Leftist Rebels Free Two Hostages in Colombia

first_img Leftist rebels on 16 February released two hostages they had promised to free, the International Committee of the Red Cross said. “The ICRC confirms the release of major (Guillermo) Solorzano and corporal (Salin) Sanmiguel,” a spokeswoman for the international humanitarian group said at the airport in Cali, 500 kilometers southwest of the capital, where they arrived moments after her statement was made. The men were expected to have been freed on 12 February. However false release coordinates were received by the mission picking them up, according to the government, and the operation was pushed back. By Dialogo February 18, 2011last_img read more

Hacking away at student loan debt

first_img 5SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Ashley Tate, OZYMichael and April Loeffler know all about the value of a good education. But that doesn’t mean the couple are happy with the student debt they’ve amassed while paying for five degrees plus a professional certificate. In fact, they took out the federal maximum to help fund their tuition bills, and despite years of payments and earning a grant, they’re still saddled with debt. How much, exactly? “I prefer not to think about the total amount,” says Michael, an assistant principal in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “I’m admittedly in voluntary denial.”He’s hardly alone. Today there’s more than $1.3 trillion in outstanding student debt, and the average borrower owes $28,400 upon graduation, says the Project on Student Debt. Yet as more Americans borrow a whopping amount to pay for higher education, they’re not always thinking about how they’re going to pay back their hefty loan commitments. Which is where a growing group of startups are trying to squeeze in to help grads repay and manage their loans.Most of these ventures focus on refinancing and consolidating loans. CommonBond, for one, lets qualified borrowers — smarty-pants with certain graduate degrees in areas like finance, law and nursing, among others — refinance up to $220,000. Another called SoFi provides already-employed grads (congrats!) or those with existing job offers from more than 2,200 institutions with the ability to refinance any amount of federal or private loan. The San Francisco-based company first crunches info like how much dough a borrower is currently making and where he or she previously worked or studied, then spits out both fixed and variable interest rate offers instead of just the federal government’s one-size-fits-all rate, which now sits at 4.66 percent for undergrads. continue reading »last_img read more

Segmentation lessons from an ancient Roman fruit vendor

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr In your eagerness to stay on the leading wave of the digital transformation, is your bank sacrificing power for speed? Big data has the potential to help financial institutions create customer experiences that are meaningful, relevant and engaging on an individual level. But if you homogenize your use of digital channels and treat all your digitally engaged customers as if every one of them fits neatly into a handful of pre-defined segments, your financial institution is failing to maximize the power of your technology.THE IMPORTANCE OF SEGMENTATIONFinancial institutions are vast repositories of customer information, and they know more about their customers today than at any other time in history — even if many of them still don’t seem to realize it. That data is integral to creating the kind of personalized experience digitally indoctrinated customers crave, but it’s not the only ingredient you need. Segmentation right down to a granular level is also critical. continue reading »last_img read more

Loan-to-share ratio nears record high

first_imgWhen the economy expands or contracts, loan growth and share growth have historically had an inverse relationship. In times of economic prosperity, consumers are more confident and in turn take out more and larger loans. During periods of economic contraction, consumers seek safe havens for their savings in lieu of leverage.In simple terms, the loan-to-share ratio can be used to assess how effectively an institution is deploying its balance sheet. A rising ratio signals that loan growth is outpacing deposit growth. As loan-to-share ratios approach 100%, institutions will commonly seek additional sources of liquidity (borrowings), sell loans off their balance, or tighten lending criteria to slow additional future loan growth.Over the past five years, the average credit union loan-to-share ratio has increased 15.5 percentage points. In the second quarter of 2018 quarter alone, it has increased 2.3 percentage points, reaching 82.9%, and remains only 86 basis points below the record high reached in September 2008 of 83.7%. continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Women in leadership positions in credit unions – Authenticity is about the real you

