The toast of Paris

first_imgRue des Martyrs is a typical Parisian commercial street, sloping up towards the Sacré Coeur and within walking distance of the Gare du Nord station. Constant queues outside Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Arnaud Delmontel, on the ground floor of a sumptuous late 19th-century building, are hardly surprising. Its proud owner Mr Delmontel, aged 37, has been voted Best Baker in Paris 2006 by the selective Pudlow Guide and has won a coveted Champérard award. Following stints at prestigious establishments in Paris, Chicago and London, this local celebrity has spent the past seven years luring chic customers to his store, with specialities such as the traditional golden-crusted Baguette Renaissance, made with Guérande salt. As a change from croissants and pains au chocolat, Mr Delmontel also offers innovative delicacies, such as the Dacquoise – a biscuit created with coconut and pineapple chutney.“Most French bakers are not designers. They churn out the same cakes or forms of bread all the time,” he says. “I like to take established products and add my own twist.” His Black Forest gateau is a lighter, more refined version of the popular classic, in the shape of a leaf. Each gateau is unique, decorated with a different arabesque motif, representing the leaf’s veins. Costing E34 (£22) it serves between six and eight people. “Before, when I worked for other companies, there was no opportunity to express myself. Now, as my own boss, I can stretch my imagination,” says Mr Delmontel.His flair is reflected in a kitsch cake, the Choco’miss, (right) inspired by Japanese-style cartoon characters. Made with a mixture of raspberry cream and dark chocolate, Mr Delmontel sells around 300 of the cakes each month and, at a retail price of E5.50 (£3) each, it clearly pays to be adventurous. In the relatively short time he has been in business, Mr Delmontel has built up a staff of 24, divided between his two shops. He also runs a catering and consultancy business and is working on a new venture in Spain. Yet his sights are also firmly set across the Channel. “Britain has imported many big French chefs but not many patissiers,” he says. “I would love to find a partnership opportunity in London.”It seems that, in the UK, Arnaud Delmontel will be a name to look out for. – Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Arnaud Delmontel, 39 rue des Martyrs and 57 rue Damrémont, Paris.last_img read more

Thursday, June 6th, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is pleased to offer free admission to U.S. Veterans and their families

first_imgJupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum invites U.S. Veterans and their families to meet, visit at the museum Thursday, June 6th to commemorate 75th Anniversary of D-DayDiscover historic role of site’s secret WWII radio operation Station J to intercept German U-boat radio messages, make safe passage for Merchant ships June 3, 2019 – Jupiter, Fla. – Thursday, June 6th, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is pleased to offer free admission to U.S. Veterans and their families to honor them with special commemoration of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Throughout the day, coffee and treats will be served on the Museum porch and the Museum’s Historian Josh Liller will be on-hand to discuss the significance of the site’s designation as the last remaining building from an important World War II installation and its role in secret radio operation Station J.About Station J: The Loxahatchee River Historical Society’s Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum occupies the last remaining building from an important World War II installation that existed alongside of the U.S. Coast Guard on the Lighthouse Reservation. That installation was officially called U.S. Naval Supplementary Radio Station Jupiter and code-named Station J. Merchant ships carrying war supplies and fuel, especially those which left Texas and New Orleans, traveled near this coast, where German submarines and their unending torpedoes lay in wait.  The 12-acre Station J reached its peak in 1943 when the Navy’s operation had 95 men on this site, plus 11 Marines who stood guard. The station included an operations building with 24 radio receivers; two barracks buildings; a mess, administration and housing for the commanding officer; and quarters for the families of six married men, today the Museum. U.S. Military and Families honored year-round with free, regular daytime admission at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum is proud to be Blue Star Museum:As a nationally acclaimed ‘Blue Star Museum,’ the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum offers free regular daytime admissionyear-round for Active Duty US Military & their immediate families with current ID. Present ID at the time of admission. This historic, waterside Palm Beach County destination is one of more than 2,000 museums nationwide to open its doors free to active duty military personnel and their families each summer. Station J, a secret operation using top-secret high-frequency direction-finding (HF/DF, “Huff Duff”) designed to intercept German U-boat radio messages and tip-off U.S. forces to attack enemy vessels that were unimpededly torpedoing Merchant ships carrying war supplies to Europe. About the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum – Did you know? The Loxahatchee River Historical Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, operates the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum and is a managing partner in the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area, National Conservation Lands. We are committed stewards to historical and conservation preservation.Visit and explore the history of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum and its surrounding, waterside destination property at 500 Captain Armour’s Way, Jupiter, Florida 33469.To learn more about the Loxahatchee River Historical Society – Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum, call, 561-747-8380, or  Get social with us! read more

