Samsung CES teaser might point to Galaxy S4 announcement

first_imgWhile the Galaxy S3 %displayPrice% at %seller% is the champion of the Android ecosystem for now, Samsung is likely planning to continue that dominance with an early release of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The teaser trailer Samsung just released, pointing to a huge announcement at CES 2013 in January, could be the big coming out party for the next Galaxy.Samsung has a history of hosting splashy press events when unveiling their next big thing. Tech shows, like CTIA, have been common homes for Samsung to unveil additions to their product line. A teaser trailer from Samsung was just released that points to a big event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January. We know that Samsung has been gearing up for the release of the Galaxy S4, though recent rumors but the announcement of this phone in April to compete with the iPhone 5S.Of the many features that have been speculated for the Galaxy S4, the most interesting seems to be an “indestructible” plastic display. Previous Samsung phones have been covered by Gorilla Glass 2, but Samsung may be looking to coat their 5-inch 1080p display in a fingerprint proof plastic. Coupled with the rumored 13MP camera and LTE support for nearly every carrier in the world, the Galaxy S4 would be a powerful way to start 2013 for the smartphone world.Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 with its own press conference in London earlier this year. The massive event included an orchestra and thoroughly demonstrated all of the features of the Galaxy S3 on stage, featuring several high level Samsung employees involved in the creation of the phone. It’s certainly not impossible for Samsung to host an event at the largest US consumer electronics show to reveal the Galaxy S4, but it seems like a downgrade from the S3’s Earls Court venue.Of course, it doesn’t have to be a smartphone at all. Samsung has their hands in a lot of consumer technology, not just smartphones. One of the things Samsung has been working on, and demonstrating at tech shows for two years now, is flexible displays. Samsung is also a leader in the PC space, with their hands in Windows 8 and Chrome OS before other manufacturers picked up the technology. There’s a fairly wide range of things that Samsung could be up to, but the Galaxy S4 is one that fits in fairly well.EDIT: Sources familiar with Samsung’s plans for CES are not reporting to CNET that the electronics company isn’t planning to announce anything related to the Galaxy S4 at this years show. via Business Insiderlast_img read more