first_imgHow many times in your life have you been told to “just be yourself”? This can feel especially tricky when you are facing challenges while others seem to be passing you by with their successes. You may think, “Life would be easier, if I were like ______.” (Fill in the blank with whomever seems to have the most attractive life at that moment.) The truth is, the most common desire I hear from women in business is to be treated authentically by the people they work and play with. Why are we not always comfortable in our own skin? For starters, there is no shortage of negative, critical, and judgmental messages aimed at women. When we turn on the television, read newspapers or magazines, or surf the Internet, we are bombarded with conflicting images and messages about our roles and values as women. Beginning as young girls, many of us create false, limiting beliefs about ourselves, which only become more complicated as we age. To muddy these waters further, the people who know and love us may also encourage us to develop limiting beliefs. Not because they want us to be or have “less than,” but because they may truly believe that by lowering our expectations or shrinking ourselves, we will be rewarded. How might you become more comfortable in your own skin? Here are a few ways:Get in touch with your inner child. Most children do not care what other people think about them. They are generally happy and live in the present moment … at least until they are taught to conform to the mold of familial or societal expectations. Challenge yourself to shed the mold. Rediscover what makes you happy and do it. Let go of limiting beliefs. Train yourself to become aware of negative thoughts that stream through your mind. Even those as seemingly harmless as “I’m tired” or “It’s too cold to go outside today” or worse “I’m not successful enough to do that.”Follow your intuition. While life is not always a smooth ride, your intuition will help steer you in the direction that is best for you.Relax. What’s the worst that can happen? If you can, bring in some humor to take the edge off stressful situations. Let people see that you are human. Sometimes you can turn strained situations into something funny. It feels great to share a chuckle with others. Try taking yourself less seriously.By being you, you become a better listener. Instead of worrying about who you should be or what you should be doing, you can focus more on the present moment and the person speaking to you. You will be appreciated more because you are not trying to get someone to see you in a different light. When you are being you, the other person sees the real you and doesn’t worry that you are putting on an act. And…you will be more relaxed. Trying to be someone you are not is exhausting. Being yourself takes no extra effort at all. Everything you do is real, and you cannot fake real. You are genuinely comfortable in your own skin, and it shows.What about being authentic in the workplace? It really isn’t that different…you still need to be yourself.  Let’s go over a few of the guidelines:Who am I? This is where you want others to know who you are…not who you want to be or are pretending to be. You have to be yourself and share your brand story. This is how others will understand what makes you different than your competitors. Share your values as a company and what your mission statement is.What’s your story? Why do you do the things you are doing? Remember your “why” and share it. This is the time to share your struggles, your triumphs and lessons learned. If everything you share is perfect and rainbows and puppy dogs, how authentic is that? People gravitate towards those that they can relate to. How well do you relate to those that have a seemingly perfect life? If you have a team that you work with, they too should share the story as well. Even if it doesn’t feel great, share the story. When you aren’t feeling “enough” or you feel the imposter syndrome start to enter into your story line, stay true to yourself and your business.  People want to do business with those they like and trust and they want authenticity. If you are promoting something that doesn’t look or feel like you, people will see right through you. Want to take a guess how long your customers will be your customers if that happens?Knowing who you are, what your business stands for and how to share that is the basis for a successful and authentic business. Having your team share the company’s values will give you a culture of authenticity that will continue to grow and prosper. Compromising your values is the easiest way to step out of your authentic self so make sure you are firm in your beliefs. You will create long-term relationships with clients and partners and your reputation will be one that others will continue doing business with. 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Judy Hoberman Men and women sell, manage, recruit and supervise differently.  Judy Hoberman, creator of “Selling in a Skirt”, shares essential insights about gender differences and how to embrace and use those … Web: www.sellinginaskirt.com Detailslast_img read more

