What should be done after 80 entrepreneurs Handsome guy with 9 years time for the assets of the 10 m

lives in after 70 years has been married, now is the struggle 80 world, there are a lot of 80 pressure with the change of life is not only larger than thirty, are you still pondering the way, time is not a problem, you have to. There was such a person, he is the standard of 80, 9 years ago, is still working for others, but by 9 years later, he was wearing a T-shirt to be in the office at will, he is Luo Wenbo, chairman of the taste of bone, he warned 80 how entrepreneurial achievements, 80 men how to pursue tens of millions of assets for nearly 10 years. read more

Open buffet fruit ice cream shop can be prepared early

weather warming, cold drinks shop business has become better, and want to do ice cream business entrepreneurs are now ready to start early. Ice cream is undoubtedly one of the most popular items in the summer. Although there are a variety of ice cream on the market, but in general the same, competitive advantage is not obvious, and fresh fruit ice cream with its special taste and rich nutritional value, make it unique.


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Beauty shop to join the project how enthusiastic service not less

currently, the United States to join the project in the market, has been very much concerned about the project selection. With the beautiful demand increasing, for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, beauty shop to join, we will die successful entrepreneurial choice!

beauty shop to join?

The first step of

: hello and customers warm and thoughtful, as soon as possible to communicate with the customer and professional image (uniforms, Mandarin, self introduction), courtesy (smiling, watching, politeness, to maintain a certain distance (left) and time to the customer space), both customer companions; read more

Shandong 2015 first Eagle plan entrepreneurial training camp ended

university innovation and entrepreneurship education is a step forward, the Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology holds the transformation of training camp, related training for students interested in entrepreneurship, to support its smooth career path, achieve career dreams.

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How can we join the sales of cabinet stores

in recent years, with the improvement of people’s quality of life, consumers began to be interested in the whole cabinet Home Furnishing, which also makes the prospect of the cabinet industry is quite promising; at present in the market, the whole cabinet brand is much more special, the sales situation is very good. Investment in the business to open the store in order to smooth operation, you need to pay attention to store sales. For the majority of investors in terms of maintaining the overall cabinet stores in the market advantage. read more

Sell color key small business failure to get lessons

business failure is painful, but from the experience of failure in business lessons can we avoid detours, now Xiaobian tell a color key story, I hope that we can learn from the lessons of failure.

2004 in August, Li saw the color key to the project after the business with a small capital, serious investigation and careful analysis, choose a name is a color key color color key brand, become a franchisee. A color key is a hard alloy material with high strength, the South Korean new polymer coating technology production, and compared to other similar products is not easy to break, coating is not easy to fall off, not easy to wear, and only slightly more than two hundred times the keyhole scratches, although a color key cost is high, but your quality is reliable.

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