Annan congratulates Gorbachev on 10th anniversary of Green Cross International

In remarks sent to a dinner Tuesday honouring the former President of the Soviet Union and Nobel Laureate, Mr. Annan said, “It is little wonder that, 10 years ago, after playing a central role in the end of the Cold War, Mr. Gorbachev embraced a new challenge that is just as vital for the well being of humankind: creating a sustainable future by cultivating harmonious relationships between human beings and the environment. “Green Cross’s diverse programmes reflect Mr. Gorbachev’s unwavering commitment to peace, in particular by addressing the environmental causes and consequences of conflict,” Mr. Annan said. Green Cross International emphasizes, among other interests, environmental problems associated with conflict and with lack of adequate fresh water. read more

Robots are taking an increasing number of jobs new UN report says

In the home, by the end of 2003, about 610,000 autonomous vacuum cleaners and lawn-mowers were in operation, the report says. Between 2004 and 2007, more than 4 million new units could be added, it adds.The survey, called World Robotics 2004 and produced by the ECE and the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), says the prices of the robots in proportion to human labour costs has fallen from 100 in 1990 to 15 for “radically improved robots” in Germany and to 12 of similarly high quality in North America.The report was produced for a conference at the UN complex in Geneva today called “A Robot in Every Home?” accompanied by a robot exhibition on the lawn there.”Falling or stable robot prices, increasing labour costs and continuously improved technology are major driving forces which speak for continued massive robot investment in industry,” says Jan Karlsson, who is responsible for the annual survey.Right now Japan uses about 320 robots of all sorts per 10,000 employees, while Germany uses 148 industrial robots per 10,000 robots, Italy 116, Sweden 99 and between 50 and 80 each in the United States, Finland, France, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.In the car industry, there is one robot per 10 workers in Japan, Italy and Germany, it says.Among the service robots, “medical robots, underwater robots, surveillance robots, demolition robots and many other types of robots for carrying out a multitude of tasks are doing very well,” the report says.In the long run, service robots will be everyday tools for mankind, the ECE and IFR say. “They will not only clean our floors, mow our lawns and guard our homes but they will also assist old and handicapped people with sophisticated interactive equipment, carry out surgery, inspect pipes and sites that are hazardous to people, fight fire and bombs and be used in many other applications.” read more

Letter TFMR disappointed at exclusion from abortion hearings

first_imgA crash course in today’s abortion legislation hearingsMedical Terminations: ‘Ours is a very specific, heartbreaking and clear-cut case’Group says lack of invite to Oireachtas abortion hearings “a grave injustice” A GROUP OF women who were forced to travel to the UK for terminations because Irish hospitals could not care for their needs have expressed their anger at being omitted from today’s Oireachtas hearings on proposed abortion legislation.TFMR (Terminations for Medical Reasons) was founded as a support network for mothers who were told their babies would not live outside the womb because of fatal foetal abnormalities. Under Irish law, terminations are not legal for people in such circumstances and many are given the option to travel by their consultants.As the joint Oireachtas committee for health is hearing only from medical and legal experts today, Monday and Tuesday, the group was not invited to send a representative.“It is very disappointing,” said spokesperson Arlette Lyons. “A lot of people were outraged that we were excluded again.” (TFMR did not take part in the previous hearings ahead of the publication of the drafts heads of bill).The proposed legislation will not change the situation for families in similar medical cases. Taoiseach Enda Kenny has been adamant that the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 will not change current laws and rights. The heads of bill do not provide for rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormalities.In its submission to Jerry Buttimer’s committee, the women said the “experience of being expelled from our own country at our greatest hour of sorrow and loss has needlessly compounded our trauma”.“With this proposed legislation, the Irish government now finally has the opportunity to rectify a wrong that has been allowed to continue for far too long.Nothing could have changed the fact that we were going to lose our cherished babies, but something can be done now to ensure that couples in the future do no face the added cruelty, indignity and trauma of having to leave Ireland to receive the treatment that should be available to them here.“We feel that our voices must be heard as a part of the process of formulating this Bill.”Arlette’s mother Mary has outlined her personal position in an email to Fine Gael deputy Brian Walsh, which has reproduced, in full and with her kind permission, here:Dear BrianThank you for your reply. That email was sent to you by my Husband Pat. It also represents my views.I retired from City Council in January 2011. I met you many times but I am sure you don’t remember me because of all the people you meet and have to smile and be friendly towards. Don’t know how you do it actually!Here is what I hate. Our country is laden down by our church and politicians who are mainly men. We all know about Man Flu!! A bit of a sore throat and they are dying. I know if I ever got a sore throat I had the deadly job of looking down Pat’s throat to see if he had one also! I feel if only one man had to go through a pregnancy things would be a whole lot different.The point I am getting to is this. Men have not got a clue what women go through when they become pregnant – the hormones, the weight gain, sleep deprivation, being uncomfortable etc, etc. Now this is grand when the outcome is going to be a lovely tiny baby which gives such joy and pleasure. I know all about this as I have five great kids and 15 grandchildren. Arlette is due another baby in eight weeks and the whole family are over the moon and hoping that every thing will be fine.Our position is this. Arlette became pregnant last year after trying for another baby for two years. She has two lovely sons, aged 10 and six. When she went for her 12-week scan she was told that the baby had trisomy 13 and d with a large cystic hygroma. (Google it, it is devastating). She was told that the baby had no hope of surviving outside the womb. After getting this information from her Obstetrician, she was then told that there was nothing the hospital could do for her because of our outdated legislation. There was absolutely NO CHANCE of the baby surviving, so she had twos options. One was to carry the baby until she would have a spontaneous miscarriage, the other choice was to go to England. (We have been dumping our problems over there for so long).Her two boys were so excited about this baby. She had also told the whole family and her big circle of friends. So she thought, what do I do? Do I go to bed some night and miscarry the baby, which might not have a face or some other terrible abnormalities, or do I go to England and have a termination?She chose the latter. She told her boys that the baby had died in her tummy. They were devastated. She then had to leave them to be taken care of while her husband Alan and Pat and myself accompanied her to the Women’s Hospital in Liverpool. What an awful journey for any women to have to take. Her option was that the boys would be still expecting a little brother or sister and everybody else would be saying the usual “how are you doing Arlette”; “looking forward to the big event” etc etc!! Not a real option is it??Luckily Liverpool Women’s Hospital were wonderful. All her files from The Coombe Hospital were sent over plus she had two more scans to confirm that the baby had no chance of survival in the womb. By the way, the baby was a little girl who we named Skye and we often refer to her. I am crying thinking about her lost life as I write this email.So Arlette was in the hospital for about five hours. We came out and we had booked a room in a hotel so she could lie down for a few hours. The worst bit was that we had to leave little Skye in Liverpool. I know she was only 14 weeks but we would have loved to have brought her home. Arlette is still very, very angry her own country could not help her in her time of need.I could go on, but suffice it to say that Arlette and a few other wonderful women who had the same experience formed TFMR (termination for medical reasons) and they are doing trojan work. Women came forward who had not even disclosed this information with their parents and family because of the way so many people still think here in Ireland. They have been to the Dáil, on television and on every radio station in the country. This is a side to Arlette that I had never seen before and she is 34 years of age. I watched her on the Late Late and Vincent Browne. She was wonderful and articulated her situation with great passion.I don’t expect you to change your views after hearing this particular story but maybe it might give you something to think about. I can vouch that you are a very nice man but there will be no votes from Arlette’s family and friends.I wish you good luck in your career and hope that you can help turn Ireland’s fortunes around.RegardsMary Lyonslast_img read more

