Divine Food

first_imgDivine food is pure vegetarian food, which Lord Krishna in the Bhagwad Gita described as satvic bhojan, because it purifies the mind, increases life span and contributes to health, joy and cheerfulness. The foods promote bodily health as they contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals required to maintain the body in optimum health. These foods comprise of vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, nuts, milk and milk products. The delightfully delicious Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes that follow do not contain onion, garlic or gelatin and are not just nutritious and healthy, but enchant the taste buds as well.Capsicums MazedaarIngredients 6 medium capsicums slit in middleFor gravy ½ oz. almonds ½ oz. roasted ground nuts1 oz. dry coconut1 tblsp. dhania jeera powder¼ tsp. turmeric powder1 medium tomato pureed4 ozs. yoghurt mixed with 1 tblsp. chick pea flourFor filling  1 medium eggplant¼ tsp. mustard seeds1 tblsp. chopped coriander leaves1 tsp. mint leaves1 tsp. green chilies, minced½ tsp. grated ginger1 medium tomato chopped1 tsp dhania jeera powder4 tblsps.oilSalt and chili powder to tasteFry the capsicums until they wrinkle. Dry roast coconut and nuts and then grind them. Roast eggplant on open flame till it wrinkles and turns soft. Drop in cold water and then skin the eggplant. Mash to a paste. Heat 2 tblsps. oil and add mustard seeds, when they stop tossing, mix in 2 tblsps. nut mixture. Fry for 1 minute, then add eggplant along with all the filling ingredients. Cook until oil floats to the top. Stuff the mixture into capsicums. Heat 2 tblsps. oil and add the ground nut paste along with all spices and tomatoes. Cook till dry. Beat yoghurt with 1 glass water and add to tomatoes. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and place capsicums side by side on the gravy. Cook until paste thickens. Decorate with coriander leaves and serve hot.Cherry CurryIngredientsFor cherries½ lbs. mashed paneer4 tsps. corn flour1 tsp. cumin seeds¼ tsp. monosodium glutamate A few drops of red food coloring For curry1 tsp. cumin seeds1tsp. ginger, cut into thin strips2 tblsps. yoghurt2 oz. tomatoes, peeled and pureed½ lbs. boiled green peas2 tblsps. ground cashew nuts¼ litre milk½ tsp. essence of saffron4 tblsps. cream1 tblsp. dhania jeera powder2 green chilies, minced1 tblsp. coriander leaves¼ tsp. turmeric powderSalt and chili powder to taste2 canned pineapple rings, cubed4 tblsps. oil½ oz. roasted cashew nuts Mix paneer along with corn flour, cumin seeds and salt. Add enough color to give it a deep red texture. Form into cherry sized balls and fry to a golden color. Drain. Heat 4 tblsps. oil and add cumin seeds, when they stop tossing, add tomato puree, yoghurt, cashewnut paste, all spices, salt, ginger, coriander leaves and chilies. When oil floats on the top, add boiled peas, milk and essence. After a few minutes mix in the cherries. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes. Place in a serving dish, pour cream on top and decorate with pineapple and cashew nuts.Mushrooms in ButterIngredients¼ lbs. mushrooms thinly sliced4 ozs. cream1 oz. corn flour2 oz. butterJuice of 1 lime1 tblsp. sugarSalt and chili flakes to tasteMix cream, salt and mushrooms together and set aside for 1 hour. Roll mushrooms in corn flour and deep fry in oil until crisp and golden. Melt butter in a pan over low heat, add sugar and lime juice and mix well. Remove from fire and place mushrooms in a serving dish and add the butter and sugar mixture over the mushrooms. Garnish with toasted cashewnuts, almonds and chopped cilantro.Manpasand ParanthaIngredients½ lbs. whole wheat flour2 ozs. refined flourMilk to mixSalt to taste For filling ½ lbs grated radish1 tsp. green chilies, minced1tblsp. coriander leaves1 tsp. chopped mint leaves2 tblsps. oilSalt to tasteMix both flours and salt. Add enough milk to form stiff dough. Heat 2 tblsps. oil and add filling ingredients. Cook till dry. Form the dough into balls. Take two balls and roll into small round discs. Squeeze out the water from the radish and mix with remaining ingredients. Spread radish on one round, sprinkle a little dry flour on top. Cover with the second round and seal edges. Sprinkle dry flour on top. Roll out into a parantha and shallow fry to a golden color. Smear with butter and serve with yoghurt.RivoliIngredients½ lbs. refined flour½ tsp baking powderSalt to taste For filling4 oz. bean sprouts½ lb. shredded cabbage, carrots and French beans2 oz. shredded mushrooms½ tsp. grated ginger4 tblsps. oilSalt and pepper to taste To prepare filling heat 4 tblsps. of oil and fry all vegetables until almost done. Mix in remaining filling ingredients and use as filling. Mix together flour, salt and baking powder. Add enough water and form dough. Chill for half hour. Divide dough into small balls and roll out into a thin round shape. Place a tblsp. of the filling in the center and fold over to form half moon shapes. Seal the edges with 1 tblsp. corn flour mixed with ¼ cup water. Deep fry to a golden color and serve hot.Vegetable Fried RiceIngredients1 lb. boiled rice¼ lb. shelled peas4 oz. each of shredded carrots, capsicums and cabbage4 oz. bean sprouts1 tsp. ginger juice2 tblsps. sliced parsley4 ozs. cubed potatoesSoy sauce to tasteSalt and pepper to taste8 tblsps. oilHeat oil and fry potatoes. Drain. Add carrots, peas, capsicums, bean sprouts, cabbage and salt. Fry over high heat until almost cooked. Mix in rice, ginger juice, pepper and potatoes. Fry 2 to 3 minutes. Place in serving dish, decorate with parsley and serve hot.Eight Jewel PuddingIngredients½ lbs. rice4 tblsps. unsalted butterA big pinch of salt2 tblsps. each of chopped almonds and walnuts¼ lbs. mixed candied fruit, such as cherries, pineapple, papaya and mixed peels.6 oz. whipped cream½ lbs. castor sugarA few drops of vanilla essence4 oz. whole nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, cashewnuts and walnuts for decorationCook rice in 4½ cups of water until soft and dry. Grease small steel bowls and place nuts and fruits in a decorative fashion in bowl. Mix unsalted butter, salt, sugar and vanilla essence into the rice and spoon into bowls, being careful not to disturb the nuts and fruits. Press down firmly for 30 minutes. Place on a bed of green lettuce leaves. Cover with whipped cream, decorate with whole nuts and chill before serving.Fig CakeIngredients8 oz. refined flour8 oz. dried figs4 oz. Castor sugar4 oz. unsalted butter½ tsp. baking powderPinch of salt Cut the figs into small pieces and cook in just enough water until tender. Mix together flour, salt, sugar and baking powder. Add butter, figs and enough water to form a batter. Place in a greased pan and bake in a moderate oven for 40 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. When cool, cut into small square pieces and serve decorated with slivers of almonds.Chocolate NougatIngredients½ lbs. dark chocolate grated For nougat 4 oz. sugar1 tsp. unsalted butter4 oz. coarsely chopped nuts like almonds, cashewnuts and walnutsOn a slow fire place sugar and butter in a pan and cook until melted. Add nuts, mix well and remove from fire and pour the mixture on a greased platform. Use rolling pin to roll to a ¼ inch thick layer. Slice layer halfway into small squares with the help of a sharp knife. When mixture cools, break into squares. Melt chocolate, dip nut squares one by one in melted chocolate. Set to harden in refrigerator for 3 to 4 hours. Wrap in silver paper Related Itemslast_img read more