NCAA Free Agency

first_imgRecently the Big Ten Basketball coaches got together for their off-season meeting.  One of the big topics was the transfer rule.  Orignally it started with the discussion on grad school athletes but soon went into the fear of the NCAA eliminating the one-year transfer sit-out by undergrads.Right now a student athlete who changes colleges must sit out a full year.  One of the reasons for this is to keep them from changing colleges every year if they are dissatisfied with their playing time.  It seems like in today’s society a player thinks he should play all the time, and if the coach doesn’t play him, he moves on.  No one wants to sit on the bench.   Purdue lost Stephens and Weatherford this spring because both were getting little playing time.Unless you are a super recruiter or your program is so good you don’t have to recruit, it is very difficult to sustain winning programs.  Most states now allow easy transfer in high school and players think the same should be allowed in college.I have always been of the opinion that colleges should use the present baseball rule which is “if you start at a college, you must stay there 3 years before you can leave without penalty.”  I do not like the Kentucky method which is play one year and jump to the pros.  In other words, I back the one-year sit out rule.  Hope they don’t change it.last_img read more