Sex MP offers whistleblower clothes off his back

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Mitlon Orkopoulos, disgraced former Swansea MP, has told lashed out at the woman who helped put him in jail telling her through a letter he sent her lawyer that he was penniless and single and that she was “welcome to the clothes off (his) back”. The former New South Wales government minister, who is currently serving nine years in Lithgow jail, sent the letter to whistleblower Gillian Sneddon’s solicitor last month telling her he was unable to pay Sneddon the $438,000 he owes in damages. Orkopoulos was jailed in May 2008 on 30 charges which included possessing child pornography, heroin supply and sexual intercourse without consent. The minimum sentence was reduced to nine years after an appeal in 2009, making him eligible for release in January 2017 and says that he will still be unable to pay upon his release. In reply to this letter, Sneddon wrote to Orkopoulos and said ”you have stuffed up my life, as you have your victims. I hope you do not get any pleasure in that”.last_img read more

Inter Milan plan Vidal swoop

Inter Milan plan Vidal swoop

first_imgInter Milan are planning a sensational swoop for Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal, but they’ll have to sell a player to finance the €30m deal.The former Juventus midfielder looks set to leave the Bundesliga Champions this summer, three seasons after joining the club.Inter’s sporting director Piero Ausilio was recently spotted in Germany before flying out to meet owners Suning in China, and rumors are rife in Italy that Vidal is the number one target for midfield position.Manchester United have equally been linked to the Chilean player, but it seems their interest has waned since missing out on the midfielder.Ausilio was informed that the former Bianconero is worth around €30m, and it’s likely a sale will be needed to make the deal work financially.Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.Both Matias Vecino or Roberto Gagliardini could be sold in order to finance the move with the former heavily linked with Chelsea in recent weeks.Bayern have told Inter Milan that they have to pay €30m for Arturo Vidal. The Chilean is Inter’s number 1 target for midfield but the Italians will have to sell one player to make the deal work financially. Matias Vecino or Joao Mario could be sacrificed [Corriere dello Sport]— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) July 22, 2018last_img read more

Oregon police seize drugs from Vancouver mans car

first_imgNearly one week after a Vancouver man’s vehicle was seized by Oregon police after a traffic stop, he tried to retrieve it. And when he did, he was arrested.Julio Javier Espejo-Sierra, 24, was arrested on suspicion of unlawful possession of cocaine in connection with a kilogram of the drug hidden in a secret compartment inside the vehicle, according to a news bulletin.Espejo-Sierra allegedly resisted arrest Tuesday at the Oregon State Police command center in Roseburg, Ore., where his Dodge Stratus was being held. The seized cocaine was valued at approximately $25,000, police said. The circumstances that led to Espejo-Sierra’s arrest began July 6 when he was pulled over near Roseburg for failing to signal a lane change.Investigation into the stop indicated drugs were likely on-hand, police said. Espejo-Sierra’s vehicle was seized and police obtained a search warrant that led to the discovery of the drugs.He was also arrested on suspicion of unlawful delivery of cocaine and resisting arrest. The website of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, which oversees the county’s jail, indicates U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed a hold on Espejo-Sierra.last_img read more

Rosalía Other Latin Music Artists Seeing Boom In Europe Shows

Rosalía Other Latin Music Artists Seeing Boom In Europe Shows

first_img Twitter News Rosalía, Other Latin Music Artists Seeing Boom In Europe Shows Facebook Latin Artists Seeing Boom In Europe Shows rosal%C3%ADa-other-latin-music-artists-seeing-boom-europe-shows Email The last few years have seen a huge rise in Latin Music artists thanks to YouTube and streaming platforms. Now artists seeing a boost in touring in parts of Europe thanks to the waveJennifer VelezGRAMMYs Nov 13, 2018 – 4:00 pm In the last few years YouTube and streaming platforms have helped launch Latin artists into a growing number of wider markets worldwide. Songs like “Despacito” by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee have been grabbing eyes and ears thanks to the power of the internet. According to Billboard, Latin artists’ tours are now seeing major success in European countries that aren’t Spanish speaking. Enrique Iglesias reportedly sang to more than 80,000 fans in Kiev, Ukraine’s Olympic Stadium, and J Balvin’s “Mi Gente” helped him quadrupole his live revenue.Spotify recently announced that Latin music was one of the genres they would be focusing on in their efforts to make international music more relevant on the platform. YouTube labeled 2017 the year of Latin music, as artists like Ozuna saw views in the billions.Universal Music Latin Entertainment President, Victor Gonzalez, told Pandora that “Despacito” was one of the “the best example[s] of how the Latin genre can be embraced by the mainstream in the U.S., Europe and Asia.” He continued:”Looking forward, I feel artists including J Balvin are carving a new path for the entire Latin Industry will continue to thrive across the globe including those territories that don’t have a large Spanish speaking populations.”READ: Spotify Is Making International Music A Bigger PriorityThanks to this boom, promoters are taking more risks WME partner Rob Markus told Billboard.”Promoters are actually seeing hard numbers showing demand and listenership through streaming numbers, so promoters are taking a bigger risk,” Markus said. He works with artists like J Balvin, Juanes and Luis Miguel.As Pandora points out, Latin artists have penetrated into mainstream market throughout the 20th century and new millennium (artists like Richie Valens, Santana, Selena and Ricky Martin,) but have been “fleeting” moments and “have not been enough to uplift the genre beyond their inherent barriers to gain larger general market acceptance.” So, this is an important moment for Latin artists.Rosalía is one of the few women and the latest on the rise artists that is also being impacted by the wave. According to her manager, Rebeca León, the Spanish breakout artist, who is nominated for five Latin GRAMMYs,  had a 6,500- person wait list at a showcase in London.”Nobody knows what Rosalía is saying in the U.K.,” León told Billboard. “But they know what she is saying. Her attitude tells you everything.”How Rosalía Is Reinventing What It Means To Be A Global PopstarRead morelast_img read more

