Global Warming Forces Wineries to Relocate

first_imgStay on target Incredible Images From Space Capture the Death of a GlacierEating Less Meat Can Fight Climate Change, According to UN Report What’s red and white and experiencing the devastating effects of climate change? The world’s wineries.Gradually rising global temperatures are impacting vinification the world over.But while some wineries struggle against the warming trend, others have found a happy medium in, of all places, Oregon.AdChoices广告The Van Duzer Corridor—the lowest point in the state’s Coast Range—has become what the Associated Press called “a go-to place for wineries and vineyards hedging their bets against climate change.”Named for Henry B. Van Duzer, a member of the Oregon State Highway Commission and first chairman of the Oregon State Parks Commission, the 95-square-mile stretch of land may soon join the American Viticultural Area.As reported by AP, the site (pronounced Van DOO-zer) is gaining popularity as once-idyllic grape plantations become less viable; the ocean winds and mountain dip help keep the fruit cool.Northern California’s Petaluma Gap, which also sucks in conditioning ocean breezes, was recently designated an American Viticultural Area, providing an official appellation for the benefit of wineries.“Even though we have those heat waves just like Napa and Sonoma, we still have the cool breeze in the afternoon and the cooler temperatures at night and the fog in the morning,” Ria D’Aversa, director of ranch operations at Petaluma Gap vineyard McEvoy Ranch, told the AP.The smallest variations in weather can change grapes’ sugar, acid, and tannin content, according to the news agency, affecting the final product’s taste and characteristics—which is a real problem for long-standing vintners.Desperate times call for desperate measures, like opening up shop in unconventional places.“People would have looked at you like you had three heads if, 30 years ago, you told someone you were going to grow wine grapes there,” California winemaker Ehren Jordan said of Oregon’s lowlands.Jordan’s Napa Valley-based winery recently bought 80 acres in the Van Duzer Corridor and opened a nearby winery—one of six in the growing area.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more