For the city food safety escort

For catering service food safety guarantee during the glorious cause the Silk Road and the 2015 Xining city development and Investment Fair ", to ensure that staff work during the conference delegates and meeting of food safety, food and Drug Administration in accordance with the municipal government unified requirements, careful arrangements, meticulous organization, early intervention, comprehensive investigation, monitoring, solid job food security work.

from September 2nd, two law enforcement officers conducted a dragnet inspection and supervision within the jurisdiction of the catering service units, focus on checking whether a valid "catering service license", whether the establishment of food safety organization, whether to develop contingency plans for food safety management system, the specific program of work and public health emergencies, purchasing, food materials certificate approval, implementation of the system, whether the establishment of personnel of relevant laws and regulations of food safety knowledge, training records, employees have a valid health certificate and certificate of training. In the inspection found if there are very few units missing records, ledger records omission, bill does not match the phenomenon, the food storage food without classification, put the chaos and food sample cabinet put litter, tableware cleaning cabinet is not clean, there are food scraps and other issues, put forward rectification supervision personnel on the spot opinions, and issued a "rectification on-site supervision book", ordered the immediate rectification. According to the unified arrangements of the municipal government to develop the program of work, detailed work content, and signed the food service food safety undertaking and undertake the glorious cause the Silk Road and 2015 Xining city development and Investment Fair "reception catering units to carry out food safety work in accordance with the" major event catering service food safety supervision and management standards ". The food and drug law enforcement brigade inspector to inspect the food processing, designated hotel production process in accordance with the relevant requirements of the entire supervision, effective use of equipment for rapid detection of food safety, rapid sampling inspection on key areas, key links, key species. The positive results of the rapid detection of the immediate control measures taken to eliminate hidden dangers.


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