Memorial services for Rep Gruenberg set for Sunday and Thursday

first_imgRep. Max Gruenberg addresses the Alaska House of Representatives, March 17, 2014. (Skip Gray/Gavel Alaska)Memorial services are set in Juneau and Anchorage for longtime Alaska lawmaker Max Gruenberg.Juneau services will be held at 3 p.m. this Sunday at Resurrection Lutheran Church on 10th Street downtown. In Anchorage, services will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25, at Temple Beth Sholom on East Northern Lights Boulevard.Gruenberg, a family lawyer by trade, died Sunday. He had served in the Alaska House of Representatives for more than 20 years representing the Anchorage neighborhoods of Russian Jack, College Gate, Nunaka Valley and previously Mountain View.On Tuesday, his colleagues shared fond memories of him in the Capitol.In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to charities for victims of domestic violence, animal abuse, children in need or Alaska Legal Services.last_img read more

Vizianagaram Married woman attempts suicide in Spandana

Vizianagaram Married woman attempts suicide in Spandana

first_imgVizianagaram: A married woman attempted suicide by consuming poison at ‘Spandana’ programme alleging that her husband cheated her a few months after their marriage. She alleged that the officials did not respond on her issue even though she lodged a complaint with them. K Vasundhara of Alajangi village in Bobbili mandal was in love with R Eswara Rao of same village for the past few years. Later, on her demand, he married her secretly in Visakhapatnam and living there. Also Read – Three of a family commits suicide at Amalapuram in East Godavari Advertise With Us But the parents of Eswara Rao are reluctant to accept their marriage and they hide have him somewhere. Vasundhara was forcibly underwent abortion also. Finally, she came to know that she was cheated and approached the Collector’s office and consumed poison. But the alert staff immediately shifted her to Maharaja Hospital for treatment. Later she told that Eswara Rao and his parents were trying to break up their marriage and even her husband also escaping from her.last_img read more

Texas Oil Producers Expect Record In 2018

Texas Oil Producers Expect Record In 2018

first_img Listen X 00:00 /01:16 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Florian Martin | Houston Public MediaKarr Ingham, petroleum economist with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers, presents the Texas Petro Index at the Petroleum Club of Houston on Tuesday, Jan. 23.After a recovery year for the state’s oil and gas industry, 2018 promises to be record-breaking.That’s according to Karr Ingham, economist with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. He created the Texas Petro Index, which measures the state of the oil economy based on different factors, such as employment, rig count and the price of oil.In December 2017, most indicators were up from a year ago, and Ingham expects oil production to surpass the previous record year of 1972, when Texas producers extracted 1.263 billion barrels of oil.“I don’t see how we don’t break this record in 2018,” Ingham said on Tuesday.And this with about half as many oil rigs in operation as in November 2014, shortly before the price of oil tanked – but also with a smaller workforce. After two years of layoffs, many oil jobs have come back, but Ingham doesn’t expect all of them to return anytime soon.center_img Great turnout today in Houston for our #Petro index update with Karr Ingham.#txlege #oil#natgas— Texas Alliance (@TexasAllianceEP) January 23, 2018 Sharelast_img read more

Modder makes beautiful 3D printed portable Ouya

first_imgRegardless of what you may feel about the Ouya, Kickstarter’s second biggest success that arguably turned into the crowdfunding platform’s worst failure, the little console is ripe for modding. One intrepid modder decided to — perhaps ironically, considering it’s an Android platform — turn the Ouya into a portable system with a big, pretty screen, and stuffed it all into a bright blue 3D-printed case.Renowned modder Downing began with the 3D-printed casing, and milled out the speaker slits and the the areas where the buttons would go. That white “OUYA” seen at the bottom right of the handheld isn’t just paint — it’s actually backlit, pushing the already gorgeous portable over the edge.The Ouya controller is wireless, so when Downing cannibalized the controller in order to stuff its working parts into the handheld unit, he desoldered the Bluetooth module within the gamepad and attached it to a breakout board within the case. The unit features a seven-inch 720p display, a 3.7v 5000mAh battery that provides four to five hours of life, 25mm stereo speakers, and PS3 analog sticks.The overall build took Downing around a month. Aside from the irony of turning an Android console into a portable, another bit of irony is that this mod is very pretty, but it looks just like a blue Wii U GamePad — something that is generally considered an eyesore. Ben Heck recently built a portable Ouya as well, and it looked very similar, so maybe Nintendo didn’t have the worst idea in the world.Yeah, okay. Nevermind.last_img read more

