How to fly all over the sky of Shanghai dragon rookie from Shanghai dragon article draw nutrition co

often go to the webmaster gateway friends must have felt today Shanghai Longfeng articles have a flood point. In some Webmaster Platform even began to reduce the audit of Shanghai dragon, because this kind of article is too much, the similarity is too high. This also led to a lot of Shanghai dragon rookie don’t know what to choose content to enrich their own content, even don’t know who is right. In fact, as the Shanghai dragon rookie we do not have too much confusion, views and understanding of the so-called Shanghai dragon article is from other people, we can learn from in the study, can imitate. But to the letter as a book, as has just entered the Shanghai dragon rookie to avoid blindly believe in these things, only according to the practical experience of data analysis and practical is worth asking their trust in. So for the Shanghai Phoenix rookie us how are we going to Shanghai from the flying dragon article draw nutrition content. The author will share some of their own experiences. read more

How to optimize and upgrade new sites keywords ranking

before this love Shanghai large-scale algorithm to update a lot of companies and individual station station crackdown, many owners suffered a serious hammer, some sites included no ranking, no snapshot, there are more poor is the site by K is a hair fell in love with altitude. But when this happens you don’t panic and don’t worry, as long as your site not cheating, can go to love Shanghai station that submit your web site, there may be a site to be killed, the next love Shanghai adjustment algorithm is likely to be put out. Before this, we still have to do the update every day as in the past, content should be not more precision, the number of articles to keep two articles on it. read more

Talk about my new understanding of HYP high risk investmentThree points about investing domain name

3. online and offline

online and offline is certainly different, offline businesses generally have their own brand names, however, the network is more easy to remember exclusive domain name, this is the Internet user experience features, also for a long time, the exclusive domain name value times the length of the reason. For example, you use foodcom as the food industry domain, people will think your website is very professional, authoritative set. Internet users are facing the whole world, the whole country. There is no geographical distinction, so the exclusive domain name easy to create value. On the one hand is the user’s memory, on the other hand also set the industry authority. Can be said that the development of the exclusive domain name > read more

Optimization of the chain right

high platform (BBS, blogs, classification of information, community, B2B, bookmarks, directory, navigation) issued by the chain, than has been using one or several platform release effect is much better, if often released in a platform, there may be.

network world is very wide, the release of the chain must not be confined to one or several platforms. Often find some

first, the choice of platform (correlation)

maybe a lot of people think they can send the chain, the chain of hair is effective and so on. In fact, we really will send the chain? Some people think that high quality is the chain of multi user browsing, click multiple, although these factors are, but also not to say that this chain must be of high quality. The largest chain how to send help to bring the read more

Net red live usher in the big wash the second half or live led by the enterpriseMa Huateng’s letter

guidance Ma Huateng summed up in the letter, entrepreneurs need innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and create value for users.

live event when the anchor is out of the limelight, the platform between poaching is fueling anchor value rises, however this time broadcast industry showing a false prosperity, plus the government compulsory intervention of external forces, the capital is becoming rational, broadcast industry also began to consider the business model upgrade calm. As can be seen from the diagram, the relatively high value of the anchor, after a brief burst of red, is also mostly reduced wages. In addition, there are a lot of small anchor frequently burst salary discussion event, which also shows that the shortage of funds chain platform conditions, only starting from wages, reduce operating costs. read more

The Links is the choice of the station link or link to the home page

three, from the site of the PR value analysis: the PR value is actually calculated according to the website, so the station link would be better, but it is the general site only the first page of the PR value will be high, but the inside pages of the PR value is basically no, many web page in the PR is 0, so if the link is the web site, the PR value transfer effect will be obvious, if basically some small sites, the PR value will not have much of a difference.

has a friend asked me a question today, what is Links exchange with others, he is the station links, while others site is home page links, ask this themselves are not very suffer, your site Links output too much, will not have an effect on your ranking. Encounter this problem, I really did not practice, at first with the mass of thoughts, that total to others for home page links, such as using the whole house with others in a living room, certainly a is his own, can’t it? But from Shanghai Longfeng factors to consider analysis. The following analysis: read more

How to quickly get the new ranking and traffic Do six to let you worry about


and I think we have found my website name is my domain name in pinyin, so ranking on this book is a good keyword color.