HHS buys anthrax vaccine for civilian stockpile

first_imgMay 6, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will soon receive the first of 5 million doses of anthrax vaccine for civilian biodefense under a $122.7 million contract that was awarded today.Following up on plans announced last November, HHS is buying the supply of Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) from Bioport Corp. of Lansing, Mich., HHS announced in a news release. The Department of Defense (DoD) uses the same vaccine in a program that has generated controversy and lawsuits because of concern about side effects.”BioPort is already manufacturing the vaccine, and we expect to start taking delivery within the next couple of weeks,” Marc Wolfson, a spokesman for the HHS Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness in Washington, told CIDRAP News. He said the company has 18 months to deliver all 5 million doses.The vaccine will be stored in the Strategic National Stockpile for use in the event of an anthrax attack, HHS said. “The BioPort vaccine will add another important medical countermeasure for anthrax to the Strategic National Stockpile,” said Stewart Simonson, HHS assistant secretary for public health emergency preparedness, in the news release.The BioPort contract is the third one awarded under the Project Bioshield Act of 2004, which authorized spending of up to $5.6 billion on medical defenses against biological, chemical, radiological, and nuclear threats.HHS first revealed plans to buy 5 million doses of anthrax vaccine from BioPort last November. At about the same time, the department announced the award of an $877 million contract for 75 million doses of a new, as-yet-unlicensed anthrax vaccine from VaxGen Inc. of Brisbane, Calif.To provide full protection, AVA requires six doses over 18 months, followed by annual boosters, which is the regimen used in the military. Authorities hope that the VaxGen vaccine will provide protection with three doses and have less frequent side effects. Wolfson said HHS expects to receive the first doses from VaxGen in November 2006.The VaxGen vaccine uses a recombinant form of just one anthrax component, protective antigen, whereas AVA is derived from whole anthrax microbes and therefore contains protective antigen and a mix of other components, HHS officials have said.Under the BioPort contract, the cost of AVA is about $24.50 per dose, more than double the per-dose cost of about $11.70 under the HHS contract with VaxGen.”I’m not sure what accounts for the difference in cost,” said Wolfson. He said the VaxGen vaccine involves “a whole separate process with a separate set of negotiations.”Wolfson said he didn’t know what DoD is paying BioPort for its supply of the vaccine, and information was not immediately available from DoD officials this afternoon.Officials announced earlier this week that DoD’s anthrax vaccination program would resume on a voluntary basis after being suspended by a federal court order since last October. A judge in Washington, DC, ruled in October that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had not followed proper procedures in approving the vaccine for inhalational anthrax.DoD obtained an emergency authorization from the FDA to resume the vaccination program because of the perceived risk of anthrax attacks on US troops. But the authorization required that the shots be optional, instead of mandatory as in the past.See also:May 6 HHS news releasehttp://archive.hhs.gov/news/press/2005pres/20050506.htmllast_img read more

Tokyo 2020: African Games to Serve as Benchmark for Preparation, Says…

first_imgTeam Nigeria won a total of 121 medals made up of 46 gold, 33 silver and 47 bronze to finish second behind Egypt at the Games in Rabat.Briefing State House correspondents after the weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, Dare said if Team Nigeria had only seven weeks to prepare for the Games and still performed creditably well.He further observed that if Nigeria had had a longer period of preparation, the team would have performed better. “So, there is a lesson learnt from there,” Dare stressed.Egypt, emerged top on the medal table of the African Games with 99 gold, 96 silver and 69 bronze medals to bring their total medals haul to 264. South Africa finished third with a total of 87 medals.Fielding questions from journalists on whether he would make a difference in the sport sector by maintaining sports’ facilities across the country, the minister said his administration was poised to entrench a culture of maintenance in the sector.He, however, added that such maintenance is very expensive, noting that effective maintenance of stadia across the country for instance, would cost an average of N2 billion annually.The sports minister also disclosed that in the bid to meet the yearly maintenance cost, the ministry would embrace public private partnership particularly through the concession of some of the facilities.“I want to bring a new culture of maintenance. It will cost N2 billion on average to maintain the stadia every year. We are considering private public partnership particularly concession, ” he hinted of his plans.With the next Olympic Games barely a year away in Tokyo, Japan, Dare’s immediate task now is how to ensure Team Nigeria performed better than the lone bronze medal the John Obi Mikel led Dream Team won at the last Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. Nigeria did not win any medal at London 2012.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare *Pledges to embrace public private partnership for maintenance of facilitiesOmololu Ogunmade in AbujaThe Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, said Thursday in Abuja that Nigeria’s performance at the African Games in Morocco would serve as a benchmark for preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.last_img read more