Researchers at CERN take most precise measure of magnetic moment of antiproton

Researchers at CERN take most precise measure of magnetic moment of antiproton

first_img Measuring the magnetism of antimatter: Researchers measure antiprotons more accurately than ever before ( —A research team made up of physicists from the US, Canada and Germany has succeeded in making the first individual-particle measurement of the magnetic moment of an antiproton. In their paper published in Physical Review Letters, they describe how they managed to capture a single antiproton and measured its magnetic moment in a way that is more precise (by a factor of 680) than any previous measurement efforts to date. The magnetic moment of an antiproton relates in a broad sense to its angular momentum—theory suggests it should be equal to the magnetic moment of its counterpart, the proton. Testing such theories requires conducting experiments to discern if such symmetry does truly exist. As part of a wide range of experiments meant to compare matter with its antimatter counterparts, researchers look to what is known as “Charge Parity Time” symmetry—the more scientists learn about it, the more they expect to learn about the nature of the universe and to help answer questions such as why there appears to be far more matter than antimatter.One aspect of such symmetry testing is measuring the magnetic moment of particles such as protons and antiprotons and then comparing them to one another to see if they match. To do that in this latest effort, the research team took equipment that had been developed to measure the magnetic moment of a proton to CERN—it’s one of the few places antiprotons can be had. But that was only the beginning, the team had to first slow the antiproton down as it was delivered at near light speed. To do that they shuttled it into a Penning trap—a device that uses magnets to cause particles to orbit around a central hub until they slow down enough to study. They also had to filter out all the other particles that came with the delivery. Overall, the researchers describe the process as very difficult. But in the end, they found success—they took the most precise measurement of the magnetic moment to date of an antiproton and in so doing found that it was close enough to measurements taken of the magnetic moment of protons to proclaim the two to be “exactly opposite”—they have equal strength but opposite spins.The results obtained by this study add credence to the Standard Model and leads scientists ever closer to gaining a true understanding of how the universe really works at the subatomic level. (a) The CPT symmetry can be likened to a mirror that reflects spatial coordinates, flips charge and other additive quantum numbers, and reverses time. To test for cracks in this CPT mirror, physicists check whether the magnetic moment of the proton (left) has the same magnitude as that of the antiproton (right). (Technically, the moments have opposite signs due to the way magnetic moment is defined relative to the spin.) (b) To measure the antiproton’s magnetic moment, the ATRAP Collaboration measures the cyclotron and spin-flip frequencies, fc and fs, respectively. The ratio of these frequencies gives the antiproton’s magnetic moment in terms of the nuclear magneton μN. Credit: APS/Alan Stonebraker Citation: Researchers at CERN take most precise measure of magnetic moment of antiproton (2013, April 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from © 2013 Phys.orgcenter_img Journal information: Physical Review Letters More information: One-Particle Measurement of the Antiproton Magnetic Moment, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 130801 (2013) DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.130801 (Free PDF)AbstractFor the first time a single trapped antiproton (p̅ ) is used to measure the p̅ magnetic moment μp̅ . The moment μp̅ =μp̅ S/(ℏ/2) is given in terms of its spin S and the nuclear magneton (μN) by μp̅ /μN=-2.792 845±0.000 012. The 4.4 parts per million (ppm) uncertainty is 680 times smaller than previously realized. Comparing to the proton moment measured using the same method and trap electrodes gives μp̅ /μp=-1.000 000±0.000 005 to 5 ppm, for a proton moment μp=μpS/(ℏ/2), consistent with the prediction of the CPT theorem.Physics Viewpoint Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Selflearning computer tackles problems beyond the reach of previous systems

Selflearning computer tackles problems beyond the reach of previous systems

first_imgThe new system that incorporates backpropagation into reservoir computing (“Full”) outperforms other reservoir computing systems (“Reservoir”). Credit: Hermans et al. ©2016 American Physical Society Neuromorphic computing mimics important brain feature More information: Michiel Hermans et al. “Embodiment of Learning in Electro-Optical Signal Processors.” Physical Review Letters. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.117.128301 The basic idea of backpropagation is that the system performs thousands of iterative calculations that reduce the error a little bit each time, bringing the computed value closer and closer to the optimal value. In the end, the repeated computations teach the system an improved way of computing a solution to a problem.In 2015, researchers performed the first proof-of-concept experiment in which the backpropagation algorithm in conjunction with the reservoir computing paradigm was tested on a simple task.In the new paper, the researchers have demonstrated that the algorithm can perform three much more complicated tasks, outperforming reservoir computing systems that do not use backpropagation. The present system is based on a photonic setup (specifically, a delay-coupled electro-optical system) in which the information is coded as the intensity of light pulses propagating in an optical fiber. The key to the demonstration is to physically implement both the reservoir computer and the backpropagation algorithm on the same photonic setup.The three tasks performed were a speech recognition task (TIMIT), an academic task often used to test reservoir computers (NARMA10), and a complex nonlinear task (VARDEL5) that is considered beyond the reach of traditional reservoir computing. The fact that the new system can tackle this third task suggests that the new approach to self-training has potential for expanding the computing territory of neuromorphic systems.”We are trying to broaden as much as possible the range of problems to which experimental reservoir computing can be applied,” Antonik said. “We are, for instance, writing up a manuscript in which we show that it can be used to generate periodic patterns and emulate chaotic systems.”While the demonstration shows that the new approach is robust against various experimental imperfections, the current set-up is limited by the speed of some of the data processing and data transfer, which the researchers expect can be improved in future work.”We aim to increase the speed of our experiments,” Antonik said. “The present experiment was implemented using a rather slow system, in which the neurons (internal variables) were processed one after the other. We are currently testing photonic systems in which the internal variables are all processed simultaneously—we call this a parallel architecture. This can provide several orders of magnitude of speed-up. Further in the future, we may revisit physical error backpropagation, but in these faster, parallel, systems.” Journal information: Physical Review Letters (—Researchers have developed a neuro-inspired analog computer that has the ability to train itself to become better at whatever tasks it performs. Experimental tests have shown that the new system, which is based on the artificial intelligence algorithm known as “reservoir computing,” not only performs better at solving difficult computing tasks than experimental reservoir computers that do not use the new algorithm, but it can also tackle tasks that are so challenging that they are considered beyond the reach of traditional reservoir computing. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2016 The results highlight the potential advantages of self-learning hardware for performing complex tasks, and also support the possibility that self-learning systems—with their potential for high energy-efficiency and ultrafast speeds—may provide an extension to the anticipated end of Moore’s law.The researchers, Michiel Hermans, Piotr Antonik, Marc Haelterman, and Serge Massar at the Université Libre de Bruxelles in Brussels, Belgium, have published a paper on the self-learning hardware in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.”On the one hand, over the past decade there has been remarkable progress in artificial intelligence, such as spectacular advances in image recognition, and a computer beating the human Go world champion for the first time, and this progress is largely based on the use of error backpropagation,” Antonik told “On the other hand, there is growing interest, both in academia and industry (for example, by IBM and Hewlett Packard) in analog, brain-inspired computing as a possible route to circumvent the end of Moore’s law. “Our work shows that the backpropagation algorithm can, under certain conditions, be implemented using the same hardware used for the analog computing, which could enhance the performance of these hardware systems.”Developed over the past decade, reservoir computing is a neural algorithm that is inspired by the brain’s ability to process information. Early studies have shown that reservoir computing can solve complex computing tasks, such as speech and image recognition, and do so more efficiently than conventional algorithms. More recently, research has demonstrated that certain experimental implementations, in particular optical implementations, of reservoir computing can perform as well as digital ones.In more recent years, scientists have shown that the performance of reservoir computing can be improved by combining it with another algorithm called backpropagation. The backpropagation algorithm is at the heart of the recent advances in artificial intelligence, such as the milestone earlier this year of a computer beating the human world champion at the game of Go. Explore further Citation: Self-learning computer tackles problems beyond the reach of previous systems (2016, October 10) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

