Why do not the traditional enterprises in Shanghai Dragon

suddenly moved to a traditional enterprise own completely new field, they will suddenly lose direction, this time with their own Internet knowledge, the decision most probably it did not actually happen in certain things, these decisions are completely wrong, but only to the end will prove them wrong, in this process, in charge of Shanghai Dragon people tend to give up their correct decision because the decision from the boss or leader, or their policy of compromise, but the final result is certain, that is not what good results. read more

The importance of brand keyword

‘s Shanghai dragon almost have experienced trouble down the right site, a lot of people in Shanghai love good, traffic is very good, but once the site down the right, keyword ranking dropped, almost no traffic, a lot of people think it is behoove. But the brand keywords is not the same, when you fall in the website search engine rankings, users can find your website, they will directly search for your brand.

so long title, the advertising media, advertising, LED advertising car modified car prices etc. these long tail keywords are placed in the title up, from A to Z can not see brand keywords, in fact it is very dangerous. The reason for everyone to say. read more

GOGO an analysis of the joint venture and internal entrepreneurshiplianmeng small I boot registratio

"internal incubation" came into being in this environment, and "new ventures" have mushroomed.

2, does the entrepreneur need to use a complete management system like an in-house venture?

4, starting in August 17th. MSN group costs, unit price from the original 0.3 yuan / a raised to 0.4 yuan /.

4, who is the right to appoint personnel?

1 and adding steps are simple! As long as the MSN user, click the button to build the swarm and add the MSN robot.

so, today is a simple question of what is the difference between "joint venture" and "internal incubation": read more

Taobao guest website – Beauty shopping guide network analysisAt the foot of the tycoon, how should t

walking became entrepreneurs in the forest of giant field survival not many opportunities and methods, such as social acquaintances have WeChat, stranger social MOMO, if there is no better model, simple to do this two piece does not have the too big significance. But anonymous social networking is a field that no one has ever paid attention to

website profit model: the main push Ali mother provides advertising, advertising on the upper right side of each channel, pages detail page is shown at the bottom of the article, at the same time show page shlf1314 ads, or that sentence, advertising added must consider the user experience, including the correlation and appearance of all aspects of the page we must consider. On the whole, the profit point of the website is advertisement. read more

Webmaster entrepreneurship should be parasitic, team oriented, commercial

is also a long period of time, many friends reflect the blog update speed is slow, then the blog update speed will slowly return to normal, and the next week will update a blog. Last time I said something about Internet start-ups, I mainly talked about my personal experience and experience, and I contacted some of the process of network entrepreneurship. After A5’s invitation Meng Jiang participated in the A5 version, is mainly talked about some 5 years down the network business experience and feelings, from the student part-time website, to IT employees to the final pressure burden to entrepreneurs, not say he is successful, because today I most like people is on the road, are struggling. So I like writing things, talking about experience and communicating with everyone. Today, share in particular some changes, personal experience changes. read more

Will the Internet bubble come this summer after a lapse of fifteen years

original title: fifteen years, when will the bubble come again,


, Google, Amazon and Facebook released earnings, the NASDAQ index broke through 5048 points, creating a new high since the Internet bubble burst in 2000. When you read this article, the NASDAQ is moving in 5200.

the end of last month, the Dow Jones WSJ quoted data, the 1 quarter of 2015 total investment risk America reached $15 billion 700 million, creating a new high since 2000. If in accordance with the previous rules of capital market, the fourth quarter investment is generally higher than the first quarter of about 30%, then the fourth quarter of American risk investment this year has a chance to make more than the historical peak in the fourth quarter of 2000: $19 billion 700 million. read more

There are 5 kinds of websites that women want most, and 3 are unexpected

in the online shop auction small entrepreneurs, men and women should be about the same, and even women in the majority, but the "site entrepreneur"? At present, obviously still male majority. I found that the few women entrepreneurs and friends are in top, and they have an advantage – men and women.


of male entrepreneurs, female users have been like a "mystery", although the female users accounted for a large part of global network population, but close female friends although "global network", but are light users’ network. It’s not easy to attract a new web site with a distinctive banner of innovation, and now many PK sites, movie uploads, photo albums sites…… Think about it. Many are even "careless" designed to be used by male users (you see, men and women on the seaside are photographed with their cameras, who will upload them?) read more