Center celebrates opening

first_imgThough it has been open to the public for weeks, the Ronald Tutor Campus Center will begin celebrating its official grand opening Thursday and will continue the festivities for an entire week.The grand opening will begin with the dedication ceremony at 3 p.m. on Thursday, presided over by President C.L. Max Nikias. Vice President for Student Affairs Michael L. Jackson and USC Trustee Ronald Tutor will also be in attendance.Before the dedication ceremony, the food court at the campus center will be giving out free samples from its eateries from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., which include Wahoo’s Fish Taco, Panda Express and California Pizza Kitchen.Students can stop by the grand opening at the campus center for a variety of free gifts, but must have their student I.D.Visitors can also participate in a hands-on photography project; the campus center will be checking out cameras to snap pictures that will be used in a collage in the buildings.Performances on Friday include hip-hop groups Break Through Hip Hop and Chaotic 3, as well as salsa lessons in the Grand Ballroom, located below the campus center, at 4 p.m.Saturday features the celebration bash, culminating in a performance by Shiny Toy Guns, a Grammy-nominated band that was founded in Los Angeles. The concert will be held in the Grand Ballroom and the doors open at 7 p.m.The rest of the week features a variety of shows from Comedus Alumnus, featuring USC alumni Brad Wollack and Michael McDonald; dance groups Kazan Taiko, USC TCDance, Trojan Dance Marathon, USC Fly Girls, USC Ballroom & Latin Dance Team and the USC Chamber Ballet Company; and a capella groups the Trojan Men and USC Sirens. Visit the USC Student Affairs website for a complete list of times and performances.Finally, visitors can start the Trojan football season with pre-game activities in Associate’s Park at 5 p.m. and a kickoff in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center at 8 p.m., in anticipation of the USC vs. Hawai’i game Sept. 2.For a complete list of the activities at the campus center’s grand opening, read more

SpaceX Plans Manned Launch of 2 NASA Astronauts May 27th

first_img(Hawthorne, CA) — SpaceX is gearing up for its first manned launch later this month. Elon Musk’s company confirmed today two NASA astronauts will be on board a Crew Dragon capsule for the May 27th mission. The Demo-2 launch will carry NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station. A Falcon 9 rocket will lift the capsule into orbit from launchpad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.Due to Storm Arthur, SpaceX is postponing its Starlink launch to an undetermined date at this time. This means that the next launch from U.S. soil will be the first manned flight in nearly a decadeEn raison…— Space Exploration News (@Explospace) May 18, 2020 NASA’s last previous manned launch took place on July 8th, 2011. The space shuttle Atlantis launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 11:29 a.m. EDT. STS-135 was the final mission of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Atlantis embarked on a 12-day mission to the space station. SpaceX will attempt to do the same at the end of the month nine years later.last_img read more