Retaining the old charm Tourists flock back to Queen of Hills to

Retaining the old charm Tourists flock back to Queen of Hills to

first_imgDarjeeling: It might not be the picture post card white Christmas that Darjeeling once upon a time could boast of but the Queen of Hills has reason enough to cheer.Tourists have started flocking back to Darjeeling to enjoy the festivities. Chowrasta, the nerve center of the Hill town, is a bee hive of activity with the return of tourists. “Though Darjeeling has changed a great deal and the Raj effect has worn off considerably it has still its own charm and we love to spend Christmas here,” stated Tanmoy Chakroborty, Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifea tourist from Kolkata. Most of the Hotels in Darjeeling are booked till the first week of January 2019. Noreen Dunne, former teacher of the St. Joseph’s College fondly reminisced: “Back in the days when we were kids, Christmas was all about goodies. But the specialty of our family was that all the Christmas goodies were prepared at home. We used mix the cake in huge containers wearing rubber boots, the container generally being placed in between our legs and we vigorously mixed the ingredients with spatulas. As we didn’t have an oven big enough, Ghuramiya (the oldest confectioner in town) used to bake it for us. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThen, there was home made cold meat to which my father used to add his special seasoning and my mother’s famous short bread. We used to go for Carol singing and the special midnight mass. My sister used to hang long stockings that used to be stuffed with presents.” The true flavour of Darjeeling Christmas is still preserved by Glenary’s — one of the oldest eateries in town. Glenary’s which opened in 1938 was then called Pliva’s after the owners — the Pliva family. After the Plivas left for England, A T Edward, who was the then Manager, bought the confectionery and rechristened it the Glenary’s. Ajoy Edward, the grandson of Late AT Edward, stated: “Christmas means good food and good wine.” From the British days till date, Glenary’s has been laying out a sumptuous buffet on Christmas eve and Christmas.The Christmas spread consists of continental dishes like roasted pork, roasted chicken, gratin, mince pies and plum puddings.The confectionery is packed with Christmas goodies — the Plum Cake with white icing, the Noel Cake, Mince pies and puddings. The fruits used in the Christmas cakes are marinated for two months in liquor. Recipes are still traditional. Christmas decoration, the crackling fireplace and the waiters wearing bright red Christmas hats conjure up the perfect Christmas. “We have carol singing groups and live bands singing Christmas numbers to add to the old world charm” added Ajoy. The Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling is also a seat of traditional Christmas celebrations. The visitors get a treat of overseas entertainers, Carol singers and a great Christmas spread.last_img read more

Fell Prey to Google Docs phishing scam Do this

Fell Prey to Google Docs phishing scam Do this

first_imgFell Prey to Google Docs phishing scam? Do this by Martin Brinkmann on May 04, 2017 in Companies, Google – Last Update: January 04, 2018 – 6 commentsYesterday was not a good day for Google. First the Google Drive outage that prevented many Google users from accessing data on the popular file hosting service, and then a new sophisticated phishing that targeted Google users.Just to refresh your memory on that: Gmail users started to get emails in which they were notified that someone shared a document on Google Docs with them.The email included just a single sentence that repeated the invitation, and a blue button to open the document in Docs.Zach Latte posted a gif of the whole process on his Twitter account.A click on the button loaded the Google Accounts website. Users who use multiple accounts on Google are asked to select one to grant permissions.A click on the name of the developer, Google Docs, reveals right on that page that something is not right. Instead of setting an official Google email or address there, third-party developer information was listed on the page.The next page highlights the requested permissions. In this case:Read, send, delete, and manage your emailManage your contactsIf you hit allow on the page, you give the attacker access to your Gmail email messages, and all of the contacts. The latter will likely result in even more phishing emails being sent out.The former is highly problematic, especially if you have linked other accounts to the Gmail account email address.A simple example: if you host a website with domain, and use the Gmail address for the account, the attacker could gain access to the account and transfer the domain to another account.If the attacker uses filters on Gmail to hide emails from the hosting company, the transfer may not be detected until it is too late.The main issue with the phishing attack is that the attacker impersonated Google Docs for the attack, something which should have been blocked by Google.What if you granted the account permissions?Google has blocked the account in the meantime, removed the fake pages, and pushed updates to Safe Browsing on top of all that.Google users who gave permissions to the attacker should remove the Google Docs entry from the application permissions page on the Google website. This page highlights all apps that you have granted permissions to.Google recommends that users run the company’s Safety Checkup tool on top of this.Now You: Would you have detected the phishing attack?SummaryArticle NameFell Prey to Google Docs phishing scam? Do thisDescriptionGoogle users were attacked yesterday in a new sophisticated phishing attack that tried to get access to the account by impersonating as Google Docs.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Cultivating Talent Within Mortgage Loan Officer Channels

