Governor Hao Peng in Xining area on the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship

June 3rd, governor Hao Peng in Xining area on the work of innovation and entrepreneurship. He stressed that to build favorable talent agglomeration and innovation environment, vigorously develop the public record space, fully stimulate the creative wisdom of the whole society and creativity, encourage competition, support innovation, set off a new wave of entrepreneurship, innovation of the public.

Hao Peng is very concerned about the employment situation of college students in our province. The day of the survey, the provincial capital, his in-depth business incubator incubator, youth entrepreneurship Park, and entrepreneurs in-depth exchanges, listen to talk about the story of entrepreneurship, innovation blueprint. At the Qinghai University College of engineering training center, the base of innovation and entrepreneurship hackerspaces ", Hao Peng said to the students, students are among the most dynamic, the most passionate entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial force, the development of Qinghai college students need to play entrepreneurial creativity. I hope you take active thinking, extensive knowledge, young and energetic advantages, the courage to dare to venture into the market, innovation, employment through entrepreneurship, realize the value of life in the business, provide the impetus for the province’s economic and social development.

from the west of Xining City College Students incubation service center to the provincial Party committee of Qinghai Youth Business Park, and then to Xining city business incubators, a passionate entrepreneur, is the wonderful story of entrepreneurship, one innovative seedling sprout, many have blossomed. Hao Peng one by one into the entrepreneurial space, listen to your heart and to encourage the entrepreneurial process, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises unwilling people, dare to carry forward the spirit of competition, based on the characteristics of Qinghai advantage, extensive use of various resources inside and outside the province, technology and intelligence, promote enterprises continue to grow. Hao Peng stressed that the university should strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship education and guidance services, the government should increase the students’ employment and entrepreneurship support in market access, financing, service platform construction, give full play to the exemplary and leading role of college students, and promote public entrepreneurship, innovation has become common practice.

how to make good use of the Internet information technology, accelerate the development of "Internet plus", to promote the integration of the Internet and the depth of the economic and social development, better information release "bonus", Hao Peng is another focus of this research. After being listed as the first national e-commerce demonstration base in Qinghai Chaoyang national e-commerce demonstration base, one by one to see Hao Peng enterprises, a detailed understanding of e-commerce transaction services, support services and derivative services. Hao Peng pointed out that the more remote, the development of relatively backward areas, the greater the significance of the development of information technology. To promote the development of the application, through the drive application in development, accelerate the construction of public service platform, to cultivate the subject of electronic commerce, electronic commerce and promote the integration of industrialization and agricultural modernization in the field of depth, promote the transformation and upgrading of the service industry, the birth of the new format. The government should further clear burden of doing "subtraction", with help of "addition", constantly optimize the law fairness, good faith, high quality and efficient e-commerce environment, stimulate innovation power, creating the potential for entrepreneurial activity, promote the upgrading of the quality and efficiency of economic.

Wang Xiao, Gao Hua together research. <;

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