Han sangdoo jiamengfei much

Korean restaurant investment projects, many people are more optimistic about the Korean sangdoo characteristics to join the brand, so investors are most concerned about is the Korean cuisine to join the brand needing to how much money? The following small series to introduce this issue.

catering investment, want success, you should choose a unique brand of Han Bibimbap sangdoo! Join, a feature of Korean Bibimbap fast-food franchise brand, low investment, small and medium enterprises can do good business, unlimited potential, read more

Hao Meida air – leader water heater

, first-class quality, first-class quality assurance, to choose Hao Meida air to water heater? The success of the venture, to choose to join the Hao Martha air heater is good?

Hao Meida air heater, and constantly improve product quality, improve the sales channels, to expand the greater wealth channels for you, for you to broaden the rich market! Hao Meida air heater investment agency, a good fortune! Hao Meida air heater, water heater led consumption boom!

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Happy star join Hamburg need how many money

The first

happy star burger saw at the side of the supermarket, the kids don’t love this burger. Titus. With the growing popularity of Western fast food culture, such as fried chicken fast-food hamburger gradually by the receiving, demand for fast food hamburger in the three or four line of the city is more and more big, the blank of Western fast food market, is a good time to start a business.

happy star join Hamburg is a good choice, happy star Hamburg Department of Shanghai Doushi Catering Management Co., the company’s high-quality Western fast-food franchise brand, the main products are hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries, chicken roll, snacks, ice cream, ice, milkshakes, Egg Tart, Smoothie, juice tea and other Western fast food since the beginning of the establishment of delicacy; with a happy, safe, delicious and quick for the direction of development, to concentrate on doing one thing, hard service class, a social enterprise trust. So how much is it to join the happy star burger?. read more

Kyrgyzstan Xiangxi shop out of the whole strategy

shop can make money, it is such a glorious era, but now has ended, many shops because the strategy has not changed, leading to a low business. In September 2006, my husband and I took over a convenience store, the shop has a name: Ji Xiangxi".

after nearly a year of efforts, by the end of 2007, we not only to borrow money to pay off the count when there is a deposit. Our hopes for the future, by the end of 2009, not far away, a large supermarket opened, my customers have to go shopping in the supermarket, our business is getting worse, often a day can do some business. read more