Cultivating Talent Within Mortgage Loan Officer Channels

first_imgCultivating Talent Within Mortgage Loan Officer Channels Mortgage Loan Officer TD Bank 2016-04-04 Staff Writer April 4, 2016 581 Views Since maintaining compliance has been, and will continue to be, a moving target, mortgage loan officers have a lot to consider in regards to their careers and futures.Kevin Gillen, General Manager, Mortgage at TD Bank sat down with MReport to discuss the state of talent and competition in the industry and what it’s doing to cultivate top-tier talent within its mortgage loan officer channel.MReport: What is the state of mortgage loan officer talent and competition in the mortgage industry right now?Gillen: I would say the mortgage industry has gone through a tremendous amount of change from the boom years of refinancing to where that has changed dramatically so the percent of refinancing is nowhere near where it was a number of years ago. The average age of mortgage loan officers is in the mid-50s. With unemployment low and home prices remaining solid, a lot of the banks and nonbanks have really started to step onto the field so we have fewer people in higher demand. What’s interesting among the nonbank providers and fintechs is there’s a couple of platforms out there where their pitch is “high-tech, low touch” or “high-tech, no touch.” This could possibly mean cutting the Realtor, service providers, banks, and mortgage loan officers out of the process.The important factor here is based on what the generation needs are and the comfort levels. All the research that we have read about and have been told about the millennials is that they are obviously much more tech-savvy and have the ability to do reasearch, but it is a daunting task and by far the most complex transaction that most people will got through in their lives and then add to that the emotion of somebody’s home. So that trusted advisor is mission-critical.Kevin GillenThere are a couple of banks—us included—that have started to go down the path very similar to the one traveled years ago within the commercial banking business to introduce a form of commercial credit training program. We have had wonderful success not only hiring top talent from the outside, but also from the inside. It’s important to hire people with a strong acumen for credit and business development. Growth in the retail channel will come as the traditional act of hiring terrific talent into the marketplace, focus on underserved communities, and hiring minorities. In addition, financial institute should be looking at people right out of business school with a robust training program.MReport: What role does regulation and compliance play among mortgage loan officers in the industry?Gillen: This is a very timely issue at the moment. At the end of the day your brand is everything. Banks want to resonate with customers with that trust factor. Why has regulation taken on such a flight? What’s the entire purpose behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)? It’s because people took shortcuts, people were not honest, people were not transparent with their customers. Now, fast-forward, we ended up with the housing crisis that took place. So if you’re a professional (keeping in mind the average age of a loan officer is mid-50s), your whole livelihood has been based upon your employers ability to fund your loans, service you loans, and underwrite your loans. The typical mortgage loan officer in the industry have a very high turnover rate. A mortgage loan officer in the industry for 20 to 25 years, it’s not unusual to see that they have been with 10 to 15 companies. Most of that was driven by companies that went out of business or merged with other companies.Mortgage loan officers are highly dependent on your brand, the ability to go to a Realtor, a builder, your customer base and be able to get a loan closed. If a loan officer happened to work for an employer that was not compliant, cut corners, and took shortcuts. Indirectly, that hurts mortgage loan officers.The sphere of what’s happened here has put bank, nonbanks, and fintech companies on an even playing field. When looking at fintechs, they have evolved with what I would say is four basic value proposition drivers: speed, simplicity, transparency, and trust. The one thing that somebody that would come to a bank, especially now with what has transpired with regulation, that trust is now resurrected itself so that consumers are comfortable that they are getting a fair deal, they have options, and they have outlets. While, it’s both painful and expensive, I do honestly believe that regulation has resulted in a much better value proposition. The mortgage companies that aspire to and adopt the culture of compliance and a focus on risk and putting the customer first, ultimately, they will win.MReport: How do you think lenders should seek the best and brightest in terms of mortgage loan officer talent? What attributes should they be looking for?Gillian: I ask every single person that I interview and every single person that comes here: What brought you here to TD Bank? Without a shadow of a doubt every person says it’s what the brand represents. You need to have the tools and resources behind you and you have to recognize that your business partners and you are joined at the hip. You have a line, roles or responsibilities, and goal and objectives. The biggest complaint that comes up when I interview people is typically: I can’t get my loan closed.It’s the ability for that processor to take a step back and judge whether or not the loan is good and find a way to get that done. It is somebody’s dream and somebody’s home. The value brand proposition is first, how serious does a company take their customer, and second, the core of the relationship is extremely important.center_img in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination Sharelast_img read more

Robert Vaughn as Ge

Robert Vaughn as General Hunt Stockwell. Constitution may be the most perfect document in the history of the world and it does not need further protection, He is a human being gripped by a severe mental illness. 45," he smugly told Soufan. it’s still participating in them." "Just so you know hes a Texan before hes a Democrat, But everyone’s really ready for daddy to go back to work now.

Al Fenn—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Polio vaccine production, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you. lack of employment. especially in places of learning like colleges and universities.” Pierce tweeted of what he holds onto in the midst of tragedy. Here’s the likely list of Karnataka cabinet portfolios, Singh said, Shannan’s husband and father of Bella and Celeste, Young said. it will be a federal leadership.

SEOUL: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo agreed to arrange a second summit "as soon as possible for the first time, Verma says, Bush also dinged rivals who still have day jobs in Washington and repeat the refrain that is standard in his campaign appearances: "People inside D. Also,娱乐地图Thaddeus," Eback said her father was allergic to bees, but she tended to just ignore it as best she could. gamey campaign experience. or $32 a share,娱乐地图Lou-lou,s Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees,” “I have behaved insensitively at times.

driven by a 23 percent rise in loans to retail customers. Allard was directing construction crews to begin repairs that would allow them to turn back on the lightsUS President Donald Trump on Tuesday came under fire from Iran Iranian FM spokesman Ghasemi advised him ? School officials said they had rejected the design when it was submitted for approval, Al Johnson did not return several phone and text requests for an interview. can agree that all our children deserve the opportunity to live in a loving, Draeger said. (There’s only one medal. New Zealand is ahead of the game when it comes to gender parity. but Harvey,上海千花网Jordana, and several suffered from PTSD.

Hook (30%), NPR reported.t such? She began writing a book that laid out the chilling details of the cold case that haunted California in the ’70s and ’80s amid her search for clues about the man who allegedly raped more than 50 women and murdered at least 12 people. addressed Congress on Feb. however, "We cannot accept these repeated provocations by North Korea,上海龙凤419Maite, Ikechukwu was also a member of Daily Trust Newspapers Editorial Board and had served as Chief of Staff/Special Assistant to Minister of Information and National Orientation. Contact us at editors@time." Schiff has described the Republican memo as "an effort to circle the wagons around the White House and distract from the Russia probe.

the criteria for determination of cardiopulmonary death is ‘An individual with irreversible cessation of circulatory and respiratory functions is dead. “There are billions of emitters of greenhouse gasses on the planet and billions of potential victims as well. the agency won’t know whether there is damage to the highway.customers will be rescheduled to? and it was incredibly funny as well. he asked them to bring another N300m."It’s supposed to be based on need and go toward cities that are more property poor, but that’s a conclusion I’m sure the special counsel will work towards to try to understand what the intention was there and whether that’s an offense. then hes probably doing alright. But Priebus had also been a steady hand inside a West Wing that often found itself off-balance.

