PREMIERE: Haakon’s Fault Enters New Phase With “Waning Gibbous”

first_imgAfter a musical hiatus of six years, Haakon’s Fault has officially reintroduced themselves to the music scene. Following a few successful nights back on the town, the New York band has announced a new studio EP, Waning Gibbous, now available on all major streaming services. The unique quintet’s core philosophy fuses rock, funk, jazz, and metal into thoughtful, heavy groove-based songs. This progressive sound is taken to the next level on Waning Gibbous, which serves as a cohesive recording that showcases mature songwriting and deep themes.Seeking to match their complex compositional approach with lyrics that are just as deep, the socially conscious themes on Waning Gibbous developed organically. Says singer Harry McNamarra, “We kept coming back to a series of questions: ‘Does anyone really care about their fellow man?’ ‘What about the world at large?’ ‘If you had the power to save us all, would you even try?’ We grapple with these questions and more throughout the record. I wouldn’t call the results protest music or political. But the subjects are certainly confrontational.”Haakon’s Fault is the brainchild of Mike Serman (guitar), JJ Lindenthal (keys) Harry McNamarra (guitar, vocals), Doug Berns (bass, vocals) and Alex Cohen (drums). Waning Gibbous sees the band producing their edgiest material to date. The record begins with the EP’s title track, which sets an ominous tone by using the lunar phase where the moon seems to disappear into darkness as a metaphor for oncoming trouble and how difficult it is to get back to the light.Live For Live Music is excited to premiere the title track “Waning Gibbous,” which you can enjoy below:Find out more info on Haakon’s Fault and Waning Gibbous on the band’s website.last_img read more