Boeuf Bourguignon

first_imgNewsBoeuf BourguignonBy admin – March 11, 2010 621 WhatsApp Twitter Print Email Serves 6-8IngredientsSign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up 2 pounds of beef: shoulder roast, chuck roast or “stew meat”Olive oil, or vegetable oil.4 slices raw bacon cut into bits1 tablespoon of flour5 or 6 shallots5 to 6 large mushrooms or 10 to 12 little mushrooms1 large clove of garlic1 carrot1 bay leaf1 tablespoon of tomato paste1 bottle of red wine (taste it, make sure that it’s good)1 or 2 beef bouillon cubesCoarsely milled black pepper to tasteMethodCut the beef into large, but bite-sized pieces (they will shrink to smaller bite-sized pieces during the cooking)Trim some but not all of the fat from the beef. Take 1 shallot and chop it up. Chop up the garlic clove. Peel the carrot and slice it up. Measure out the flour. Open the can of tomato paste. Uncork the wine and take a small glass to tasteTake out a frying pan and a larger pot that has a lid for the stew. Put the larger stew pot over a medium-low flame, add 1 tablespoon of oil, wait a moment for it to warm up and then add the chopped shallot and the bacon bits so that they can start to sizzle and cook. Don’t let them burn.At the same time, place the frying pan over a higher flame, add enough oil to cover the bottom to about one eighth of an inch. Wait for the oil to heat up and then start browning the beef pieces.Once they have browned a bit, transfer them to the stew pot and stir with the shallots. Continue until all of the beef is browned and transferred to the stew pot. Sprinkle the flour over the beef in the pot, then stir all together for one minute to blend and cook the flour. Toss in the sliced carrot, then empty the bottle of wine into the pot. Stir to blend everything togetherAdd the bay leaf, one bouillon cube, the garlic and the tomato paste. Stir to blend. Turn the heat under the stew pot to low, place the cover on the pot and then let it cook for one hourStir it occasionally.While that’s cooking, separate the shallots (they grow in cloves, something like a head of garlic) and trim the base of the mushrooms. If you have large mushrooms, cut them into halves or quarters.After the stew has cooked for one hour, remove the lid and mix in the shallots. Don’t replace the lid. Leave the heat low. After the stew has cooked for another 30 minutes, mix in the mushrooms. Cook the stew for another 30 minutes then taste and add more salt (if necessary) and the pepper (also if necessary). To serveServe in little brown bread loaf’s or  with boiled potatoes, pasta or rice.center_img Previous articleICO premier of Hamilton’s latest commissionNext articleWine fraud continues admin Advertisement Facebook Linkedinlast_img read more