How to prevent the relationship between Anhui and China from the source

in our daily life, some people have poor economic conditions, so we have to rely on the government’s relief, but there are also some people rely on their relationship, deprived of the rights of others to enjoy subsistence allowances. Recently, the Anhui Provincial Department of civil affairs, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Anhui minimum living security work procedures. The new operating procedures based on the situation of Anhui Province, put forward a series of practical, pragmatic and effective policy innovation and standardized work procedures to apply for acceptance, examination, investigation, democratic appraisal, approval, publicity, payment of funds and other aspects of the main responsibility and processing time are clearly defined. read more

Suitable for small business in rural areas to do a small number of recommended suction gold project

now there are many business opportunities in rural areas, do some business in the countryside, you can easily make money. So, what is suitable for rural business? Investment in rural areas to open a daily necessities store is very appropriate, as long as the master of business skills, business must be booming.

rural for what to do business? Open daily necessities store, business is booming. These are the daily necessities of daily consumables, the best open shop shop 2 yuan, 5 yuan shop and some other practical cheap grocery stores, rural people love to buy cheap, durable goods look nice, open a shop that will allow you to shop on fire. read more

The investment characteristics of the project to choose what good steak Cup

to say that the food and beverage market is so big, so many characteristics of the brand, what brand is best? What kind of catering management pattern is the most popular among consumers, Xiaobian also has certain market characteristics of the delicacy project, for example, filet steak cup. Such as Bu filet steak cup special delicacy, they prefer to choose, let people enjoy the delicious steak instant fresh and delicious, bu filet steak cup or the market become an independent school of delicious food. read more

Mexico fire cake catering to join money advantage

Mexico fire cake food? In the food and beverage market, not only has a high popularity, but also to join the Mexico fire cake catering project is still a very good choice. Mexico, the United States and the United States to join the project, the best hot business projects!

Mexico fire cake fun lets you easily profit business, catering, western fast food earn RMB, catering to join choose Mexico fire cake, the first domestic Mexico snacks, not out of the country around the world.

Mexico fire cake unique shape, colorful, changeable shape, soft skin, delicious, delicious fun to sell. Multiple flavors lead people taste buds and visual fresh air. Europe and the United States advocate eel flavor, black pepper, curry flavor, tomato flavor, cheese flavor…… Attractive fragrance, delicious, memorable entrance. read more

Gaobeidian Hot pot shop – sipping Xiabu joined in support of the whole

said the hot pot, we will be able to taste the first taste of the kind of hot pot flavor, more sauce with the perfect fit to meet the needs of all delicious. Hot pot food, with spicy taste good, fast hot market, get public attention. Gaobeidian is particularly distinctive, unique ingredients sipping Xiabu, more popular, respected, market sales steadily high. Venture to lock up the project to join the headquarters to provide a number of support, you can quickly profit.

Gaobeidian store support: sipping Xiabu Hot pot read more

Inventory of goods to be able to skilly processing total

Spring Festival is selling goods, a lot of people will prepare some goods, however, the Spring Festival sales of major commodities who do not know. Many shops will form a stock, how to digest these stocks, it will be a lot of people worry about things. From the beginning of the new year, I began to inventory inventory, planning treatment program.

before the Spring Festival, tea stocks increased. I put them in the store for special promotions, and to the customer more recommended, more publicity, sold a part, but also reduce the pressure. 24 cans of a Wong Lo Kat herbal tea beverage sold out, and the 12 cans of a moving pin unhappy, I will be filled with 2 pieces of a special bag into a large package, these days sales momentum is very good. read more

Joint meeting of the provincial community construction work

5 17, the joint meeting of the provincial community construction work. The meeting heard "12th Five-Year" the province’s community construction work report, put forward the principle of "13th Five-Year", review the relevant documents. Vice governor Kuang Yong presided over the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the "12th Five-Year" period, community work in consolidating the party’s ruling basis, promote the expansion of democracy at the grassroots level, to undertake public service, strengthen grassroots social governance, play party and the government and the people of bridges, played an irreplaceable role. read more