Bethesda Brings The 1997 Doom Miniatures Back From Hell

first_img I know I didn’t expect the sheer gory glory of Doom 2016 to resurrect the legendary first-person shooter franchise in such a huge way. But it seems like Bethesda didn’t expect this either. And the great thing about everyone caring so much about Doom again is that this timeless tale of slaying demons on Mars and in Hell has a rich nostalgic legacy to draw from. Doom wasn’t just a game. It was a Satanic lifestyle.So while you’re waiting for Doom Eternal to give you new iD memories, maybe you’d like to remember some of your old ones. Fortunately, you soon can with this hot slice of Doom history. Bethesda is bringing the original 1997 Doom miniatures back from Hell.Doom’s iconic monster designs is a huge reason why the series is so beloved. Slaying a bewildering Cacodemon vs. a towering Cyberdemon vs. a charging Pinky demon are different experiences that call for different tactics. And their looks just convey so much personality and character. So it makes sense that metal figurines of classic Doom foes became so popular back in the day. Plus they look a lot more detailed than a 1993 PC sprite.AdChoices广告View as: One Page Slides1/111. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Until now though it was pretty hard to get your hands on these toys without breaking the bank. So Bethesda is making it much easier by reproducing the whole 15-figure collection, hand polished from lead-free pewter, for $200. That’s the same price scalpers would previously charge you for a single 3-inch figure on eBay.The set includes a Marine, Zombie Marine, Shotgun Guy, Heavy Weapons Dude, Imp, Pinky Demon, Lost Soul, Cacodemon, Revenant, Mancubus, Baron of Hell, Arch-Vile, Cyberdemon, Pain Elemental, and Arachnotron. Reaper Miniatures handled the modern manufacturing while the original designs come from Sandra Garrity, Julie Guthrie, and Bob Ridolfi.These new Doom miniatures ship next January, one custom box per person. Imagine, in the first few months of 2019 you could be playing brand new Doom levels from John Romero with new Doom figurines sitting on your desk. This is the bright side of being in Hell. Stay on target ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ and ‘Masters of Doom’ Are Yo…Bethesda Has ‘Doom Eternal’ and Some Other E3 2019 Games We Guess last_img

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