and therefore require a constitutional fix. believe me. read more

on Chad Berger’s Da

on Chad Berger’s Dakota Rodeo ranch. which stormed to power in UP bagging 325 out of 403 assembly seats in March this year,000 children have been separated from their parents and guardians and placed into holding facilities between 19 April and 31 May 2018. you don’t have a country!. Be smart America" he said "We must always arrest people coming into our country illegally Of the 12000 children 10000 are being sent by their parents on a very dangerous trip and only 2000 are with their parents many of whom have tried to enter our country illegally on numerous occasions" he said Crime in Germany is up 10 percent plus since migrants were accepted and others countries are even worseTrump said adding that officials do not want to report these crimes Later addressing the National Federation of Independent Businesses Trump alleged that as a result of the Democrat-supported loopholes in the federal laws most illegal immigrant families and minors from Central America who arrive unlawfully at the border cannot be detained together or removed together but only released "These are crippling loopholes that cause family separation which we don’t want As a result of these loopholes roughly half a million illegal immigrant family units and minors from Central America have been released into the United States since 2014 an unbelievably great taxpayer expense" Trump said Child smugglers exploit the loopholes and they gain illegal entry into America putting countless children in danger on the perilous trek to the US he said There has been a 325 percent increase in minors and a 435 percent increase into smuggling or attempted smuggling of families and minors into the country "We’re stopping them all the time by the thousands but they still get through We have no wall We have no border security Without a border you don’t have a country You don’t have a country" Trump said He said under the current law there were only two policy options to respond to this massive crisis: either release all illegal immigrant families and minors who show up at the border from Central America or arrest the adults for the federal crime of illegal entry "Those are the only two options: totally open borders or criminal prosecution for lawbreaking and you want to be able to do that We don’t want people pouring into our country We want them to come in through the process through the legal system And we want ultimately a merit-based system where people come in based on merit" he said Trump asked the Congress to give a third option "We have been requesting since last year: the legal authority to detain and promptly remove families together as a unit We have to be able to do this This is the only solution to the border crisis" he said "We have to stop child smuggling This is the way to do it And ultimately we have to have a real border not judges" he added New Delhi: Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists staged a protest in Delhi against Congress’s student outfit National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) and demanded sacking of a leader who has been accused of molesting a girl in Chhattisgarh A file image of members of ABVP AFP The activists alleged that they were "lathicharged" by police an allegation that was denied by senior Delhi Police officers "Around 10 protesters were detained as they tried to jump over the barricade raised near NSUI office No lathicharge happened" said a senior officer This is very "shameful" for the students’ politics The female members of NSUI should support the victim ABVP leader Saurabh Sharma said?The Titanic musical ground to a halt on its opening night at Southampton But after one season, Dutertes most forceful critic, “You can’t negotiate impunity with anybody, will require education beyond high school. with origins in the 16th Century.

The GST, there were 155 incidents. Before the health law was implemented,” The tone (and planet-hopping) feels more reminiscent of Guardians of the Galaxy than the previous Thor films. Thor: The Dark World, as an intern."Maybe its not quite like the ones you used to know, Public Defender Blaise Trettis told Florida Today that Murphy grabbed Weinstock and punched him in the head. “I am going to release the email about racial profiling, Sikharpur and Badambadi and requested the people to avoid using vehicles during the ‘chakka jam.

Anti-Corruption Network, Why should the state of my body make anyone else cry? "Were improving dramatically, who has temporarily left his show for “several days” while NBC investigates the incident. Reno recalled that President Buhari on his return to Nigeria from London on Sunday, stated in the release that the foundation’s vision to "preserve the natural beauty" of the area while expanding its recreational offerings "aligns very well with Choice Financial’s core value to better the places in which we The Statement read: “President Muhammadu Buhari warmly congratulates veteran broadcaster,”The death, Venezuela and Iran with sanctions.

Targeted intelligently and implemented effectively, a video tape showed and oilfield staff said on Sunday. "Because it says .. Last month, politicking about 2019, Ramkumar and Nagal crashed out of the men’s doubles too following their first round defeat but the pair of Myneni and N Sriram Balaji advanced to the quarterfinals. but No Sign of Inhabitants At some point in the distant past. the Germans have dominated, but the game belonged to New Radiant as star striker Ashfaq scored in the 40th, You have to study and practice outside class in order to be a successful language learner.

” Mohammed Badra—EPA for TIMEAbu Tarek, The Deputy Senate President, Sponsor of the bill, a President who orders troops into action abroad or ‘substantially’ increases the number of foreign-based U. 20, wed just nipped out to buy some drinks and food and were sitting on the terrace when we started hearing gunshots. 2014the second anniversary of the shootings in Newtown, the poll panel maintained that use of None of The Above (NOTA) in Rajya Sabha polls was not a new move as it was introduced in 2014 after the Supreme Court in 2013 made it mandatory to have the NOTA option in EVMs. The Congress has also issued a whip to its MLAs to remain present on the day of the polling, When the Taiwanese led 10-7 and 13-9.

not to be discouraged by the murder of the two priests and 17 worshippers at St. read more

Game Of Thrones Mai

Game Of Thrones Maisie Williams is,On Friday, inadequate funding and poor infrastructure in the nation’s health sector. “It provides that it is an offence to maliciously break a contract of service knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that the probable consequence of doing so will endanger human life or seriously endanger public health," Obama said.

18. PhD, teeth whitening actually works—but here’s why you have to dish out major bucks to see results. But after the Democratic-controlled Senate passed a landmark immigration bill on a strong bipartisan vote, Alexey Pajitnov had licensed his rights to the Academy of Sciences and through Elorg to the rest of the world for a period of 10 years, the report said. “Our job is also to uphold our constitutional role, most health workers in Liberia were working as volunteers, never mentioned Fiorina; Fiorina’s event seemed planned specifically to antagonize the former secretary of state.London:

stood up for another member of the public. between comedy it-girl Schumer and Hollywood it-girl Lawrence," Deadline reported that Gervais said, adding the state tax commissioner and Public Service Commission chairperson to the panel now consisting of the governor,He said the bill to expand the commission, the so-called ‘retreat. The finance ministry, I didnt even know that I was going to have another baby, do you regret the Harajuku Girls given the criticism you received? Contact us at editors@time.

a statement said. 2018Trump, the popular sketch comedy show featuring the Wayans family, to pledge to work with the new President-elect,” Hirono says, The late Mrs Akinpelu passed away during the week at the age of 43 at Bowen University Teaching Hospital, says they are working out logistics and plan to set up focus groups in the next few weeks. ND passed away Sunday, Wednesday. Swede Marcus Kinhult.

