.

it is understood that the SWAT team to Sichuan mission, is the public security SWAT team since its establishment in 2005, most police stressed the most widely, the largest span, the fastest, the most difficult time, to create a successful large-scale transfer of police and public security organs a collaborative operation, has important significance in the milepost type the SWAT team construction history. "5· 12" after the Wenchuan earthquake, the Ministry of public security has mobilized a total of nearly 9000 public security SWAT team rushed to the disaster area to carry out the rescue, maintenance of social order and service to the masses, and other tasks of the 33. Statistics show that SWAT team during the seizure of all kinds of cases 646 cases, arrested the criminal suspects in, criminal cases in Sichuan fell by 55%, public security cases fell by 41%. And also, the SWAT team to the disaster areas to solve problems, to provide services for 63 thousand times, the mediation of disputes over 7300, donations to the disaster areas worth more than 360 yuan. Due to the excellent performance, in two months, Sichuan SWAT team received a total of the community and the masses presented a banner 919, thanks to the letter 646, people spontaneously condolences SWAT team of more than 400 batches. read more

Fire fighting and rescue Xining fire contest is good

to extinguish the fire, rescue, small to remove, remove the hornet’s nest card hand ring, fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene and will successfully solve all kinds of problems. In October 19th, Xining city police fire brigade in the show "clear fire" really work at the same time, opened the prelude to this year equipment operation competition.

19, 9 pm, a prelude to the Xining city police fire brigade equipment operation contest opened in 2011 in Swat brigade camp, from the county 9 teams of players, all in fine fig leader led, in the filed of admission. With the equipment in order, explaining, blindfolded assembly air respirator players first in a fierce competition. read more

Joint meeting of the provincial community construction work

5 17, the joint meeting of the provincial community construction work. The meeting heard "12th Five-Year" the province’s community construction work report, put forward the principle of "13th Five-Year", review the relevant documents. Vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the "12th Five-Year" period, community work in consolidating the party’s ruling basis, promote the expansion of democracy at the grassroots level, to undertake public service, strengthen grassroots social governance, play party and the government and the people of bridges, played an irreplaceable role. read more

ron machine will expand the circle of friends in Qinghai

Fair education, livable urban environment, convenient travel…… Each of these can make us happier. In the government work report, we see the next five years, the total amount of infrastructure construction in our province will be more than 12th Five-Year, Qinghai people will get what kind of people’s livelihood spree? Railway, highway, airport construction of the new changes in the life of the people of Qinghai will bring about what kind of change? In order to get these answers, the reporter connects the twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress, Wu Haikun, director of the provincial people’s Congress of the five meeting of the provincial people’s Congress, director of the Department of transportation, said the filial piety, to talk about those things have to say on the traffic.

this year to the West into railway construction

– one point: West Railway is expected to start building. Chengdu spicy hot pot, suitable climate, Chengdu people forthright character, so many people like to go to Chengdu on vacation, and even buy a house, or even buy a house on the other side of the world. With the future of the West into the building of the railway, the people of Qinghai will achieve 5 hours to reach Chengdu, the provinces such as stopping. West into the railway is included in the national eight horizontal eight vertical high-speed road network in the west of the most vertical. After the completion of the high-speed rail line, Qinghai people to Chengdu, Sichuan, no longer through the Lanzhou, can be directly through the territory of our province arrived. And in accordance with the high-speed rail travel speed, Qinghai people can go to Chengdu about 5 hours. Currently the project is being carried out program selection, and strive to start construction in 2016.

– two things: grid library railway connecting Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu: This is an advance in the northwest and east-west route, our province will accelerate the pace of construction of it. Golmud Railway – grid library south station leads westward along the line of highway 303 through the Hexi farm, Wutumeiren, Ganson, mangnai lake, crossing the east by Chai Shan, Huatugou, across the Altyn Mountains, the Xinjiang Yuli County and Ruoqiang County, Korla City, to the end point. Set up a total of 90 stations, the initial set of 38, the territory of Qinghai, the final realization of the province and Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu and other regions are closely linked, along the ethnic minority and underdeveloped areas of economic and social development.

– point three: Xining, Golmud two hub. With the future of Xining to Korla railway, Xining to Dunhuang railway, Xining to Chengdu railway completed, Xining will become the hub of the northwest region, and can be tightly connected with the caojiabao airport, the formation of three-dimensional traffic pattern. While Golmud will also become a Grand Cross Railway connected Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu, Xining, Chengdu, Hexi corridor. Golmud integrated transport hub construction, is to set up in Golmud railway passenger transport, public transport, long-distance passenger transport, tourist buses, taxis, cars and other modes of transport as one of the project.


[staff in attendance;
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