Cross link cross link function Xiangjie

yesterday wrote an article "what is the detailed cross link cross links", I believe many of my friends have read this article, there are a lot of friends with my QQ and I exchange this problem. Since the cross link Links is better than ordinary, that is where? Cross links in the end what effect? This is what I want to say today.

said the cross link effect, so someone must have to ask the use of cross links in what circumstances? Because most people are still reluctant to cross link exchange. According to the exchange of experience, the following general situation is more suitable for cross links. read more

Love the latest Shanghai pomegranate algorithm to individual stationmaster what enlightenment

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! algorithm together with progress!The original

May 17th love Shanghai updated the new algorithm, the pop-up ads website had a hit, called pomegranate algorithm. Pomegranate algorithm released in personal webmaster did not cause too much volatility, like the last Scindapsus algorithm that cause too high attention, perhaps through so many love Shanghai update, the webmaster heart really calmed down.

love Shanghai new algorithm will next is what will hit what kind of speculation, I still think. But obviously love Shanghai algorithm is constantly improving, and the outer chain forum signature like the previous, although at that time can quickly improve website ranking, but it is still tricky way, will be in love with Shanghai remediation. So in order to long-term and stable ranking, webmaster friends or get through reasonable methods to improve website ranking is better, and constantly improve their own website, let us to love Shanghai read more