Claudio Ranieri hails Daniel Amartey’s versatility

first_imgClaudio Ranieri has hailed the addition of Daniel Amartey to his squad as he believes the versatility of the Ghana international will be vital for the Foxes as they head into the second half of the Premier League.Amartey completed a move to the King Power Stadium last week, enhancing the options available at Ranieri’s disposal.The former Inter Allies defender is adept at playing at center back, right back and central midfield.Ranieri believes these assets will make Amartey an important addition to his squad“It’s good to have one player that can permit me to change something during the match,” Ranieri told Leicester’s official website.“He’s a good player, strong, with good quality, a hard worker and he has our spirit. “He is a strong man and he can play in a lot of positions. He can play centre-back, right-back, central midfield and right midfield.“It’s important for me to have another very good young player.”Amartey’s debut could come next week Tuesday when the Foxes host Liverpool.–Follow Joy Sports on Twitter: @JoyFMSports. Our hashtag is #JoySportslast_img read more


first_imgKENT DESORMEAUX FEARS NYQUIST IN KENTUCKY DERBYKent Desormeaux hopes to land his fourth Kentucky Derby if Exaggerator can win the Run for the Roses on May 7, but presently, like many others, he had a one-word response when asked who Exaggerator or any other Triple Crown hopeful would have to beat to win the mile-and-a-quarter classic on the first Saturday in May.“I could say one name: Nyquist,” said Desormeaux, who captured the Run for the Roses in 1998 (Real Quiet), 2000 (Fusaichi Pegasus) and 2008 (Big Brown). “Nyquist only beat us a length and a half in the San Vicente (Feb. 15), so in retrospect, that speaks volumes.“Exaggerator is a very, very good horse, and I’m hoping that the Mike Tyson punch he took from Nyquist at the quarter pole in the San Vicente was the reason he didn’t perform to the team’s expectations.“It was a significant blow, but I’m excited to try again in the Santa Anita Derby. Knowing what I know and seeing what I’ve seen about the Kentucky Derby this year, we’re all going to have to catch Nyquist.”THOROUGHBREDS members at Santa Anita Saturday can receive free an exclusive Santa Anita Derby T-shirt with paid admission while supplies last.Also Saturday, there will be a Derby Day Infield Brewfest offering delicious food and craft beer at a day-long party. Packages are available at santaanita.com/events.First post time Saturday is 12 noon. Admission gates open at 10 a.m.D’AMATO SEEKS UPSET OF 1-9 CHAMP SONGBIRD            Bellamentary is the second choice in Saturday’s Grade I, $400,000 Santa Anita Oaks. Problem is, Songbird is 1-9, Bellamentary is 10-1, quite a disparity.But as hot as trainer Phil D’Amato is these days, Bellamentary could be an overlay. The trainer has won five times in the last two racing days and holds a 37-33 lead over Doug O’Neill in a bid for his first-ever training title.He is not bordering on delusional when assessing Bellamentary’s chances of upsetting Songbird, the champion two-year-old filly of 2015 who is unbeaten and untested in six starts.“We’re just hoping we see where we stand against the best filly out there,” D’Amato said. “If we can be placed, that would be great. It would give us points for the Kentucky Oaks.”The Santa Anita Oaks offers 170 points for the Kentucky Oaks, 100 to the winner, 40 for second, 20 for third and 10 for fourth.The field for the Oaks: Songbird, Mike Smith, 1-9; She’s a Warrior, Gary Stevens, 15-1; Jade Princess, Victor Espinoza, 20-1; Kay Kay, Alonso Quinonez, 30-1; Forever Darling, Martin Pedroza, 10-1; Mokat, Flavien Prat, 12-1; and Bellamentary, Rafael Bejarano, 10-1. TEXAS RED RUNNING, WEATHER OR NOTTexas Red, the 2014 Breeders’ Cup Juvenile winner, is scheduled to make his four-year-old debut in Saturday’s Grade III Thunder Road Stakes for older horses at one mile on turf whether it’s run on grass or not.“I think we’ll run whether it’s on or off the turf,” trainer Keith Desormeaux said Friday morning as an indecisive weather pattern held sway.