Cuban and Norwegian Delegates Accompany FARC Guerrillas to Havana

first_imgBy Dialogo October 11, 2012 Delegates from Cuba and Norway, who are guarantor nations in the peace talks between the FARC and Colombia, accompanied the 12 members of the guerrilla negotiation team that traveled from the Colombian jungle to Havana, before starting the talks on October 15, informed a guerrilla spokesman on October 9. “Cuban and Norwegian guarantors and delegates of the Colombian government are accompanying these talks,” a spokesman of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), Hermes Aguilar told AFP in an email. Aguilar indicated that the guerrillas left Colombia “in accordance with agreed bilateral protocols,” and he also specified that “three operations of extraction in the jungle” were performed. “The bases for these operation spots were the airports of Pasto, capital of Nariño department, Neiva, capital of Huila department, and the International Airport of Río Negro, in Antioquia department”. He added that “two of the three operations were performed jointly, while the other one was of autonomous character.” The peace talks are scheduled to start on October 15 in Oslo, and two days after, FARC delegates will give a press conference. The peace negotiations will then be transferred to Havana. This will be the fourth peace process carried out by the FARC in the last 30 years, and will have a main negotiation team of five guerrillas and five government representatives. In total, each party may assign 30 delegates.last_img read more