The domain name of the website included 4 words!Figure

old domain name of words, to love Shanghai more "pro", Huang Kun this novel my domain name is I in two months ago already registered, but has been placed to now no use! Two months to name those although not a few years old old domain name but, love Shanghai to treat the old domain than the new domain name (just the domain name registration) read more

nternal website optimization often ignored four points

for a website is undoubtedly the most basic, but also is a necessary foundation, because most of the time after we set up the structure to the site, usually will not change, even will also use the 301 form of the jump change, to avoid causing the site to drop right. There is, as we all know, spiders love original content, but a lot of the time you will find you every day in the release of the original or false original content, but the spider crawling is not, then you should look at your website URL is too complicated, leading to many times the "lazy" spider crawling. So here is a set of clear and concise words website structure to a website either included or the weight can be of help. read more

How to excavate the long tail keywords medical


here I use a word after the tools of long tail keywords query results can be obtained as below:

love love Shanghai station by using the weighted query, we can roughly approximate search site love Shanghai sources of traffic flow, and some of the site keywords. We use the tool to analyze the flow of the long tail word opponent, the results as below:

from the graph, we remove some short keywords, can directly obtain some long tail keywords, long tail word is these rival sites tested flow long tail, the degree of competition may be higher, but the same, which can bring the flow is more. read more

The opening date panguso snapshot discovered in 2088

Pangu search as a new search engine to search new faster than the same search engine, such as the love of Shanghai. I believe that in the future, the growth of Pangu search will by netizens like, especially mobile phone users search.

Through the

panguso February 22nd 15 officially launched the opening of

"the dawn of time to search the world". By the Xinhua news agency and Chellona Mobile Communications Corporation Cmcc to jointly build a search engine – panguso, after intense preparations, 15 today will be officially for the majority of Internet users to provide services, which will be broadcast live on xinhuanet贵族宝贝. The integration of Pangu search network technology advantages Xinhua information resources and China Mobile, the Internet service and mobile terminal integration, relying on the powerful technical platform, use the international advanced the concept of the Internet, more fast, more efficient search experience for the majority of Internet users, search engine market and create a new service model. read more

Single page how to optimize Shanghai Dragon

single page website of each paragraph or each of the anchor structure stupid had better be able to reasonable label label, H label, Strong label, etc. to use discretion, not excessive use.

The use of

single page website title is the main marketing type, can let the keywords appear in the title to attractive enough, it is important, a good title is the basis of site traffic guarantee.

Polymerization of

four, website content must be accurate elegant

seven, the content of the website

, the title of the two read more

Encyclopedia of the chain skills you do today to do

first, find a not popular entry, such as Hong Kong and Macao visa ", fell in love with the sea has been in existence, can not search and interactive, so we can directly copy the link in the past, to join the site can be extended.

. Today is here to share, overall, Wikipedia is a very good outside chain resources, we hope that the patience to perform, because to do so far more than a day in the forum of irrigation is much stronger. This paper provides the original by Wang Shifan Wang Shifan personal blog, please indicate the www.wangshifan贵族宝贝. read more

A5 marketing enterprise stand in the end what needs to be done outside the chain can

in fact, the construction of enterprise website chain is a topic of many webmaster a commonplace talk of an old scholar, enterprise on the chain construction is very good also very proficient, but for some novice webmaster is a how to figure out the problems and troubles, according to incomplete data show that at this stage most of the business owners did not understand their own site outside the chain in the end how to do outside the chain, what kind of the chain, what kind of chain for their business website, every day there will be owners of the occurrence of such problems, so these enterprises website optimization for a long time are not good rankings and weight. However, this topic is a commonplace talk of an old scholar a novice webmaster enterprise especially want to see, because they are looking for ways to the construction of enterprise site outside the chain, as long as they can find a way to know the enterprise chain exactly what needs to be done before. read more

Analysis of site repeat what is and how to optimize

2 points directory. This occurred mainly in the shopping navigation website or information on the website, because these sites often appear "popular goods" and "fine introduction" such as navigation, imagine "popular goods" of the articles is likely to also appear in the top ten list, which resulted in a return to that web content repeat degree.