A third of British Steel transfers were unsuitable, says UK regulator

first_img“Our work on BSPS is not finished, and we are continuing to take action where we have concerns,” Bailey said. “We have written to all pension transfer advisers in the UK to remind them of their responsibilities and our expectations.”The regulator has contacted hundreds of advisers and a number of personal pension providers, as well as writing to British Steel members that had requested transfer quotes and those that had already transferred out.Pension transfers: In or out? One third of the people who transferred out of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) since its restructuring was announced last year received “unsuitable” advice, according to the UK financial regulator.In a letter to the UK parliament’s Work and Pensions Select Committee, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) chief executive Andrew Bailey reported that 33% of cases reviewed by the watchdog contained unsuitable advice, and in a further 16% of cases it was “unclear whether the advice was suitable or not”. Just over half (51%) of cases were suitable.The scheme’s trustees are finalising the details of a restructuring project that will see a portion of the membership taken on by the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), while the bulk of members and assets will be moved to a new defined benefit (DB) scheme with lower indexation but still backed by BSPS’ sponsor, Tata Steel UK. It is set to take place in March this year.More than 2,000 people have so far transferred their pensions out of BSPS rather than choose between the PPF and the new BSPS, Bailey said. Allan Johnston, chair of trustees, told politicians in December that more than 12,000 people had requested a quote with a view to potentially exiting the scheme. Andrew Bailey, FCADespite the level of unsuitable advice connected to BSPS transfers, the figures compared favourably to two previous assessments carried out by the regulator.A review carried out between October 2015 and March 2016, covering 29 transfers, found just seven (24%) were suitable. A second review of another 71 files found 38% to be suitable. A third review is ongoing, Bailey said, and a fourth is in the planning stage. The fourth review will cover the entire UK market.FCA rejects politicians’ criticismsLast week, Work and Pensions Select Committee chairman Frank Field lambasted the FCA’s response to advice concerns surrounding BSPS.In a statement, Field said: “I have already described the FCA’s action on BSPS as grossly inadequate, and these responses do nothing to increase my estimation.”He added that the regulator risked “sleepwalking into yet another huge misselling scandal”.It followed comments made by Field and other committee members during a hearing in December, when Megan Butler, the FCA’s director of supervision, came under fire for not being able to name firms banned by the regulator from providing pension transfer advice.But the FCA’s chief executive rejected this criticism, arguing that the committee had not taken into account all the FCA’s work on BSPS and pension transfers in general.“We wholly reject the committee’s conclusion, and fundamentally disagree with the sentiment we may be ‘sleepwalking into another misselling scandal’,” Bailey wrote. “I am concerned the committee’s conclusion does not show the full scale of the work we are doing, nor does it factor in the role of other organisations in what is a coordinated exercise.”Bailey also accused committee staff of being “flippant” in its correspondence with the UK media and highlighted that the regulator had not been informed of the committee’s criticisms prior to the statement being issued to the press.center_img ‘Freedom and choice’ was introduced by former UK chancellor George Osborne in 2015Members of DB pension schemes in the UK can transfer their accrued pension into a defined contribution (DC) scheme if they are more than a year away from retirement.Demand for such transfers has risen significantly since DC savers were granted more flexibility regarding access to their payments as part of reforms in 2015. The UK tax authorities reported last summer that £3.5bn was withdrawn from DC schemes in the first half of 2017, and £5.7bn during the whole of 2016.Last summer, the FCA outlined some concerns about the so-called “pension freedoms”, warning that some consumers risked paying too much tax or ending up in unsuitable products.NEST, the DC master trust set up to enable auto-enrolment in the UK, has also warned that pension freedoms could undermine efforts to get more people to save for the future.In his letter, Bailey outlined the FCA’s work on assessing the suitability of pension transfer advice. The regulator has been carrying out supervisory exercises since 2015, he said.last_img read more

Understanding The Importance Of The I-94 Arrival/Departure Record

first_imgWASHINGTON, D. C. – An I-94 is a small slip of paper, which until 2013, was issued to all international visitors and visa holders entering the U.S.Officially called the Arrival/Departure card, the I-94 contained the date of entry into the U.S. as well as the date by which the individual must depart from the U.S.Often, individuals do not understand how important this little card is until it is too late. In order to change immigration status inside the U.S. to any other immigrant or non-immigrant visa status, immigration regulations require that a copy of the I-94 be included with the application to establish eligibility.Foreign nationals must prove that they entered the U.S. legally and were inspected by an immigration officer in order to qualify to file for immigration status in the U.S. Those who did not enter the U.S. legally are generally not entitled to obtain any new immigration status in the U.S., even when married to a U.S. citizen unless a waiver is obtained.If you entered the U.S. before 2013, you can’t download your Arrival/Departure record online and must instead obtain it at your port of entry. If your I-94 card is lost, stolen or seriously damaged, you can apply to replace it by filing Form I-102, Application for Replacement/Initial Arrival-Departure Document.The USCIS filing fee is $445 and it generally takes about 60 -120 days or more to receive the I-94 replacement card in the mail.Under a new electronic I-94 system implemented in 2013, international visitors are no longer issued paper I-94 cards upon entry into the U.S. Instead, individuals are provided with instructions on accessing their I-94 records online and printing the I-94 card out from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency.last_img read more