A5 optimization group recommended free Shanghai dragon tools can still be hacked

four: free.

three: love Shanghai weight query

in addition, the super Ping tool in Chinaz tool, is also very useful. Can test the reaction speed of sites at home and abroad dozens of servers, can let the webmaster know which network node server problems, so as to timely treatment.

website optimization, a search engine and the process of dealing with rules, and determine the ranking effect is the application of the rules. Who is more in line with the search engine optimization rules, then it means that the WHO website ranking and increased face change rapidly on a chip, a stable. However, the Internet era is the era of information, the individual ability is limited, so we can be with the aid of the external force? Therefore, people buy website optimization software, to avoid the tedious data analysis process faster towards more stable track optimization. But the cost of software, nor the general grassroots webmaster can afford the. Here the A5 optimization team finishing some free but very useful tools in Shanghai dragon, and from the perspective of analysis: read more

How can Adsense make money from an advertising allianceDiscussion how to obtain more business inform

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

, our company established a business website, the main production of welding equipment and refractory materials, joined the hundred search engine

rankings, but received mostly sell information, as a small private enterprises, still want to through this website

1, find the right path. Does your client surf the Internet? What are the main sites? Can those sites link to your website? Can your customers easily find your website? Do you understand your product price, performance, quality through your website? What’s your way and your customers to communicate with each other? If you know that, I don’t think you’ll have that problem.     read more

Ali and Baidu’s game sina is not the key

today I suddenly see a word, it is feeling for everyone to share in this, it says, "Chinese Internet, the real top game player is not more than three people, but Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li". Although a bit crazy, but we can feel that in the Ali system, Tencent, Baidu created in the Internet world, other companies are only supporting roles. Especially the recent major events around the Baidu and Ali is let us feel Ma Yun and Robin Li means clever, especially Ma Yun, investment street, UC holdings, the acquisition of sina, each pen can shake the industry pattern of transaction. In particular, Sina, micro-blog incorporated, but also to see that Ali is determined to do mobile electricity supplier. read more

High quality information is the foundation prompting the user to pay the bill is the key

for the website, the operation of the ultimate goal is to let users spend on the site, even if it is not able to direct consumption, but also through the user driven innovation to website profit pattern, thus indirectly make website gain, this website can be in today’s competitive environment to live in relatively moist a little, how can let users on the site for direct consumption or indirect consumption? Information quality is the site of the core foundation.

high quality information allows users to benefit from read more

nternet product design cutting tips point nine map multiplier

users see the product interface renderings are not designers make painstaking efforts of creation, but a single slice through the development of technology students. Map as a bridge between designers and developers, its role is very important, appropriate and accurate cutting position can be design to maximize the reduction effect, exquisite cutting will have a multiplier effect Oh!

We often do a

known as the "Nine" figure, what is "Nine"? "Nine" is a special form of Android platform for image processing, because the file extension ".9.png", so called "nine". Point nine is also a unique technology developed for the needs of Android platforms with multiple resolutions to be adapted. The pictures can be arbitrarily transverse and longitudinal tensile, and retain the original pixel size precision, gradient texture and rounded, to achieve the perfect display multi resolution, while reducing unnecessary image resources, can be described as cutting tool. read more

On the popularization and profit making of novel websites

my novel stands for nine days. The book house (www.9daybook.com) has recently been revised, and more and more people are looking at it. It is gratifying to see the growth of IP every day. It shows that the way I revised it is quite right. Here is my summary of this half a month, I hope we can communicate with you.

good websites need people to visit, but the traffic of the website is also the most headache problem for the webmaster. But here I’m referring mainly to search engines, and BAIDU and GOOGLE are the first choice for webmasters. After submission, GG will soon be included in the station, included in the number of pages will continue to increase, traffic will soon upgrade up, although often updated Baidu, but still only included home page. read more

How to do fast food takeaway service

fast food takeaway outlets to attract the attention of many franchisees, because now people seem to be more interested in foreign sales, the consumer is not much in the store. What do you need to do if you want to develop a takeaway service? Novice may not be familiar with this problem, together to experience it.

first, but also need to choose a good takeaway stores shop shop, this is all very important, for takeaway stores, store the importance of needless to say we all know, it directly affects the number of tourist shops, business is good or bad, so the friends must make the store location work, lay a more solid foundation for the success of a profit. read more

The content of the two cases of food and beverage entrepreneurs wary of interpretation

catering industry demand, but the competition is particularly fierce, for an initial contact with the food and beverage market investors, in order to operate a good food and beverage business is not an easy thing. If you want to succeed, you need to be aware of some of the wrong behaviors.

1: the money spent is not willing to spend, should not spend a lot of money to spend a lot of flowers.

storefront, renderings in store environment, before I go has been revised three times. The boss spent 3500 yuan on a so-called designer. Designers agreed to make the design, in line with the main idea of the planning case decoration. Then out of the floor plan, effect drawing, construction plans. read more

Han sangdoo jiamengfei much

Korean restaurant investment projects, many people are more optimistic about the Korean sangdoo characteristics to join the brand, so investors are most concerned about is the Korean cuisine to join the brand needing to how much money? The following small series to introduce this issue.

catering investment, want success, you should choose a unique brand of Han Bibimbap sangdoo! Join, a feature of Korean Bibimbap fast-food franchise brand, low investment, small and medium enterprises can do good business, unlimited potential, read more

Hao Meida air leader water heater

, first-class quality, first-class quality assurance, to choose Hao Meida air to water heater? The success of the venture, to choose to join the Hao Martha air heater is good?

Hao Meida air heater, and constantly improve product quality, improve the sales channels, to expand the greater wealth channels for you, for you to broaden the rich market! Hao Meida air heater investment agency, a good fortune! Hao Meida air heater, water heater led consumption boom!

ultra high energy efficiency, Hao Meida air heater, more effective, more practical, make your life happy! The experimental data show that the Hao Meida air heater (EER) up to 4.6, the input 1 kilowatts of electricity can be about 4.6 kilowatts of thermal energy, energy efficiency is much higher than the industry level above 15%. read more

Happy star join Hamburg need how many money

The first

happy star burger saw at the side of the supermarket, the kids don’t love this burger. Titus. With the growing popularity of Western fast food culture, such as fried chicken fast-food hamburger gradually by the receiving, demand for fast food hamburger in the three or four line of the city is more and more big, the blank of Western fast food market, is a good time to start a business.

happy star join Hamburg is a good choice, happy star Hamburg Department of Shanghai Doushi Catering Management Co., the company’s high-quality Western fast-food franchise brand, the main products are hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries, chicken roll, snacks, ice cream, ice, milkshakes, Egg Tart, Smoothie, juice tea and other Western fast food since the beginning of the establishment of delicacy; with a happy, safe, delicious and quick for the direction of development, to concentrate on doing one thing, hard service class, a social enterprise trust. So how much is it to join the happy star burger?. read more

Kyrgyzstan Xiangxi shop out of the whole strategy

shop can make money, it is such a glorious era, but now has ended, many shops because the strategy has not changed, leading to a low business. In September 2006, my husband and I took over a convenience store, the shop has a name: Ji Xiangxi".

after nearly a year of efforts, by the end of 2007, we not only to borrow money to pay off the count when there is a deposit. Our hopes for the future, by the end of 2009, not far away, a large supermarket opened, my customers have to go shopping in the supermarket, our business is getting worse, often a day can do some business. read more