“The only way we wouldn’t run would be if the main track looks dicey.”Texas Red has not raced since finishing fifth in the Grade I Travers at Saratoga last Aug. 29, and has never run on turf. His long-range goal, Desormeaux has said, is the Grade I, $500,000 Gold Cup at Santa Anita on June 25.The Thunder Road: Poshky, Tiago Pereira, 15-1; Si Sage, Mario Gutierrez, 12-1; Cool Green, Abel Lezcano, 30-1; Papacoolpapacool, Mike Smith, 12-1; Decisive Edge, Brice Blanc, 15-1; Twentytwentyvision, Flavien Prat, 5-1; Texas Red, Joe Talamo, 4-1; Finnegans Wake, Victor Espinoza, 9-2; De Treville, Fernando Perez, 15-1; Soul Driver, Tyler Baze, 12-1; Play Hard to Get, Alonso Quinonez, 15-1; and Ohio, Gary Stevens, 4-1.McHeat was scratched. McANALLY EYES ‘JUAN’ MORE WIN SUNDAY            Ron McAnally knows his way around Santa Anita, having been at The Great Race Place since 1948.While not in Charlie Whittingham’s category, he knows his way around the San Juan Capistrano Stakes, too, having won Santa Anita’s traditional closing day feature twice, with Horse of the Year John Henry in 1980 and Amerique in 1998.Whittingham holds an insurmountable record with 14 victories in the San Juan Capistrano.The 84-year-old McAnally will try to reduce Whittingham’s margin by one on Sunday when he runs Quick Casablanca in the Grade III San Juan scheduled for about a mile and three quarters on turf.Quick Casablanca rallied three wide to be second in the Grade II San Luis Rey Stakes at 1 ½ miles on turf March 13.            “Turning for home Tyler (Baze) had to swing him out, but the horse has been training very well,” McAnally said. “I don’t know how a wet track would affect him or if it will be taken off the turf or what, but we’ll take it as it comes.“The added distance should be a benefit. In the San Luis Rey he kept coming even after he got in trouble turning for home. He was still closing and wasn’t beaten that far.”In 27 career starts, the eight-year-old Chilean-bred horse has a 4-8-6 record with earnings of $689,160. Quick Casablanca has run 15 times in the United States, all but two in stakes, and was second in the San Juan in 2014.McAnally didn’t have a Senior Moment in analyzing Sunday’s marathon.“I’m not going to set any records,” he said, “because Charlie Whittingham won it 14 times, but I hope I live that long. I’m still above ground.”The San Juan field: A Red Tie Day, Mario Gutierrez, 6-1; Cardiac, Fernando Perez, 20-1; Energia Fribby, Rafael Bejarano, 4-1; Kenjisstorm, Edwin Maldonado, 8-1; Bourbon Soul, Flavien Prat, 6-1; Generosidade, Tiago Pereira, 4-1; Blingo, Alex Solis, 6-1; Quick Casablanca, Tyler Baze, 7-2; Life’s Journey, Kent Desormeaux, 20-1; and Generoso, Martin Pedroza, 20-1. Fernando Perez18719212410%34%$975,877 KEITH L. STUCKI, TRAINER OF ANCIENT TITLE, PASSES AT 96Keith L. Stucki, trainer of one of the greatest California-breds of all-time, Ancient Title, passed away at his home in nearby Bradbury this past Tuesday at age 96, according to his granddaughter, Shannon Hinkley.“He lived a full 96 years, believe me,” said Hinkley. “He shared the same birthday as John Wayne, May 26, and he was always so proud of that. He met John Wayne on the backside here at Santa Anita many years ago. My grandpa would have been 97 next month.”Stucki, patriarch of a fun-loving racetrack family that included three daughters and two sons, was born May 26, 1919, in Paris, Idaho. The son of a trainer, Stucki aspired to be a jockey and his first “big time” racetrack experience, according to Hinkley, came at Longacres, near Seattle.Stucki then gravitated to Southern California, where he galloped the immortal Seabiscuit for trainer “Silent” Tom Smith.Selected for induction into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in 2008, Ancient Title, a dark bay or brown gelding by Gummo, was foaled on April 19, 1970. He would go on to become a multiple stakes winner on turf and dirt, both sprinting and routing.Undefeated lifetime at seven furlongs, Ancient Title first garnered national acclaim in 1975, when at age five, he won the Grade II, seven furlong San Carlos Handicap, the Grade I, 1 1/16 miles Californian (at Hollywood Park), the Grade I, 1 ¼ miles Hollywood Gold Cup, and, in a performance that proved pivotal in eventually persuading voters of his Hall of Fame worthiness, the Grade II, 1 1/8 miles Whitney Handicap at Saratoga.Media savvy and quick with a quip, Stucki often referred to “Title,” with his hands stretched out to frame his face, as “The best horse who ever looked through a bridle.” Although Ancient Title retired with 24 wins from 57 lifetime starts, with earnings of $1,252,791, Stucki opined that his best-ever performance may’ve been a third place effort in the 1977 Oak Tree Invitational, run at Santa Anita over 1 ½ miles on turf.Ridden by Darrel McHargue, Ancient Title forced the issue with champion Crystal Water every step