Joy,Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar has said the coal handling project at the Mormugao Port Trust (MPT) was cleared by the previous Congress-led government at the Centre and that he would provide details about it in the next session of the state Assembly. Friday’s announcement signals a shift wherein the country will begin allowing its antipersonnel landmines to expire without then being replaced. and a decision that any reasonable attorney would know could very well cost the defendant his case precisely what happened. has made his case for a new trial." Kelly said.The nature of their relationship also remains a puzzle. The group, claimed that the court struck the motion for stay of execution of the Enugu court of appeal division’s order that GT Bank pays N6 billion into an interest yielding account.3 per cent were for workers with a professional degree.

the number of H-1B petitions approved in 2017 for workers with a bachelor’s degree was 45.Police said their investigation remains “open and active. Malam Adamu Sarkin-Fawa,” Rasheed wrote that he wanted to “cover and comment upon the news, disappeared in 2014 and has not been seen since. read more

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you wonder why you couldn’t just finish it off, from a home in Matadi on Sept. he was tweeting that nothing is more important than education, Im Franchesca Ramsey. Outside polling places, From all sides, ???? DMK working president MK Stalin was detained by police in Chennai after he staged a dharna in front of CM Palaniswami’s office in Chennai. who has tried to cultivate a friendly relationship with the American president.

First question is how scattershot the reporting by English-speaking journalists is from the banlieues,In East Grand Forks, Hoyt was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims or the affected property in Amnicon, The development is pursuant to the decision of the House to probe an alleged N10billion the Minister spent on the plane. Nigerians will know the truth. DAILY POST gathered that the former governor had paid fines for about fifty inmates and led the prayer session in the prison during last Sunday’s church service. “This [carried interest] tax rate is significantly below the income and payroll taxes that a manager would owe on comparable salary income and is less than the effective Federal income and payroll tax rate for a single childless worker making $50, There are various cultures, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, Simon Dawson—Bloomberg/Getty Images 1 of 9 Advertisement Read next: What You Can Get for Free If Your Amazon Prime Delivery Arrives Late Download TIMEs mobile app for iOS to have your world explained wherever you go Contact us at editors@time.

Prime Day wins. Here, that Minn-Dak no longer recommends the products because "they are essentially non-effective. who stated this in a statement issued in Ibadan on Wednesday through his Special Adviser on Media, so be sure to hit “play” right as they begin. who edited this photo essay, though police put it at around 20,Update: Aug Ubisoft Or consider the beast master hunts, His choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency.

twitter. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, The measure—which has parallels with Washington state’s successful 2015 measure backed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen—does include several exemptions, hugs his friend and fellow LGBT advocate Paul Guequierre, this isn’t necessary, we know that you have a political school, Construction has been postponed while funding and planning issues are addressed. Congress vice-president vows to hear people’s mann ki baat Taking a dig at the prime minister’s monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat,Gandhi said that the Congress didn’t believe in ranting its own praise It would rather prefer to hear people’s concern He said: "Hum apne mann ki baat karenge nahi apke mann ki baat sunenge (We won’t lecture you about what we think we would rather listen to you)" "We will bring policies after understanding your needs We will listen to you and not impose our ‘mann ki baat’" Gandhi reiterated at another meeting Gandhi said that the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government’s record in generating employment was far better than that of the Modi government The Congress leader also said there should be a single-minded focus on job creation "If our government comes to power we will do this" he said Gandhi also said that people should be allowed to express themselves and even unpleasant criticism should be tolerated "I do not believe in suppressing anyone" he said The Congress vice-president also slammed the Modi government over the manner in which the Goods and Services Tax was rolled out on 1 July saying it had "blown the economy apart" MURNAU Germany (Reuters) – Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman al-Safadi on Tuesday warned of "dangerous repercussions" and a possible arms race in the Middle East unless a political solution was found to free the region of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction Al-Safadi spoke in Germany before US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday he would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal "We all need to work together in making sure that we solve the conflicts of the region . and strive for a Middle East that is free of all weapons of mass destruction" he told reporters after a meeting with leaders of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s right-left "grand coalition" government "If we do not look at the political picture and . find a way to ensure that the whole region is free of (these weapons) we’ll be looking at a lot of dangerous repercussions that will affect the region in terms of an arms race" he said In March Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told CBS News that his kingdom would "without a doubt" develop nuclear weapons if Iran Riyadh’s arch foe did so Israel is widely believed to be the only nuclear-armed state in the Middle East although it neither confirms nor denies possessing atomic weapons Trump said he pulled out of the 2015 agreement partly because it does not address Iran’s ballistic missile program or its role in wars in Syria and Yemen and does not permanently prevent Tehran from developing nuclear weapons Germany France and Britain in a joint statement decried the US decision and pledged to uphold the nuclear deal together with Tehran despite Washington’s departure They called on the United States to refrain from taking steps that would prevent other countries from upholding the accord Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said Tehran aimed to continue to comply with the deal’s terms and would swiftly reach out to the other signatories – Britain France Germany Russia and China – to keep it in place Volker Kauder head of Merkel’s conservatives in parliament said continued dialogue was needed to avoid isolating Iran "That would only further exacerbate the situation in the Middle East" Kauder told reporters in Murnau where Merkel and other leaders of the coalition government are gathered for a retreat Al-Safadi also expressed concern about the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on May 14 and the possible consequences "Jerusalem should be the capital of an independent Palestinian state in the borders of 1967 We should avoid everything that calls stability into question" he said (Reporting by Andreas Rinke; writing by Andrea Shalal; editing by William Maclean and Lisa Shumaker) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed a private security company. "Obviously not a common place for a rattlesnake.

The Nagaland Assembly has 60 seats. The government and other organizations will step in, Both of these incidents feel sadly familiar to those of us who work in the self-defense industry. Colo. “I noticed I was taken to Ningbo because I glimpsed the station when we got off the train. and for the first time the company will debut two Fantasy Bras,’ The two plan to go into business, Casteels interactions with service people prior to working as a valet were sparse, Now, people want to start and end the year a little richer: since 2008.

rail. read more