Sort and Clean Your Storage Spaces Safely this Summer

first_imgFacebook3Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Gabby Byrne for Thurston County Public HealthYou know when you’ve got it—that “cleaning bug” that comes along when the weather gets warm, and the breezes come in off the Puget Sound. One look at the crowded closet, overflowing garage, and high stacks in the outbuildings tells you it’s time to tackle your storage spaces. But there may be a few safety issues you haven’t considered.Heatstroke can happen whether the sun is shining or not. Put simply, heatstroke is when your body overheats, and it can be very serious or even life threatening. Working hard in a stuffy location, without a lot of airflow can increase the likelihood of heatstroke. A headache, confusion, sweating and nausea are all common symptoms. The most important thing to do if you, or someone you’re with, may be suffering from heatstroke is to help them cool down. Get into the shade, cool down in water (from a hose or shower), drink water, and if it gets worse, or doesn’t improve quickly, call a doctor. Know your tolerance for heat, and take it slow.Mold and Mildew growing on the underside of a roof. These spots can hide spiders and other pests.Wasps and spiders easily take up residence in the dusty boxes and musty rafters of our storage spaces. More often than not, they are compelling, and sometimes yell-inducing, discoveries. Occasionally, however, they can be a real health risk. Thurston County, like most places, has a variety of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. If you have an allergy to these beasties, plan carefully before tackling a space they might call home. Have access to a phone, and to emergency medication. If you encounter wasps, leave the area as quickly as possible, without running or thrashing. The State Department of Health offers good advice on what to do if you think you’ve got wasps.Thurston County has relatively few spiders that can cause harm. One that can, however, is the black widow. While uncommon, black widows, hiding in woodpiles, meter boxes, or under eaves, can cause a painful, and sometimes dangerous bite. Other spiders, like the yellow sac and hobo spider (which spins a funnel shaped web) though also uncommon, can cause painful bites that should be seen by a doctor. The hobo spider is considered one of many “aggressive house spiders,” but is the only one whose bite may impact a person’s health. Despite their alarming size, the giant house spider is basically harmless, as are wolf spiders that tend to come into houses in the fall. You’ll be relieved to hear that Brown Recluse spiders don’t occur in western Washington.Ticks Identification of ticks can be difficult, and determining the risks for tick-borne disease is based on available data, which can be patchy. There are ticks in western Washington, and some of them can carry serious disease. Ticks tend to prefer wooded, brushy areas, or high grasses. Reduce rodents (which can harbor ticks) and if you’re working in tick habitat, take precautions. If you find one on yourself, or on a pet, you can send it to the State Department of Health for identification.Rodents can be a nuisance, and can carry disease. Bites, contamination, and even breathing germs stirred into the air from cleaning up droppings, can make people sick. Deer mice are the carriers of hantavirus—a rare, but potentially fatal disease. If you plan to clean up an area that you suspect has rodents in it, prepare to do it safely.Tetanus germs live in soil, and can infect a person through a puncture wound or scrape. Sometimes called Lockjaw, tetanus is a serious disease which can lead to death. Luckily, it’s easy to prevent. While children are routinely given a tetanus vaccine (most commonly in conjunction with their diphtheria and whooping cough vaccine), adults should get a tetanus vaccine every ten years. The CDC offers a good overview of this rare, but serious, disease.Paints, Poisons, and Pesticides can also impact your health. If you plan to clean a space where these items are stored, consider safely recycling them. If you’re not sure where to take an item, or whether it can be recycled, use the Thurston County web site data base— and use the search bar to help you make look up your item and determine the best way to dispose of it. Lastly, consider not using chemicals around the home and yard at all! There are many other ways to approach plant and insect pests. Grow Smart Grow Safe is a great resource to learn more about your options.Summer is a great time for those long-put off cleaning projects. Whether you’re diving into the basement, or scouring your outbuildings, take the time to do it well and protect your health.last_img read more

Rivoli, Cavalier relegated from Red Stripe Premier League

first_imgHumble Lion, led by a brace from striker Levaughn Williams, snatched the last semi-final position in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) football competition with a 2-0 victory over Rivoli United at Effortville Community Centre in May Pen, Clarendon, yesterday.While Humble Lion will continue the fight for the title, defeat confirmed Rivoli United as one of two teams which have been relegated to their parish league.Williams fired his team into the last four with goals in the 13th and 78th minutes.Humble Lion finished fourth with 50 points. Promoted Portmore United (61) topped the standings ahead of Arnett Gardens (60) and Montego Bay United (59), the other three semi-final qualifiers.Cavalier Soccer Club is the other team that will not be in the RSPL next season, as they too were demoted following a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Tivoli Gardens at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex on the last day.Andre McFarlane netted the all-important goal in the 17th minute.DEFENDER EJECTEDCavalier ended the game with 10 players after defender Jeffrey Grant received two yellow cards and was ejected in the 90th plus two minutes.Tivoli’s head coach Glendon ‘Admiral’ Bailey, who returned to the club two months ago with the club languishing in the relegation zone, said he did the job and will now focus on his music career.”I have accomplished the job of saving Tivoli from relegation. My main aim was to make certain Tivoli was safe for next season,” Bailey told The Gleaner.”Well, I have steadied the ship and have now officially retired from coaching and will focus on my music career,” the veteran entertainer emphasised.On the other hand, Cavalier’s head coach Rudolph Speid blamed missed chances for his team loss and relegation to next season’s KSAFA Super League.”We got chances, but did not score. They scored a soft goal, so we lost the game. We have been in the league for four years, so we’ll just have to come back,” Speid added.Yesterday’s ResultsTivoli Gardens 1 Cavalier SC 0UWI FC 2 FC Reno 1Waterhouse 3 Boys’ Town 0Portmore United 1 Arnett Gardens 3Montego Bay United 2 Harbour View 0Humble Lion 2 Rivoli United 0last_img read more