of the way through splits of 24.20, 47.20, 1:11.60, 1:36.80 and 2:01 .60 and was coming back on at the wire to be beaten a neck and a nose, by Crystal Water and Vigors, with the final time reading 2:26.40.Preceded in death by his wife, Lillian, sons Keith L. (K.L.) Jr. and Kevin, Keith Stucki is survived by his daughters Gaylord, Golly and Veronica (Charlie) and several grandchildren, including former World Champion Speedway (motorcycle) racer, Billy Hamill. Plans are for him to be buried in Idaho. Martin Pedroza1191713814%32%$456,685 TRUMAN FAMILY AND RACING LOSE BIGGEST FAN            The Truman family not only lost its matriarch, racing lost one its biggest fans last Saturday when Maxine Truman died only one day after her 100th birthday.She was the mother of trainer Eddie Truman, 69, and brothers, Dale, 77, and Jerry, 76. All three are former jockeys, avid bicyclists and devoted to their family. They would bring their Mom to the winners’ circle after a victory, wheelchair and all.“Jerry had come up from Florida for her birthday,” Eddie said. “We were going to take her to the races, which she loved. She wasn’t feeling well but she hung in there and I believe was waiting for Jerry to get here for her birthday.“One day later, she died. I just think she waited and then she let go. I guarantee you she would have died four or five days sooner if she didn’t know Jerry was coming to join his grandson and the rest of the family to celebrate her 100th birthday.”Eddie got a call with the fateful news at 6:35 a.m. April 2 from the Royal Oaks Manor in Bradbury where Maxine was a resident. Maxine will be buried April 16 in Mulvane, Kansas, southwest of Wichita. FINISH LINES: Santa Anita’s main track was closed for training Friday due to inclement weather. Track Superintendent Dennis Moore had the track sealed after Thursday’s last race, but reported only “a couple-hundredths” of an inch of rain as of 9 o’clock Friday morning. There were 37 recorded workouts on the training track . . ..Pasadena Stakes winner Dress in Hermes was scratched Friday. “He got loose today and I don’t want to take a chance running him until I can check him out,” trainer Janet Armstrong said by phone from her headquarters at San Luis Rey Downs . . . Bob Baffert is set for a live interview 4:30 today on KLAC 570 AM Sports Radio on the Petros and Money Show . . . Reports of an elevated white cell blood count on Kentucky Derby favorite Nyquist were a matter of opinion, according to Leandro Mora, assistant to trainer Doug O’Neill. “One lab had it high, but another had it normal,” Mora said at Santa Anita Friday. “The horse is kicking down his stall at Keeneland.” . . . Alan Sherman, at Santa Anita where he will saddle Mucho Chrome for father Art in Saturday’s 12th race for three-year-old California-bred maiden allowance horses, says California Chrome is “just standing up to his knees in grass and relaxing” at Taylor Made Farm in Kentucky after his dramatic win in the Dubai World Cup on March 26. “He looks great there. He’ll probably be back in California the first week in May, right around Derby time.” . . . Judy Weinstein of Marketing is the 3-1 favorite to win the Women’s Division of Saturday’s Santa Anita Derby Day 5K run, while Steward Scott Chaney is 1-9 (Songbird?) in the Men’s Division. The top three finishers in each category receive medals . . . Baldwin Ave. will be closed to vehicular traffic tomorrow between the 210 Freeway and Huntington Drive from 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 a.m. in order to accommodate foot traffic related to the 5K Run and Walk. Accordingly, Santa Anita’s Gate 8, which adjoins the Westfield Shopping Mall on Baldwin Ave., and Gate 7, at the track’s northwest end, will also be closed to vehicles during the same time frame. Those wishing to visit Clockers’ Corner Derby Day morning can enter the track on Santa Anita’s northeast perimeter, through Gate 5, or on the track’s southern perimeter, through Gate 3. Gates 3 and 5 will be open for easy access to Clockers’ Corner beginning at 5 a.m. and will remain open throughout the day. Santa Anita’s main track will be closed for training at 7:30 a.m. Gate 3 is located at the intersection of Holly Ave. and Huntington Drive. Gate 5 is at the confluence of Colorado Place and Huntington Drive . . . Edwin Maldonado (Sunday Rules for Phil D’Amato), Drayden Van Dyke (Birdatthewire for Tom Proctor), Martin Garcia (Enchanting Lady for Baffert) and Alex Solis (Super Majesty for Steve Asmussen) have