when the site of these conditions, how can we optimize their website content website reduce repeat

dynamic web page set 5 is the spider crawling website backstage directory included duplicate. read more

Five the ultimate weapon quickly improve site weight

with the development trend of Internet China, a new station if you want to obtain the status of a seat on the Internet, many websites in shine in talent shows itself, the most basic condition is a kind of mentality is to persevere, unremittingly spirit. To succeed, you must repeat the simple things to do, do, this is the famous grassroots webmaster Guo Jijun said a word, I agree, do stand to hold this kind of attitude to do, even if not successful, I have tried. Want to do a website, but has a good mentality to better grasp the good website optimization techniques, as long as you have the following five weapons, that you will be able to deus ex, run away. read more

Shanghai Longfeng novice share site optimization success experience

Technology Department website handover to my hand, the first thing is to improve the site TITLE, site TITLE for spiders, the weight is very high, how to write TITLE, I believe we have seen many tutorials on the Internet, is nothing more than the number of characters and display control keywords. Keywords: Web page keywords placed inside the second thing is to set up internal website, remember do not stack keywords, placed to be reasonable, if the accumulation of key words, love Shanghai will think you are cheating. The third thing is the site of the internal Advisory text also remember, text does not need, nor is the same multiple text point to the same page, text transition optimization, love Shanghai will think that this is a kind of cheating. The fourth thing is to check the site chain site internal chain will seriously affect the hinder love Shanghai spiders crawl, so remember, death can not stay! The fifth thing is the internal website article — the best is the original, there is really no time to false original, but don’t go directly to the Internet to copy other people’s articles, because it is not the meaning of love, Shanghai is not included, even if included would not put out, so will greatly reduce the amount included in the site. read more

Prediction of Shanghai Longfeng VP ranked three days will come back to the default

third is the love of Shanghai have paid attention to, I see the prize quiz: Shanghai dragon VIP ranking will be back? The news is seen in Shanghai say love Tencent micro-blog on

love Shanghai has paid attention to, then I will restore the judgment within 3 days. The reason is because the site is not cheating sites, and Liu Huanbin is Shanghai dragon circles daniel. How many pairs of eyes are staring at? If you love Shanghai recovery time is slow, the webmaster will curse love Shanghai, love Shanghai even as public relations will immediately give him back. read more

Talk about the importance of full range under the influence of news on the website


7. banned words: cause the site to open, the emergence of a series of errors.

Most of the The correlation between

include: the article correlation, the title of the article, the theme of the article, keyword density, header files, edit the original tail, forbidden word.

8. the duplication of a large number of articles to add: if there are a large number of repeated search engines at the time of retrieval that is rubbish, think this site is cheating.

5. file head end of file editor: judge a paper of the novel, the most important is to look at the beginning and end of the editing, search engine when searching and retrieval from the beginning. So, it is important to keep the file head end of file editing novelty. read more

The experience of internal links should be how to optimize the share summary

text navigation

number is not too much


site map

on the small website, to ensure that can be achieved from the front page of any page after four clicks, of course, the number of clicks as little as possible, with the use of the site map said earlier, this point should not be a problem. A mathematical formula can be calculated, after four clicks can have millions of pages, enough to use in small and medium sized enterprises.

Site navigation

site navigation also try to use text links, some websites love using pictures or JS to do the drop-down menu for navigation, but for the website optimization effect best text links, text links can make Baidu successfully crawl through the website of the text, and links can also understand what is the column page the content is too. If the site for beautiful must use a picture link or JS code, so that at least a kitten all columns of text links at the bottom of the site or site map. read more

The future development trend of Shanghai love intimate search

3.: everyone personalized search results will get different search results according to their own needs.

in Shanghai New World Marketing Forum, love Shanghai a new generation of search engine technology – "intimate search", "search", that is to say the user does not need to search through 2 times and click on it to find the information they need.


2, on the right side of search results provide richer, and recommend more information related to the user, "do you mind I can guess the Shanghai dragon will lead to long tail keywords traffic rose read more