Kalyss Women’s Long Curly Wavy Heat Resistant Synthetic Blonde Hair Wig, Amazing quality, it looks very realistic

first_imgYou couldn’t don this as an daily wig it’s more of a extravagant dress wig.Remarkable excellent, it looks extremely real looking. Incredible high-quality, it appears pretty reasonable. Nevertheless, it did not suit, while this may possibly be thanks to my exceptionally long and thick hair. It also isn’t ideal for tieing up as you can see the cap beneath. Also, doesn’t arrive with a very good wig cap, so you would need to acquire that yourself​. I would endorse this to everyone who has fairly shorter, slender hair.Bought this for halloween for my alice in wonderland costume. Stunning excellent and the wig stays on properly.Key specs for Kalyss Women’s Long Curly Wavy Heat Resistant Synthetic Blonde Hair Wig:Material: Top Quality 100% Japanese High Temperature Heat Resistant Synthetic look natural and touch softFeature: adjustable and breathable rose net ,which can fit different head sizeWash:Easy to wash and care just using a little mild shampoo in cold water.Function:it can be used for daily use ,for fun ,theme party, cosplay,or any other occasionWarm Tips:Note that the color Sometimes may be a little different From the photos because of your computer monitor’s color setting or other reasons.Comments from buyers“Amazing quality, it looks very realistic, Fantastic wig for the price”Fantastic wig for the value. Wonderful wig for the cost. I acquired this for a halloween costume and uncovered the quality considerably superior than the usual ‘smiffys’ halloween wigs. Probably wouldn’t be suitable for each day don as it really is quite long.last_img read more

Pep Guardiola happy as Man City repeat ‘Fergie time’ trick against West Ham

first_img Manchester City and David Silva dig deep to break Hart-less West Ham Pep Guardiola Share via Email Share on LinkedIn Topics Manchester City Share on Twitter West Ham United Pep Guardiola praised Manchester City’s increasing ability to win in “Fergie time” after West Ham United were beaten by David Silva’s 83rd-minute strike, to make it three successive matches his side have served up a late, late show in the manner of Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson.The victory was a 13th straight league win, to equal the all-time single‑season top-flight record most recently achieved by Arsenal in 2001-02- and Chelsea last term as Guardiola’s side maintained an eight-point lead over United. Premier League news Reuse this content Alex Ferguson Read more Share on WhatsApp Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger Share on Facebook After Huddersfield Town and Southampton were beaten in City’s previous two games thanks to Raheem Sterling’s strikes, the City manager was asked if his side now have their own version of “Fergie time”.Guardiola said: “If we can take something about the Fergie time, it is welcome, a pleasure. I heard about the Fergie time. I was not here in that period but of course you have to have that. What we show in the last games is we never give up. The opponent doesn’t want to play. They just want to defend. I understand. I am not judging but it is difficult. Always they have 10 players behind the ball. Hopefully in the future opponents can want to play. Today I learned a bit like a manager to tackle it different. We don’t normally play with two strikers and two wingers but we did so it is a lesson.”City had fallen behind to Angelo Ogbonna’s header 60 seconds before the break but Nicolás Otamendi equalised on 57 minutes before Silva struck.While City next play United at Old Trafford in Sunday’s 175th Manchester derby, West Ham’s defeat means David Moyes has claimed only one point from his four matches in charge. Yet despite his team being second bottom on 10 points, three adrift of the last safe spot, he is not contemplating relegation. “I always think we will get away. I don’t think we will be in trouble,” Moyes said. “I think we have a good team, good players. I thought the effort and energy of the players will give us a real chance.“I really want the football to be attacking but we are playing against a team that we can hardly get the ball so what are you going to do? There will be a lot of teams will find it a struggle to get the ball off them,” he said.last_img read more

10 months agoPSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot rejects Spurs approach

first_imgPSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot rejects Spurs approachby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the lovePSG midfielder Adrien Rabiot has resisted an offer from Tottenham.Rabiot has told Tottenham he won’t be coming – regardless of their offer.The Paris Saint-Germain midfielder isn’t interested in moving to London, Le 10 Sport reports.The 23-year-old is out of contract at PSG this summer but with Barcelona and Manchester City reported to be interested he won’t consider Spurs.Liverpool are also monitoring the situation but are well catered for in midfield. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more