those respective mounts in Saturday’s Grade I Madison at Keeneland. Garcia also rides Donegal Moon for Todd Pletcher in the Blue Grass . . . Agent Tora Yamaguchi has leading rider Rafael Bejarano booked on American Pioneer for Wayne Catalano in next Saturday’s Arkansas Derby and on Santa Margarita winner Tara’s Tango for Jerry Hollendorfer in next Friday’s Grade I Apple Blossom at Oaklawn . . . Trainer Gary Stute was happier for jockey Matt Garcia than he was for himself Friday after they teamed to win their first race of the meet when Stir Fry, a three-year-old daughter of stakes-winning Papa Clem which Stute trained, scampered home first by nearly two lengths as the odds-on favorite in Thursday’s fifth race. “It was great, good to see him win a race,” Stute said of veteran Garcia, recently returned from major injuries that had him sidelined several months. “I thought he rode the horse perfect and everything worked out well.” . . . Gaming Today handicapper Richard Saber will be Tom Quigley‘s guest Saturday at 10:50 a.m. in the East Paddock Gardens . . . Santa Anita’s 63-day Winter Meet ends Sunday. Live racing returns to The Great Race Place May 5 and runs through July 10. Joseph Talamo26132273112%34%$2,125,973 TrainerSts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won JockeyMts1st2nd3rdWin%ITM%Money Won Rafael Bejarano30272583324%54%$3,403,031 Martin Garcia14221161615%37%$1,229,326 Philip D’Amato15537242524%55%$1,876,570 Kristin Mulhall54128322%43%$437,190 Santiago Gonzalez26947343317%42%$1,898,601 Richard Baltas12521201617%46%$1,354,764 David Lopez18424172413%35%$775,726 Flavien Prat27546514417%51%$2,814,531 John Sadler9414111015%37%$903,869 Drayden Van Dyke18218183010%36%$1,117,842 Tyler Baze29232464511%42%$1,634,981 IT COULD COME UP ROSES FOR SANTA ANITA DERBY WINNER With all due respect to the Florida Derby and other so-called “Kentucky Derby preps,” Saturday’s Grade I, $1 million Santa Anita Derby seems the saltiest so far.So says trainer John Sadler, a Californian through and through, born in Long Beach and a resident of Pasadena, just a few furlongs from Santa Anita.“The Santa Anita Derby looks like it will be the strongest of all the Kentucky Derby preps because of the depth of the field,” said Sadler, who also took time to note the achievements of Southern California-based horses racing worldwide, from the Middle East to the East Coast.“I’m a lifelong Californian, so it’s no surprise to me that California horses are doing so well in places like Dubai and Kentucky and Florida, but it is kind of an amazing trend, really,” said the trainer of champion Older Female of 2015 Stellar Wind.Horses based in Southern California have won the Kentucky Derby three times in the last four years and two have gone on to be named Horse of the Year, California Chrome (2014) and Triple Crown winner American Pharoah (2015). The Santa Anita Derby has produced 17 overall Kentucky Derby winners.“It seems like it’s happening every year now,” Sadler said. “We’re coming out with the stronger horses. We have great weather, no question, and Southern California is a great place to train.“And it may not be readily acknowledged, but we’ve got a lot of accomplished trainers here in California, when you think about it.”The Santa Anita Derby offers 170 qualifying points for the Kentucky Derby: 100 to thewinner, 40 for second, 20 for third and 10 for fourth.The field for the Santa Anita Derby, race eight of 12: Denman’s Call, Rafael Bejarano, 15-1; Exaggerator, Kent Desormeaux, 4-1; Danzing Candy, Mike Smith, 9-5; Mor Spirit, Gary Stevens, 8-5; Smokey Image, Victor Espinoza, 15-1; Iron Rob, Stewart Elliott, 12-1; Rare Candy, Joe Talamo, 30-1; Diplodocus, Tyler Baze, 30-1; and Uncle Lino, Fernando Perez, 20-1.            Dressed in Hermes was scratched. Peter Miller14420152214%40%$833,140 Steven Miyadi7513151017%51%$410,727 Bob Baffert10822181820%54%$1,656,170 SANTA ANITA STATISTICS SANTA ANITA DERBY IS THE STRONGEST PREPRED HOT D’AMATO TRIES TO TOPPLE SONGBIRDNYQUEST DESERVING CHOICE FOR THE ROSESIT’S TEXAS RED RAIN OR SHINE COME SATURDAYKEITH STUCKI, TRAINER OF ANCIENT TITLE, PASSES McANALLY EYES SAN JUAN WIN ON CLOSING DAYTHE BUCK STOPS AT 100 WITH MOTHER TRUMAN Mario Gutierrez17921312412%42%$1,269,014 Edwin Maldonado20943222221%42%$1,408,760 Kent Desormeaux14023262316%51%$1,739,039 Peter Eurton9715241215%53%$1,064,857 (Current Through Thursday, April 7) Jerry Hollendorfer15424161816%38%$1,765,358 Doug O’Neill19733282617%44%$1,583,232last_img read more

