Flint & Tinder: The New American Classic

first_img The Best Men’s Quilted Jackets Stitched for Every Occasion 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know Editors’ Recommendations What Wrangler Is Doing to Make Denim More Sustainable 1. Flint and Tinder 2. Flint and Tinder 3. Flint and Tinder mens KS1 4. Flint and Tinder womens heritagecenter_img Here at The Manual there’s nothing more we love than a good made in America story, and while we’ve covered a fair share of them already, we’re pretty sure none quite entertains and inspires like Flint and Tinder.One of the fastest growing companies in the fashion industry, New York City-based Flint and Tinder (the name being a twist on the proverbial firestarter) was founded in 2012 by Jake Bronstein, whose colorful background includes being a former MTV “Road Rules” contestant, editor at FHM magazine and toy inventor. (Remember Buckyballs, the irritatingly perfect desk toy magnet? Yup, that was his.)Seeing the business scale up in Asia, however, inspired Bronstein to do something more to support the American economy. He also wanted to be in the business of fashion for guys, so in April 2012 Bronstein decided to test an idea for 100% domestically sourced and produced premium underwear on Kickstarter. The drive resulted in close to $300,000 worth of pre-purchased underwear, even setting a new record for Kickstarter. A second Kickstarter drive to create the ultimate hoodie racked up $1 million in sales, and for its third Kickstarter drive, Flint and Tinder set out to make 1,000 virtually indestructible braided, triple high density waxed canvas laces tipped in aluminum, only to be inundated by an order for 40,000 instead.Yet such has been the breakneck pace of growth for the company, which reportedly has tony investors such as Zappos’s chief Tony Hsieh on board. Since launching underwear less than two years ago, the company now offers 100% domestic made handsome denim, sweatshirts, pants, tees, socks, belts and bags, all at surprisingly affordable prices. Plus the company is hiring, not only beefing up its infrastructure with planners and buyers from some of the world’s best companies, but also with local talent: last December Flint and Tinder won a $100,000 grant from the state to channel into local job creation.Things are heating up, to say the least. This Valentine’s Day Flint and Tinder will formally make its push into womenswear, tweaking its bestselling men’s underwear for women, because, as Bronstein puts it, “women shouldn’t have to suffer for fashion” or pilfer from the other sex. The company is also gearing up for an expansion into custom-made offerings, a move designed to take full advantage of local manufacturing resources and shorten the traditional supply chain in the apparel business by servicing the consumer directly, down to the tiniest detail.That and a transition to offer what the industry calls a “never-out-of-stock” program with year-round offerings by the end of the year should be sweet music to fans (currently Flint and Tinder still produces limited runs of everything, so readers, you’re well-advised to buy now than later.) “It’s everything you want,” Bronstein says. “It’s gonna fit the same as the last item. You know what your sizing is. The clothes you’re gonna see are going to be different from 30 days ago, but designed with the same eye, same quality, all that kind of stuff.” 14 Best Outdoor Stores in the United States Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product Is a Pop-Up Shop Unlike Any Other last_img read more

Saad Lemjerred Apologizes to Al Akhbar Photojournalist Who Accused Him of

Azrou – Saad Lemjerred, singer of the famous hit ‘Enty,’ has apologized to a photojournalist. He described the incident as being “regrettable” and thanked mediators for their contribution to end the dispute.“I express my deep regret about what happened, and I think my dispute with Morad Achabi could be set differently, without anger or tension… I do not feel any discomfort in apologizing to Mr.Achabi or to anyone else who could feel aggrieved by my behavior,” he said. The photojournalist accused the singer of aggression. Two versions clashed: Morad Achabi said that the artist attacked him and even tried to hit him with his car; on the other hand, Lemjerred said that he asked the journalist “politely” to delete the pictures.The singer’s agent denies Achabi’s version of the story and claims that the star is “a victim of his own success.” According to Sahifat Anas, the singer hit the reporter with his 4×4 before fleeing. “There is not even 5% of truth in this story. Saad Lemjerred was not the driver, and fortunately there are cameras in hotel Royal Mansour that filmed everything and can prove his innocence,” declared the agent.Achabi revealed the incident’s details to 360, explaining that it all began with a coincidence. “I went to the hotel for an interview when I came across Saad Lemjerred who was taking pictures with his fans. I then approached him to take a picture and introduce myself. When he learned that I am a journalist, he asked me to delete the photos, which I did immediately, but he insisted on deleting them himself,” he said.When the journalist said he couldn’t give him the camera, Lemjerred ordered his escorts to forcibly take it. The journalist eventually chased them to the car, trying to take his camera back, and that’s where the drama, according to his version, occurred.When asked about the details of the incident, Lemjerred’s agent preferred not to utter a word, explaining that “there will be soon a communication on the exact circumstances and consequences.” He describes the story of the journalist as nothing but “slandering and lies.”Who is telling truth?On June 27, Lemjerred’s agent published a press release in which he gives his full version of events, ensuring that the singer is not wanted by the police and that the journalist “had thrown himself on the car driven by another person,” and not Saad Lemjerred.“The star was surprised to see someone photographing him in such a curious and intrusive manner. He then asked him politely to delete some pictures in which he does not look so good. The photographer refused and started insulting Saad Lemjerred.”Edited by Katrina Bushko© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more