Use plot data to make sound decisions

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest By Matt Hutcheson, CCA, Product Manager, Seed Consultants, Inc. As harvest is completed across the Eastern Corn Belt, seed companies, universities, and growers will have the chance to compile and analyze data from yield testing. One of the most important decisions a farmer will face all year is deciding what variety to plant and in which field to plant it. To ensure that the best possible decision is made next spring, it is important to spend some time looking at yield data. While reviewing data is critical, knowing how to determine whether it is accurate and useful is equally important. Below are some tips for using data to make sound planting decisions next spring.Look for replicated dataDon’t rely on yield results from one strip plot on a farm or from a single plot location. Look for data from randomized tests that are repeated multiple times and across multiple locations. Replications in testing increase the reliability of the data and helps to remove variables that can skew results.For strip plot data, was a “tester” used?Strip plots planted on farms can cover large areas of a field. In many fields in the Eastern Corn Belt there are several soil types. If a plot crosses several soil types how can you be sure it is accurate? By planting a “tester” variety at regular intervals within the plot, you can calculate adjusted yields based on the variability of the tester yield across the plot. The use of a tester minimizes the effect soil type variability has on the plot results to ensure more accurate data.Look for consistencyAccording to Bob Nielsen, Purdue Extension Agronomist, “Documented consistency in yield performance is still the key to success in selecting hybrids that will perform well in your farming operation.” When choosing a variety based on plot data, it is important to look for consistent performance—across several plot locations and between multiple years. Choose varieties that consistently performed well in 2014 and 2015, in multiple locations, and different growing conditions.Statistical significanceOn published data look for foot notes that indicate the least statistically significant yield difference, or LSD. In many plots, the performance of the top 5 or 10 varieties may not be statistically different. Although there are small differences in yield, statistical analysis of the data indicates that all varieties within the LSD have an equal chance of winning the plot.While plot data can be very useful in making decisions, some plot data is significantly more accurate and reliable. The key to getting the most out of yield data is having the ability to sort through the large amounts of information to identify the data that most accurately and reliably represents varietal performance.last_img read more